About Reserves

The New School Libraries provide access to course content including articles, books, statistical sources, videos, scores, etc. through Canvas or any of The New School Libraries’ locations. Please see our Reserves FAQ or watch our Reserves How-to Videos for more information.

Placing materials on reserve ensures that: 

  • Materials are assessed for fair use and used in accordance with copyright law; 
  • Access is stable and secure; 
  • Potential non-tuition costs are limited for students. 

Fall 2022

The New School Libraries remain dedicated to helping you plan for the Fall 2022 session and beyond, providing you and your students access to the resources that you need free from concerns about paying for content or licensing and copyright.

Requesting E-Reserves

Request your course materials as soon as possible through the Course Reserves service in Canvas. While course assignments may change or be added at the last minute, the more lead time we have to get the material ready for you the better. Watch our Reserves How-To videos to learn how to request or upload reserves in to Canvas.

The New School Libraries provide online access to academic resources including articles, books, case studies, statistical sources, etc. Additionally, physical reserves are available at all library locations for material that cannot be provided online. Please be aware that Barnes & Noble has discontinued their textbook program; please see our FAQ about textbooks in the library.

Additional Support and Information

To learn more about ensuring the accessibility of your online course content, please see our Accessibility FAQ.

Please do not hesitate to Ask Us, set up a research consultation, or get in touch with one of your Subject Librarians! As our services continue to evolve, we look forward to any questions or feedback you have.