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Guide to the New School photograph collection, 1920s-1990s

Collection Overview


New School Collections

Collection Identifier



New School (New York, N.Y.).


New School University.


New School photograph collection, 1920s-1990s, (Bulk, 1944-1977)


12.8 linear ft: 29 boxes


This collection primarily consists of photographs of New School students, faculty, administrators, buildings, class sessions, student life, and events. While the photographs span the period between 1933 and 1984, most of the photographs are concentrated between the 1940s and the 1970s.

Preferred Citation note

[Identification of item], [date (if known)], The New School Photograph Collection, NS.04.01.01, box __, folder__, The New Archives and Special Collections, New York, New York.

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Scope and Contents note

This collection is a compilation of several groups of photographs transferred to the archives over several years, primarily by The New School's Fogelman Library and President's Office. Photographs depict class sessions, students, faculty, buildings, guest speakers and events, and many were clearly intended for use in New School bulletins and promotional materials. Some have been heavily marked up for publication. Also included are press photographs of guest speakers furnished to The New School by the speakers' representatives. Photographers, when identified, are indicated in the folder title.

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Organization and Arrangement

Arranged in 3 series:

Series I.
Series II.
Courses and programs
Series III.
Guest speakers and performers

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

New School Collections - February 23, 2011

66 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY, 10011

Preferred Citation note

[Identification of item], [date (if known)], The New School Photograph Collection, NS.04.01.01, box __, folder__, The New Archives and Special Collections, New York, New York.

Revision Description

 Collection inventory expanded to accommodate recent additions. March 20, 2018

Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research use. Please contact archivist@newschool.edu for appointment.

Use Restrictions

To publish images of material from this collection, permission must be obtained in writing from The New School Archives and Special Collections. Please contact: archivist@newschool.edu

Custodial History note

While the origin of many of the photographs in this collection is not certain, the photographs in several of the series, especially Courses and Programs and Guest Speakers and Performers, bear evidence of having been compiled or created for use in the New School course catalogs and/or for New School promotional publications and event publicity.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Most of the photographs in the General series of this collection were transferred from the New School's Raymond Fogelman Library in 2009, along with materials related to the New School Art Center. Other photographs in the collection were transferred from Fogelman Library in 2012. Most of the photographs dating from the 1990s and 2000s in the Board of Trustees series were transferred to the New School Archives from the Office of the President in 2015. A small number of prints and contact sheets depicting New School for Social Research faculty members and events were transferred to the New School Archives from the division in 2017 and incorporated into this collection.

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Related Materials

As a general rule, the New School Archives and Special Collections does not segregate photographic materials from other formats. Researchers seeking photographic documentation of a particular individual, academic unit or program are encouraged to cross check relevant record groups and personal papers.

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Keywords for Searching Related Subjects

Corporate Name(s)

  • New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997). Graduate Faculty.


  • Photographs.
  • Press kits.

Personal Name(s)

  • Johnson, Alvin Saunders, 1874-1971
  • Moore, Peter, 1932-1993
  • Seligson, Stanley
  • Turnley, Laima


  • Art -- Study and teaching -- New York (State) -- New York -- 20th century.
  • Buildings -- New York (State) -- New York -- 20th century.
  • College students -- Conduct of life.
  • Commencement ceremonies -- New York (State) -- New York -- 20th century.
  • Publicity.
  • Student life and customs.
  • Universities and colleges -- Departments.

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Other Finding Aids note

For selected item-level description and images from the The New School Photograph Collection, see The New School Archives Digital Collections at http://digitalarchives.library.newschool.edu/index.php/Detail/collections/NS040101.

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Collection Inventory

Series I. Board of Trustees 1959-2005 

Box Folder
Meetings, dinners, benefits, dedications 
Breakfast meeting, 1959 

Includes images of: John Everett, Henry Loeb

1 1
Dinner, 1977 Jun 7 (First Trustee Dinner) (Photographer: Wagner International Photos) 

Includes images of: William Green, Robert Milano, Vera List

1 2
Dinner - Richard Rogers Stepping Down as Secretary of Corporation, 1994 May 11 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes image of: Dorothy Hirshon, Richard Rogers, Malcolm Smith

1 3
Proposed Agenda Technology Parsons Lab, 1995 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: John Tishman, Henry Arnhold, William Green, Michael Gellert, William Havemeyer, Vera List, Philip Scaturro, Ramon Rodriguez, Eugene Lang, Walter Eberstadt, Jonathan F. Fanton, Judy Walter

1 4
Dinner Honoring Judith Walzer 10 Years Anniversary, 1996 May 8 (Photographer: Jerry Speier, Chris Lee) 

Includes images of: Ramon Rodriguez, Dorothy Hirshorn, John Tishman, Joseph Porrino, Nancy Peretsman, Michael Gellert, Betty Levin, Walter Eberstadt, Eugene Lang, Judith Walzer, Elizabeth Ross

1 5
Annual Dinner, 1997 May 5 (American Society) (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: William Hayden, R. Harcourt Dodds, Charles Olton, Robert Milano, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Fanton, Susan Halpern, Franci Blassberg, William Green, Malcolm Klein, Dorothy Hirshon, Richard Sachs, Arnold Aronson, Robert F. Hoerle, Judith Friedlander, Strachan Donnelley, Elizabeth Dickey, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Eberstadt, Henry Arnhold, John L. Tishman, William DeWind

1 6
Knowledge Union Luncheon, Demonstration 1997 Nov 5, 1998 Jun 10 (Photographers: Björg, Brian Rose, Jerry Speier) 
1 7
Dinner Honoring Joseph Porrino, Milano Board of Governors Chair, 1997 Dec 12 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Lois List, William Snipes, Robert Gates and Mrs. Gates, Dorothy Hirshon, Robert Milano, Barbara Emerson

1 8
President's Council Awards, 1998 

Includes images of: Jonathan Fanton, William Zabel

1 9
Dinner Honoring Judith Walzer Stepping Down as Provost, 1998 May 5 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Eugene Lang, Ramon Rodriguez, John L. Tishman, Joseph Porrino, Betty Levin, Dorothy Hirshon, Walter Eberstadt, Nancy Peretsman, Michael Gellert

1 10
Dinner, 1998 Dec 9 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: James "Jack" Krauskopf, Arnold Aronson, Mrs. Aronson, Julian Studley

