Yes, the New School Archives and Special Collections collects and preserves born-digital material (material created in digital formats) in the form of office documents, websites, email, newsletters, publications, and more.

To learn more about how to submit digital material for inclusion in the archives, please contact archives staff by email at with the following information:

  • Material description: Please outline the nature of the media with a brief summary of your contribution or role in the creation, for example: departmental files, a class project, student organization records, etc. Also note whether these files are still being created, or if they will require ongoing collection, such as an online publication that is still actively publishing new content.
  • Format of media: Include information about the formats of any files you believe should be collected, for example: an active website with documentation in Github, PDFs of newsletters, messages in Gmail, server files comprised of standard office files, images, etc.
  • Approximate data: If possible, note the total amount of data to be transferred to the archives, for example: 1.5GB of files.
July 08, 2022