Use of Library Technology

All users of Library technology, both on and off campus, are subject to the responsibilities and policies established by the Information Security & Privacy Office. Library technology includes printers, scanners, desktop & laptop computers, and electronic materials (online newspapers, journals, and databases) provided by the New School Libraries or its partner libraries.

Users should familiarize themselves with the Statement on the Responsibility of Computer Users, which includes the Acceptable Use Policy summarized below:

  1. Users of New School IT resources must comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and university policies.
  2. Users may not use New School IT resources to gain (or attempt to gain) unauthorized access to anything.
  3. Users are responsible for any activity originating from their accounts. Users may not share their accounts or passwords with others.
  4. University employees may make incidental personal use of New School IT resources provided such use does not interfere with their job responsibilities or disrupt the work environment.
  5. Users may not use New School IT resources for commercial purposes other than those officially sanctioned by the university.
  6. Users may not use New School IT resources for political purposes in a manner that suggests the university itself is participating in campaign or political activity or fund raising, or influencing legislation.
  7. Users may not engage in activities that could negatively affect the functionality, security, integrity, or legitimate use of New School IT resources.
  8. New School faculty and staff may not automatically forward or redirect messages from an official New School email account to a non-university email address.
  9. Under certain conditions and with appropriate executive approval, The New School may monitor the activity and accounts of individual users of university IT resources.