1 11
Capital Campaign Dinner, 1999 Oct 13 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Michael Gellert, John L. Tishman, Robert Milano, Julian Studley, Philip Scaturro

1 12
Dinner - Elizabeth Dickey Dedication, after 2001 

Includes images of: Elizabeth Dickey, Fred Hochberg, Bea Banu, John Tishman, Franci Blassberg, Philip Scaturro, Robert Hoerle, Jonathan Fanton, Kristin Sorenson, Gabriella DeFerrari, Carol Cantrell, Shelley Reed, Frank Barletta, Walter Eberstadt, William Zabel, Diane Baker, James Murtha, Malcolm Smith, Michael Gellert, Jod Lester, Janice Hildebrand, Mrs. Arnold Aronson, Judith Walter, Beth DeWoody, Ann Louise Shapiro, Bob Kerrey, Henry Arnhold, Jackson Kytle, Linda Dunn, Richard Sachs, Greggory Spence

1 13
Dinner Honoring Robert Gates Stepping Down as Secretary of Corporation, 2001 May 2 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Robert Gates, Bob Kerrey, Mrs. Robert (Pat) Gates, Jonathan Fanton, Joel Lester, William Hayden, Nancy Garvey, Ramon Rodriguez, William Green, Mr. and Mrs. Julien Studley, Gabriella DeFerrari, John L. Tishman, Deborah McTigue, Judith Walzer, Philip Scaturro

1 14-16
Dinner Honoring John L. Tishman Stepping Down as Chair of Board, 2002 May 8 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Bob Kerrey, James Lipton, William Zabel, Joshua Sapan, Diane Baker, Richard Bernstein, Elizabeth Dickey, Edward Blakely, Joseph Perrino, Robert Gates, Randy Swearer, Nancy Garvey, James Murtha, William Havemeyer, John L. Tishman, Arnold Aronson, William DeWind, Betty Levin, Michael Gellert, Leslie Cadman, Jackson Kytle, Walter Eberstadt, Malcolm Smith, Philip Scaturro, Robert Gates, Jonathan F. Fanton, Elizabeth Dickey, Linda Reimer, Nancy Stier, Joel Lester, Martin Mueller, Linda Adams, Kathy Kotoun, Janice Hildebrand, Henry Arnhold and Mrs. Arnhold, Judy Walzer, Mrs. Lang, Liz Ross, Eugene Lang, Ramon Rodriguez, Strachan Donnelley, Sarah Paley, Julian Studley

1 17-18
Scaturro House Dedication, 2003 (Photograper: J. Ruot?) 

Includes images of: John Tishman, Bob Kerrey, Randy Swearer, Greggory Spence, Robert Millard, Malcolm Smith, Elliot "Skip" Stein, Fred Hochberg, Eugene Lang, William Zabel, Philip Scaturro

1 19
Reception, 2003 Oct 22 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Fred Hochberg, Beatrice Broadwater, Paul Goldberger, Robert F. Hoerle, Philip Scaturro, James Murtha, Lilian Shiao-yen Wu, Amos Himmelstein, John L. Tishman, Bob Kerrey, Katherine B. Bailey, William Hayden, Ann Louise Shapiro, Bevis Longstreth, Victor Novasky, Thelma Armstrong, R. Harcourt Dodds, Dennis Derryck, Elliot Stein, John Beerbower

1 20
Dedication Dinner, 2003 Dec 10 (L. Tishman Gallery, Arnhold Hall, Eugene Lang Community and Student Center) (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Fred Hochberg, Henry Arnhold, Michael Gellert, Philip Scaturro, Joseph Porrino, Bob Kerrey, Sarah Paley, Mr. and Mrs. Lang, Walter Eberstadt, William Havemeyer, William DeWind, Malcolm Smith, Bevis Longstreth, Richard Sachs, Ann Louise Shapiro, Dorothy Hirshon, Greggory Spence, James Murtha, John L. Tishman, Judith Guttman, Richard Bernstein, Michael Johnson, George Walker, Elliot Stein

1 21-22
Receptions - Fuchs/Porrino, circa 2004 

Includes images of: Joseph Porrino, Linda Reimer, Greggory Spence, James Murtha, Richard Bernstein, Michael Fuchs, Nancy Peretsman, Doris Suarez, George Walker, William Havemeyer, Martin Mueller, Bob Kerrey, Fred Hochberg

1 23
Reception, probably 2004 Oct 

Includes images of: Fred Hochberg, Arnold Aronson, Robert E. Denham, Nancy Stier, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mundheim, Greggory Spence, James Murtha, Arthur Penn, Bob Kerrey, Richard Bernstein, Michael Johnston, Eugene Lang, Eileen Naughton, Michael Froman, Jonathan Veitch

1 24
Malcolm Klein Dedication, 2005 Mar 30 

Includes images of: Bob Kerrey, James Murtha, Malcolm Klein, Frank Barletta, Malcolm Smith, Miriam Klein, Joseph Klein, Ann Louise Shapiro, Sondra Farganis, Wally Osterholz

1 25
Annual Meeting, 2005 Oct 19 

Includes images of: Robert F. Hoerle, Henry Arnhold, Frank Barletta, George Walker, Bob Kerrey, John Beerbower, Lori Slutsky, Jonathan Veitch, Bevis Longstreth, Strachen Donnelley, Ben Lee, Linda Dunn, Malcolm Smith, Gail Freeman, Linda Reimer, Roger Ward, John L. Tishman, Fred Hochberg, Robert Mundheim, Paul Goldberger, Eugene Lang, Arnold Aronson, James Neal, Nancy Peretsman

1 26
General (Photographer: Jerry Speier, Schuyler Photography), 1996-2003 

Includes images of: Eugene Lang, Henry Arnhold, Arnold Aronson, Malcolm Smith, Philip Scaturro, Joseph Porrino, John L. Tishman, WIlliam Havemeyer, William DeWind, Stephen Swid, Richard Bernstein, Bernard Schwartz, James Murtha, Walter Eberstadt, Sarah Paley, Dan Tishman, Bob Kerrey, Betty Levin, Richard Sachs, Eliza Nichols, Janice Hildebrand, Ann Louise Shapiro, James Lipton, Edward Blakely, Elizabeth Dickey, Robert Milano, Mrs. Milano, Cynthia Fanton, Jonathan F. Fanton, Lee Webb, Nancy Peretsman, Diane Baker, Michael Gellert, Mrs. Gellert, Strachan Donnelley, Bea Banu, Fred Hochberg, Ramon Rodriguez, Ernesto Golfo, Robert Gates, Ivan Chermayeff, Judith Walzer, Dorothy Hirshon, Gabriella DeFerrari, William Green, Judith Friedlander, Adrian DeWind, August Heckscher

