Renew Items

Most checked out items can be renewed online. Some materials cannot be renewed. For questions on how long materials can be checked out, see Loan Periods & Fines.

  • If you have fines to pay please contact us at so we can set you up with our web payment option.

  • Library holds on transcripts due to COVID-19 related issues can be temporarily lifted to allow students to graduate and order transcripts. Please email us at if you need a hold lifted.


Books, sound recordings, and DVDs that you've checked out from The New School or a consortium library can be returned to any Library location. This includes books you've received from Interlibrary Loan.

Reserves must be returned to the location where they were checked out. Laptops can only be checked out from and returned to the University Center Library service desk. Please do not use book drops for these materials. They must be returned to a Library Staff member at the service desk.

Items can be returned at each Library service desk during Library open hours. Items may also be returned using books drops outside Library entrances or book drops in the Lobby's of the University Center or Arnhold Hall whenever the buildings are open.

Photo of University Center book drop
University Center Book Drops

Books may be returned in person via the secure book drops we have placed by the 6th floor Library entrance and in the lobby of the University Center (63 5th Avenue). Book drops are accessible when buildings are open (see Building Hours).

Photo of Arnhold Hall book drop
Arnhold Hall Book Drop

Books may be returned in person via the secure book drop we have placed in the lobby of Arnhold Hall (55 W. 13th ST). The book drop is accessible when the building is open (see Building Hours).