If your TNS status is green, you may tap in through the gates using your New School ID at the Bobst Library building entrance. 


  • If you have a red screen in The New School SHS Portal and you think this is in error, please contact tnscarespecialists@newschool.edu or Google Chat 'TNS Care Specialists' with questions.
  • You must have a red version of our NewCard. If you have an old orange and gray card or other questions about your card, email New School Card Services: newcard@newschool.edu.
  • If you were "newly green" in our system and the next day are having issues swiping in through the Bobst Library security gates, please contact libhelp@newschool.edu.

Questions? Please chat and Ask Us [libhelp@newschool.edu]!

October 25, 2022