1 27-29
Gates, Robert, 1984, 2000 (Photographers: Stanley Seligson Photography, Harry Heleotis) 

Includes images of: Robert Gates, Sarah Paley, Franci Blassberg, Mrs. Gates, Hannelore Hegel, Martin Loer, Richard Rogers, Robert Gates

2 1
Hirshon, Dorothy, before 1998 
2 2
Kaplan, Jacob, before 1987 
2 3
Lang, Eugene, 1993, 1996 (Joseph Schuyler, Bjorg, Aurora, Robert A. Ripps) 

Includes images of: Eugene Lang, William Clinton

2 4
Milano, Robert, 1996, undated (Photographers: A&I Color, Jerry Speier) 
2 5
Sachs, Richard, 2001 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
2 6

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Series II. Buildings and Campus before 1930-2000 

Box Folder
General, late 1980s-early 1990s (Photographers: Jerry Speier, Laima Druskis, Joseph Schuyler, Stuart Chernoff) 
2 7
2 West 13th Street: Gimbel Library, probably 1980s (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) [contact sheet only] 
2 8
55 West 13th Street, after 1993 (Photographer: Björg) 
2 9
65 Fifth Avenue 
Architect's renderings and John Everett presentation, 1965-1967 (Photographers: Peter Moore, Gil Amiaga) 
2 10
Construction, 1968-1969 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
2 11
Escalators, 1969 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
2 12
Exteriors, circa 1969-1970, 1982, early 2000s? (Photographers: Alexandre Georges, J. Peter Happel, Peter Moore, Stanley Seligson, Joseph Schuyler, Laima Turnley) 
2 13-15
27 1
Raymond C. Fogelman Library, 1965-1971, probably 1977 (Photographers: Peter Moore, Stanley Seligson, Laima Turnley) 
2 16-20
Foyer and front lounge, 1970-1971 (Photographers: Peter Moore, Stanley Seligson) 
2 21
Interiors, 1965-1977 (Photographers: Peter Moore, Stanley Seligson, Laima Turnley) 
2 22-24
Interiors, probably 1980s [contact sheets only] (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
2 25
Levinson Center and Student Services, 1997-1998 (Photographers: Björg, Brian Rose) 
3 1-2
Occupied office, building exterior and On Strike flyer, probably 1970 (Photographer: Benedict J. Fernandez) 
3 3
Offices and hallways, circa 1970s (Photographers: Alexandre Georges, Peter Moore, Laima Turnley) 
3 4-5
Sculpture, circa 1969-1977 (Photographers: Alexandre Georges, Peter Moore, Mark Hamilton) 
3 6-7
Edith & Otto C. Sommerich Reading Room, 1969-1970 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
3 8
Edward E. Swayduck Auditorium, 1969-1970 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
3 9
66 Fifth Avenue (Parsons School of Design), circa 1977, probably early 2000s (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler, Jaime Ardiles-Arce) 

One exterior and two interiors. The interior images depict Parsons School of Design's May Company Auditorium, including the 7-1/2 by 52 foot pencil mural that adorned one of its walls. The mural was conceived by designer Ivan Chermayeff and produced by his firm, Chermayeff & Geismar Associates. Chermayeff was on Parsons' Board of Overseers.

3 10
66 West 12th Street 

In 1930, The New School moved from its Chelsea location into a newly-constructed building at 66 West 12th Street in Greenwich Village. The structure was designed by Joseph Urban, with murals commissioned from José Clemente Orozco and Thomas Hart Benton. In 1955, the school undertook a project to add a structure onto the original building. The original Joseph Urban building was then renamed the Alvin Johnson Building (for Alvin Johnson, the New School's first and longstanding president), and the building added beside it was named the Kaplan Building (for philanthropist Jacob Kaplan). A courtyard and walkway was created to join these two buildings to 65 West 11th St., which was named the List Building (for donors Vera and Albert List). The project, completed in 1957, tripled the size of the original structure.

Addition: Architectural sketch, model, and corner stone laying luncheon, 1956 Feb 11 (Photographer: Emil Reynolds, Louis Checkman) 

Includes images of: Henry T. Heald, Saul Horowitz, Jr., Stanley M. Isaacs, Robert F. Wagner, Jr., Albert Mayer, Reinhold Niebuhr, William F. Passannante, Hans Simons, Mrs. Jay Lewis, William H. Davis

3 11-12
Addition: Construction Photos, rendering, late 1950s (photographer: Gin Briggs) 
3 13-14
Auditorium lecture [Max Lerner?], circa 1944 
27 2
Auditorium renderings and photographs, renovation, 1930s, 1959, 1960s, undated (Photographers: May & Strauss, Peter A. Juley & Son, Peter Moore) 
3 15-17
Construction (exterior), 1930 
3 18
Courtyard, late 1950s or early 1960s, 1964, 1971, 1980 (Photographers: Gin Briggs, Peter Moore, O.E. Nelson, Joseph Schuyler) [includes negative] 

Includes photos of the original Isamu Noguchi sculpture installation.

3 19-20
Courtyard, circa late 1970s, early 1980s (Photographers: Gin Briggs, Paul Seligman) 
3 21
Courtyard, B/W Photographs, 1990s (Photographer: Shannon Von Ronne, Carla Gahr, Björg, Laima Druskis, Jerry Speier) 
3 22
4 1
Courtyard Dedication, 1997 Nov 2 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Eugene Lang, Elizabeth Dickey, Malcolm Smith, Robert Denham, Judy Walzer, Michael Gellert, Jonathan F. Fanton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Milano, Al Landa, Gabriella DeFerrari, William Havemeyer, Joseph Porrino, William DeWind

4 2
Courtyard, Contact sheets and Negatives, circa 1997 (Photographers: Björg, Jerry Speier) 
4 3-4
Courtyard, Color Photographs, July 1997-2001 (Photographs: Björg, James Shanks) 
4 5
Exterior, 1929, 1940s, between 1955 and 1959, early 2000s (Photographer: Peter A. Juley, Dave Rosenfeld, Joseph Schuyler, Paul Seligman) [includes contact sheet] 
27 3-6
4 6-7
Institute of World Affairs, circa 1944 (Photographer: Dave Rosenfeld) 
27 7
4 8
Interior renderings (reproductions), probably 1930 
4 9
Interiors, probably 1930s and 1940s (Photographers: Eliot Elisofon, Underwood & Underwood) 
4 10
Interiors: Benton Room, circa 1945, 1968 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
27 8
4 11
Interiors: Benton Room, Pictorial Journalism class session taught by Kurt Safranski, circa 1950 (Photographer: Werner Wolff) 
4 12
Interiors: Orozco Room, probably 1969, undated (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
4 13
Interiors: Orozco Room, Unidentified event featuring Erwin Piscator, Alexandre Koyré, Henri Gregoire, and others, probably late 1940s (Photographer: Conrad Eiger) 

Includes image of: Erwin Piscator, Alexandre Koyré, Henri Gregoire

4 14
Library, circa 1944 (Photographer: Dave Rosenfeld, Peter Moore?) 
27 9
4 15
Students and faculty in gallery area, circa 1944 
27 10
465 West 23rd Street, before 1930 (Photographers: Alice Boughton, H. Shobbrook Collins) 

These interiors probably depict classrooms and other spaces in the first location of The New School for Social Research, when it occupied six brownstone buildings in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

4 16
65 West 11th Street 
Exteriors, circa 1970s, probably late 1990s (Photographer: Gin Briggs) 
4 18
Library, 1960s (Photographers: Peter Moore, Elliott Moss Landy) 
4 19-20
Wollman Hall, 1966-1967 (Photographers: Elliott Moss Landy, Peter Moore) 
4 21
150 West 85th Street (Mannes School of Music) 
Exterior, undated (Photographer: Heungman) 
4 22
Interiors, 2000, undated (Photographer: Björg, Heungman) 
4 23
Art on campus, 1988 (Photographers: David Finn, Stanley Seligson) 
4 24
Eugene Lang College 
Loeb Dorm Construction, 1988 Oct (Photographer: Zion Orem) 

Includes images of: John L. Tishman, Judy Walzer, Jonathan F. Fanton, Rolf Ohlhausen, Jack Krauskopf

4 25
Students in classrooms, 1990s (Photographers: John Dean, Stanley Seligson, Jerry Speier, Joseph Schuyler) 

Includes photographs of Carla Stevens, director of Human Relations Center on a contact sheet.

4 26
5 1
Students on campus, probably 1980s (Photographers: John Dean, Joseph Schuyler) 
5 2
Students in dorms and around campus, 1980s-2000s (Photographers: Joseph Schulyer, Jerry Speier) [slides only] 
5 3
Students around New York City, 1990s (Photographers: Stephanie Berger, Carla Gahr, Harry Heleotis, Joe Schuyler) 
5 4-5
Walking Tour Flyer [Polaroids], [date?] 
5 6
People around campus (Photographer: Ralph Crane/Black Star), probably late 1940s or early 1950s 
27 11
28 1a
People around campus, probably 1940s, 1964 (Dave Rosenfeld, Eliot Elisofon) 
5 7
People around campus, probably 1950s and 1960s (Photographers: Black Star, Paul Seligman) 
5 8
People around campus, probably 1960s 
5 9
People around campus, 1970s and 1980s (Photographers: Peter Moore, Laima Turnley, Bob Adelman, Stanley Seligson) 
5 10
People around campus, probably 1990s 
5 17
Plaques, flags, and medals, mid-1960s-1970s, 1995 (Photographers: Peter Moore, Jerry Speier) [includes slides] 

Includes photo of John Everett and Alvin Johnson unveiling plaque honoring the University in Exile.

5 11-12
Student life for use in Graduate Faculty catalog "98" (Photographer: Joe Schuyler), circa 1998 
29 24

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Series III. Class sessions 1940s-1984 

Box Folder
Probably 1940s (Photographer: Gin Briggs, National News Commentator) 
5 13
Circa 1946 
27 12
Probably 1950s and 1960s (Photographers: Gin Briggs, Paul Seligman) 
5 14-16
6 1
1964, 1967 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
6 2
1965-1977 (Photographers: Peter Moore, Stanley Seligson, Laima Turnley) 
6 3-7
1977 (Photographers: Laimute Druskis, Laima Turnley) [contact sheets] 
6 8
Art class and print workshop, circa 1944 (Photographer: Dave Rosenfeld) 
27 13
Art classes and jazz classes, circa 1944, 1950s-1960s (Photographers: Gin Briggs, National News Commentator, Dave Rosenfeld, Paul Seligman) 

Photograph with seated model is from a class taught by Camilo Egas (seated with back to camera). Egas is also teaching a class with students standing at easels. The course being given in the Thomas Hart Benton Room is "Marshall Stearns Jazz Course", 1955 Dec. Chaim Gross and student, c. 1950s.

6 9-10
Art and jazz classes, 1984, undated (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
6 11
Economic Geography, probably 1940s (Photographer: Dave Rosenfeld) 
6 12
English in Action program, probably 1963 or 1964 (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 
6 13

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Series IV. Commencement 1948-2003 

Box Folder
Various, circa 1980s, 1998 and 2000s (Photographers: Stanley Seligson, Stephanie Berger) 

Includes images of: Arnold Aronson, Dorothy Hirshon, Jonathan F. Fanton, Malcolm Smith, Judy Walzer, Barbara Emerson, Edward Blakely

6 14
1948 (Photographer: Fabian Bachrach) 

Includes images of: Channing Heggie Tobias

6 15
1949 (Photographer: Griffith J. Davis) [Egas murals in the background] 

Includes images of: Clark, Ives, Carl Hovde, Bunche

6 16
1950 June 6 

Includes images of: Trygve Lie, Hans Simons, John Hersey, Judge Learned Hand, Senator Paul H. Douglas, Robert M. McIver

6 17

Includes images of: Henry Allen Moe, Hans Simons, Reinhold Niebuhr, Alvin C. Curich, Clarence E. Pickett

6 18

Includes images of: Hans Simons, William O. Douglas, Elmer Scott, Richard Schuller, Horace M. Kallen, Subodh Chandra Roy, Ralph Walker

6 19
6 20
1960 (Photographer: Gin Briggs) 
6 21
1963 (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 

Includes images of: Herbert Lehman, Paul H. Nitze, Robert MacIver, Jacob M. Kaplan

6 22
1964 (Photographers: United Press International, Peter Moore, Paul Seligman) 

Includes images of: Earl Warren, Anne Sturgis Roosevelt, Robert MacIver, Jacob M. Kaplan, Nathan W. Levin

7 1
1966 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 

Includes images of: John R. Everett

7 2-3
1967 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 

Includes images of: John R. Everett

7 4
1968 (Photographer: Luigi Pellettieri) 

Includes images of: Orin Lehman, Thomas Hart Benton, William Styron, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, John R. Everett, Bayard Rustin

7 5
1971 (Photographers: Peter Moore, Stanley Seligson) 
7 6-8
7 9
1984 (Photographers: Bob Adelman, Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: Dorothy Hirshon, Jonathan F. Fanton, William DeWind, Arnold Aronson, Malcolm Klein, Richard Sachs

7 10
1985 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: Jonathan F. Fanton, Vera List, Dorothy Hirshon

7 11
1986 (Photographer: G. Steve Jordan) 

Includes images of: Richard Sachs, Arnold Aronson

7 12
1988 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: Jonathan F. Fanton, Malcolm Smith, Nadine Gordimer

7 13
1990 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: Allen Austill, Richard Sachs, Jonathan F. Fanton, Malcolm Smith, Jessye Norman

7 14
1991 (Photographers: Stanley Seligson, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Malcolm Smith, Jonathan F. Fanton, William DeWind, Malcolm Klein, Richard Sachs, John Jeffries

7 15
1992 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: Anthony Lewis, Betty Friedan, Pearl Primus, Malcolm Smith, Judy Walzer, Jonathan F. Fanton, Walter Eberstadt, Henry Arnhold, H. Harcourt Dodds, Elizabeth Dickey

7 16
1993 May 25 (Photographer: Karen Zebulon) 

Includes images of: Judy Walzer, Malcolm Smith, Jonathan F. Fanton

7 17
1994 May 24 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Walter Eberstadt, Ira Katznelson

7 18
1995 May 23 (Photographers: Stephanie Berger, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Malcolm Smith, John Tishman, Judy Walzer, Jonthan F. Fanton, Ellen Taaffe Zwilich

7 19-20
1996 May 21 (Photographer: Jerry Speier, Stephanie Berger) 

Includes images of: Kitty Carlyle, John L. Tishman, Robert Milano, Walter Eberstadt, Ornette Coleman

7 21
1997 May 20 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Ellen Bernstein, John L. Tishman, Judy Walzer

7 22
1998 May 19 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Robert Milano, William DeWind, Malcolm Smith, Judy Walzer, Jonathan F. Fanton, Betty Carter

8 1
Honorary Degree of Henry Cohen, 1998 May 19 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson, Jerry Speier) 
8 2
1999 May 25 (Photographers: Stephanie Berger, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Elizabeth Dickey, Judy Collins, John L. Tishman, Whoopi Goldberg, Jonathan F. Fanton

8 3
2000 May 23 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Elizabeth Dickey, John L. Tishman, Philip Scaturro

8 4
2001 May 21 or 2002 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Possibly depicts a Eugene Lang College ceremony.

28 14
2001 May 23 (Photographers: Stephanie Berger, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Philip Scaturro, Elizabeth Dickey, Strachan Donnelley, Martin Mueller, Ivan Chermayeff, Sila M. Calderon, Bob Kerrey, John L. Tishman, Bevis Longstreth, Henry Arnhold, Richard Sachs

28 17
8 5
Commencement Dinner, 2001 May (Photographer: Stephanie Berger) 

Includes images of: Bob Kerrey, Sila M. Calderon, Elizabeth Dickey, Sondra Farganis, Richard Sachs, Malcolm Smith, John L. Tishman

8 6
2002 May 22 (Photographers: Jerry Speier, Stephanie Berger) 
8 7-8
Commencement Dinner, 2002 May (Photographer: Stephanie Berger) 

Includes images of: John L. Tishman, Henry Arnhold

8 9

Includes images of: John L. Tishman, Walter Eberstadt

8 10-11
Commencement Dinner, 2003 May 7 

Includes images of: Bea Banu, Malcolm Smith, Eugene Lang, Leslie Cadman, James Murtha, Bob Kerrey, Henry Arnhold, Tara Morris, William DeWind, Judith Gottman, John L. Tishman, Sheila Johnson, Betty Smith, Walter Eberstadt, Mrs. Vera Eberstadt, Jane Ira Bloom, Joel Lester, Robert Mondheim, William Zabel

8 12

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Series V. Convocations 1973-2004 

Box Folder
University in Exile 40th Anniversary Convocation, Willy Brandt Receives Honor, 1973 Sept 25 

Includes images of: Willy Brandt, John R. Everett

8 13
University in Exile 50th Anniversary Convocation, 1984 Apr 25 (Photographers: Bob Adelman, Lou Manna Studio) 

Includes images of: Dorothy Hirshon, Jonathan F. Fanton, John Tishman, William DeWind, Robert Milano

8 14
1989 (Photographer: C. Blomquist) 

Includes images of: Jonathan F. Fanton, Malcolm Smith

8 15
1995 Aug 31 (Photographers: Stanley Seligson, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: John Tishman, Ruth Messinger, James Lipton, Eugene Lang, James Krauskopf, Elizabeth Dickey, Jonathan F. Fanton, Bea Banu

8 16
2004 Sept 

Includes images of: Arjun Appadurai, Paul Goldberger, Fred Hochberg, Jonathan Veitch, Ann Louise Shapiro, Bob Kerrey

8 17

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Series VI. Courses and programs 1970s-2002 

Box Folder
Audio production, 1985-1999 (Photographers: Stu Chernoff, Claire Oppenheim, Joe Shuyler) 

Includes images of: Louis Giansante,

8 18
BA Admissions/Administration/Advisory, 1998 (Photographers: Björg, Jerry Speier) 
8 19
Business career classes, 1984-1999 (Photographers: Laima Druskis, Stanley Seligson, Joe Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Steven Wohl, Marc Stolzenberg, Earl Scott, David P. Murphy, Kenneth Preston, Richard Walton, Sidney Spielvogel

8 20
Calligraphy, 1982, 1984, 1990-1991 (Photographer: Stuart Chernoff, Joe Schuyler, Stanley Seligson) 
9 1
Catalogs: Covers, probably 1970s and 1980s (Photographer: G. James Dee) 
9 2
Catalogs: Front sections, probably 1970s-1990s 
9 3-4
Computer classes/Computer Information Center, 1992, 1994-1995, 1997-2001 (Photographers: Björg, Laima Druskis, Ben Fernandez, Carla Gahr, Jose L. Pelaez, Joe Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Robert Abuhoff

9 5-8
 u Culinary Arts, 1984-2001 (Photographers: Björg, C. Bloomquist, Stuart Chernoff, Laima Druskis, Bonnie Geller, Linda Harris, Joy Nagy, Claire Oppenheim, Birgit Pohl, Joe Schuyler, Helayne Seidman, Stanley Seligson, Jerry Speier, Karen Zebulon) 

Includes images of: Gary Goldberg

10 1-4
28 1
9 9-16
Dance, 1977-2001 (Photographers: Björg, Carla Gahr, Heungman, G. Steve Jordan, Joe Schuyler, Paul Seligman, Stanley Seligson, Jerry Speier, Karen Zebulon) 
10 5-11
Distance Instruction for Adult Learning (DIAL), 1997 (Photographers: Björg, Michael Shavel/New York Times) 
10 12
Film editing, 1990s-2000 (Photographer: Joe Schuyler) 
10 13
Film production 1985-1998 (Photographers: American Broadcasting Company, C. Blomquist, Bob Adelman, Björg, Laima Druskis, Bonnie Geller, Heungman, Joe Schuyler, Stanley Seligson, Lynne Jaeger Weinstein, Karen Zebulon) 
10 14-15
Film Studies, 1997 (Photographers: Joe Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
10 16
Film Workshop, 1981-2000 (Photographers: Freddy Farias, Joe Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
10 17
Fine arts and crafts, 1984, 1989, 1992-2000 (Photographers: Björg, Christel Blomquist, Laima Druskis, Carla Gahr, Carole Levingston, Joseph Schuyler) 
11 1-3
Focus Workshop, 1989 (Photographer: Janet Grunewald) 
11 4
Guitar Study Center, 1982 (photographer: Stuart Chernoff) 
11 5
Humanities, 1996-2000 (Photographers: Stephanie Berger, Björg, Joe Schuyler, Jerry Speier, Karen Zebulon) 
11 6-7
Journalism, 1992, 1999 (Photographers: Carla Gahr, Joe Schuyler) 
11 8
Knowhow Workshop/Lifelong Learning, 1980s (Photographers: Bob Adelman, Stuart Chernoff, Carole Levinson, Stanley Seligson, Joe Schuyler, Karen Zebulon) 
11 9-15
Magic, 1988 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
11 16
Music class students, 1990, undated (Photographers: Bonnie Geller, Joseph Schuyler, Stanley Seligson, Jerry Speier) [contact sheets only] 
11 17
Photography, 1997-2000 (Photographers: Björg, Jerry Speier, Joseph Schuyler) 
11 18
Sports: Boxing, Ice Dancing, Karate, Skating, Step Aerobics, Swimming, 1977, 1990-1993 (Photographers: Björg, Jerry Speier) 
11 19
T'ai Chi Ch'uan, 1987-1996 (Photographers: Laima Druskis, Frederic Ruegg, Joe Schuyler, Stanley Seligson) 
11 20
Yoga, 1992, 1994-1995, 1999 (Photographers: Björg, Joe Schuyler) 
12 1

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Series VII. Events 1951-2004 

Link to selected images from this series.  

The annual Fiorello H. La Guardia Awards ceremony and dinner is well-represented in this series. New School trustees, faculty, presidents and political figures are depicted. Photographs include but are not limited to images of the following individuals: Thomas Acosta, Henry Arnhold, Arnold Aronson, Anna Carbonell, Governor Mario Cuomo, William DeWind, Mayor David N. Dinkins, Senator Christopher Dodd, Douglas Durst, Walter Eberstadt, John Everett, Mark Green, William Green, Jonathan F. Fanton, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, William Hayden, Robert W. Jones, Bob Kerrey, Mayor Edward Koch, Henry R. Kravis, James Krauskopf, Gerald Levin, Reuben and Arlene Mark, H. Carl McCall, Ruth Messinger, Robert Milano, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Charles Olton, Richard Parsons, Richard Sachs, Philip Scaturro, Senator Charles Schumer, Lori Singer, Malcolm Smith, and John L. Tishman. An incomplete chronological list of award recipients and event chairs will be found in Box 13, Folder 1.

Box Folder
General, 1965, 1997 (Photographers: Peter Moore, Ruth Orkin, Stanley Seligson, Jerry Speier) 
12 2
General (Photographers: Stephanie Berger, Peter Moore, Jerry Speier), 1969, 1982, 1984, 2001, 2004 

Includes images of an unidentified event from 1969, a panel presentation of "Artist as Educator" images of Maxime Green, Tom Cahill, Wendy Ewald, Anthony Huberman, Brett Cook Disney (2001), a panel presentation of "Pseudo Radicals", images of David Brooks, Russell Jacoby, Rochelle Gurstein, Robert Boyers, Chris Lehman (2001), a lecture by Agnes Varda (2001), a speech by Carl McCall to the Robert J. Milano Graduate School (undated), an unidentified event (2004) involving Senator Edward Kennedy, Felicia Deyrup's retirement party with Hans Jonas and Erich Hula (1982) and 50th Anniversary of University in Exile (1984) in Berlin with Richard von Weizsäcker and Johnatan F. Fanton.

29 17
Unidentified event with John Everett, between 1964 and 1966 

Date estimated based on use of Isamu Noguchi-inspired New School logo, but could be later.

29 26
Unidentified event featuring Ed Koch, 1970 Oct 26 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
12 3
Unidentified event with Bob Kerrey, John Eatwell, Charles Taylor, Kenneth Prewitt, Diane Davis and Aristide Zolberg (Photographer: Jerry Speier), 2001 Apr 5 
28 15
Unidentified event with Bob Kerrey and others (Photographer: Jerry Speier), 2001 Sep 21 

Depicted individuals include Andrew Arato, Hamid Dabashi, Delina Fico, Victoria Hattam, Sean Jacobs, David Plotke, Kenneth Prewitt, Stephen Schlesinger, Michael Schoberg, Renata Segura, Ann-Louise Shapiro, Gary Sick, Ann Snitow, Ernesto Verdeja and Michael Walzer. Based on the date marked on the verso, these images may depict a World Trade Center (9/11) forum.

28 16
29 21
25th Anniversary, University in Exile - Luncheon, 1959 Apr 6 (Photographers: Jerry May, May and Strauss) 

Includes images of: William H. Davis, Mrs. Gimbel, Alvin Johnson, Thomas S. Lamont

12 4
30th Anniversary, Graduate Faculty - Dinner (Photographer: Paul Seligman), 1964 Apr 28 

Includes images of: Liv Froehlich, Adlai Stevenson, Jacob M. Kaplan, Robert MacIver.

12 5
40th Anniversary, Graduate Faculty, 1959 (Photographer: Stereo Studio - Lisa Obert) 

Includes images of: Alvin Johnson, Senator Jacob K. Javits

12 6
50th Anniversary, New School - Dinner, 1968 Dec 11 (Photographers: Conway Studios, Henri Dauman, Peter Moore) 

Includes images of: Harry Belafonte, Gustave L. Levy, John Everett, Albert List, A. Philip Randolph

12 7-9
Arming for Peace [fund raising dinner], 1951 Nov 13 (Photographers: J.D. Ruskin, Chase-Statler Photo) 

Includes images of: Herman W. Steinkraus, Alfred J. Marrow, Walter P. Reuther, Hans Simons, William H. Davis, Jerome I. Udelle, Lionel Rogosin, Mr. and Mrs. Daniels

12 10
Berlin in Books: Günter Grass reading, 1977 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson [contact sheets only] 
12 11
Cadoret murals presentation, circa 1959 (Photographer: Gin Briggs) 

Includes images of: Alvin Johnson

12 12
Center for New York City Affairs Luncheon, 1968 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 

Includes images of: Lindsey, John Everett

12 13
Center for New York City Affairs Patrick Murphy Farewell Party, 1973 May 5 
12 14
Civil Obedience: Media Censorship and Self-Censorship During Wartime [Harper's Magazine and the Wolfson Center public program], 2001 Dec 12 
29 18
New York Baroque Ensemble, 1967 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
12 15
Performances or rehearsals, 1964, undated (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
12 16
Rehearsals for New School Concerts--Vivaldi Concerto for Three Violins, with Michael Tree, Alexander Schneider, Jaime Laredo, circa 1970 (Photograph: Victor Laredo) 
12 17
Rudolf Serkin with Alexander Schneider and his Chamber Orchestra, 1959-1960 season (Photographer: Richard Saunders, Simpson Kalisher) 

Includes views of the auditorium at 66 West 12th Street.

12 18
Various rehearsals and performances on campus, probably 1990s 
12 27
Conference on Citizenship, 1974 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
12 19
Distinguished Service Awards, President's Council Dinner - Various, 1985-2000 (Photographer: Björg, Jerry Speier, Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: Henry Arnhold, Ira Katznelson, Jonathan F. Fanton, William Zabel, John Tishman, Arnold Aronson, Malcolm Smith, Malcolm Klein, Miriam Klein, Robert Milano, Anna-Maria Kellen, Dorothy Hirshon, Betty Levin, Philip Scaturro, William DeWind, Eugene Lang, Walter Eberstadt, Michael Gellert

12 20
Dramatic Readings, 1954 (Photographer: ACME Special Services) 

Includes images of: John Heldabrand, Sam Jaffe, Geraldine Page, Franchot Tone

12 21
Education Conference, 1961 Nov 11 (Photographer: Gin Briggs) 
12 22
Eugene Lang College Dedication, 1985 Oct 30 (Photographers: Stu Chernoff, Laimute Druskis, Stanley Seligson, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lang, Malcolm Smith, Jonathan F. Fanton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Milano, Dorothy Hirshon, Al Landa

12 23-24
Faculty Service Awards: Judith Walzer, 1990s (Photographers: Björg, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Cynthia Fanton, Malcolm Smith, Barbara Friedman, Bibi Mina Mora

12 25-26
Fiorello H. La Guardia Awards: Statuette of La Guardia (Photographer: Stanley Seligson), 1980 
13 1-2
Fiorello H. La Guardia Awards (Photographer: Stanley Seligson), 1978 
13 3
Fiorello H. La Guardia Awards (Photographer: Camera Arts Studio), 1980 
13 4
Fiorello H. La Guardia Awards (Photographer: Stanley Seligson), 1981 
13 5
Fiorello H. La Guardia Awards (Photographer: Stanley Seligson), 1982-1984 
26 29-32
Fiorello H. La Guardia Awards (Photographers: Lou Manna Studio, Stanley Seligson), 1985 Apr 24 

Award honoring Governor Mario Cuomo. Includes depictions of: Henry Arnhold, Richard Sachs, John Tishman, Jonathan F. Fanton, Dorothy Hirshon, Al Landa, Robert Milano, Edward Koch, Malcolm Smith, Mario Cuomo, Dick (Richard) Cavett.

29 1-7
Fiorello H. La Guardia Awards (Photographer: Stanley Seligson), 1987 
29 8
Fiorello H. La Guardia Awards (Photographer: Stanley Seligson), 1990 
29 9
Fiorello H. La Guardia Awards (Photographer: Stanley Seligson), 1994-1996 
29 10
Fiorello H. La Guardia Awards (Photographer: Stephanie Berger), 1997-2001 
29 11-16
First Annual Founders Day Dinner and Forum, 1959 Feb 5 (Photographer: Wide World Photos Inc.) 

Includes images of: Paul G. Hoffman, A.A. Berle, Jr., George V. Allen, Hans Simons, Alvin Johnson

13 6
First Israel (Albert Parker, Jim Jacobson, Edith Jonas Levy, A.J. Ruehle[?]), 1968 Jul 22 
13 7
Foreign Students' Tea, 1951 Mar (Photographers: Marvin Koner from Black Star, Paul Seligman) 
13 8
Foreign Students' Twist Party, probably early 1960s (Photographer: Gin Briggs) 
13 9
Froehlich luncheon, 1962 Feb (Photographer: Gin Briggs) 

Luncheon for secretaries of The New School's trustees, hosted by President Henry David's assistant, Lillie Froehlich.

13 10
Graduate Faculty Events (various), 1983, 1994, 1998, 2000 (Photographers: Michael DiVito - Pro Lab, Jerry Speier, Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: William DeWind, Michael Gellert, Henry Arnhold, Jonathan F. Fanton, Dorothy Hirshon, Malcolm Smith, Judith Friedlander, Eugene Lang, Walter Eberstadt

13 11
Halle, Hiram - Garden Party, 1936 or 1937 (Photographer: Maria Feiler) 

Includes images of: Carl Meyer, Kurt Riesler, Hans Speier, Nino Levi, Fernando De los Rios

13 12
Hannah Arendt Lectures, 1982 
13 13
Honorary Degree: Hans Kelsen, probably 1961 (Photographer: Gin Briggs) 

Includes images of: Henry L. David, Hans Kelsen

13 14
Honorary Degree: Galo Plaza Lasso (former Ecuadorian president), 1961 Jun 27 

Includes images of: Clara W. Mayer, Alvin Johnson, Galo Plaza Lasso

13 15
Honorary Degree: Theodore Heuss, 1958 

Includes images of: Hans Simons, Theodor Heuss, Ralph Walker, John R. Everett

13 16
Human Relations Center Ambassadors Evening, 1966 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
13 17
Humphrey, Senator Hubert H. and panel of newsmen, 1959 Dec 7 
13 18
Inaugural series of New School Poetry Readings, Summer 1962 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 

Includes images of: Kenneth Koch, Stanley Kunitz, Marianne Moore, Alan Dugan, Robert Lowell

13 19
Inauguration of Henry David, 1960 

Includes images of: Lee Dubridge, Henry David

13 20-21
Installation of Jonathan Fanton, 1982 (Photographer: Lou Manna Photography) 

Includes images of: Jonathan F. Fanton, Dorothy Hirshon, Malcolm Smith, Malcolm Klein, Robert W. DeWind

13 22
Installation of Bob Kerrey, 2001 Feb 20 (Photographer: Stephanie Berger) 

Includes images of: Senator Joel Lieberman, John L. Tishman, Bob Kerrey, Arnold Aronson, Richard Bernstein, Elizabeth Dickey

13 23
Lester Markel Luncheon, 1952 Jan 29 

Includes images of: Chairman Altschul, David Sarnoff, Mr. and Mrs. Kaplan, Hans Staudinger

13 24
List Gift of a Million Dollars, circa 1960 (Photographer: Wide World Photos, Inc.) 

Includes images of: Louis Finkelstein, Henry David, John D. Rockefeller, 3rd, Albert A. List

13 25
Louis S. Weiss Memorial Award Inauguration, 1951 May 17 (Photographer: Kosti Ruohomaa of Black Star) 

Includes images of: Hans Simons, Edward R. Murrow, Benjamin Fine, Horace M. Kallen, Mrs. Sylvia (Saul) Ravetchi

13 26
MALS (MA in Liberal Studies) Party, probably 1970s (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
13 27
Naming ceremonies, probably late 1950s (Photographers: Gin Briggs, Mia Brest, Peter Moore, Kosti Ruohomaa, Fred Stein, Black Star and World Wide Photos) 

Includes images of: Ralph Walker, Albert A. List, J. M. Kaplan, Alvin Johnson

14 1-2
Negro Writer's Vision of America, 1965 Apr (Photographer: Peter Moore) 

Includes images of: James Baldwin

14 3
Orozco Room Dedication, 1995 October 11 (Photographers: Brian Rose, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: R. Harcourt Dodds, John L. Tishman, Charles Olton, Arnold Aronson, William Zabel, Eugene Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Milano, Nancy Peretsman, Judith Friedlander, Robert Denham, Malcolm Smith, Jonathan F. Fanton, William Green, Robert Gates, Bevis Longstreth, Robert Hoerle, Richard Gorman, Walter Eberstadt

14 4
Robert J. Milano School Dedication, 1995 Nov 27 (Photographers: Pro Lab, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Malcolm Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Milano, John L. Tishman, David Dinkins, Henry Arnhold, Arnold H. Aronson, Dorothy Hirshon, Jack Krauskopf, Jonathan F. Fanton,

14 5
Robert J. Milano School - Various, 1993, 1999-2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: William DeWind, Jonathan F. Fanton, William Dea, Jack Krauskopf

14 6
Sandburg, Carl and Edward Steichen Speaking on a Trip to Russia and Western Europe, 1959 October 8 (Photographers: Associated Press Photo, Richard Saunders) 
14 7
Staff party, probably 1950s or early 1960s (Photographer: Ed Bagwell?) 
28 2
Summer Arts Festival, 1960s (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 

Includes images of: Al Cohen, Zoot Sims

14 8
University in Exile Lunch, 1989 September 18 (Photographer: Bonnie Geller) 

Includes images of: Ira Katznelson, Vera List, Rick Rogers, Gordon Parks, Richard Kaplan, Albert Hirschman, Hans Jonas, Henry Arnhold, Alice Gurwitch, Hans Speier

14 9
University in Exile Lunch, 2005 May 

Includes images of: Doris Suarez, Kathleen Truz, Richard Bernstein, Bevis Longstreth, Robert Hoerle, Saad Ibrahim, Walter Eberstadt, James Murtha, Arnold Aronson, Betty Levin, Fred Hochberg, Ann Ehrenkrantz, Sondra Farganis, Michael Cohen, Jack Kytle, Robert Milliard

14 10-11
University in Exile Lunch, 2006 

Includes images of: Estela de Carlotto

14 12
Third Annual Founders Award Dinner, 1962 May 
14 13-15
Vera List Lecture, 1989 February 8 (Photographer: Jose Pelaez) 

Includes images of: Richard Bernstein, Ira Katznelson, Jonathan F. Fanton, Vera List

14 16
Wall Street and the Economy Conference (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) [contact sheets only], 1980 
29 19

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Series VIII. Exhibitions circa 1954-1980s 

Box Folder
Art-related protest images, 1980s 

Guerilla Girls related works.

14 17
Comics exhibition, circa 1975 (Photographer: Laima Turnley) 
14 18
New School Art Center: Artwork by Chaim Gross, after 1968 
28 3
New School Art Center: Exhibits and gatherings, probably 1950s and 1960s (Photographers: Gin Briggs, Paul Seligman) 

Includes images of: Paul Seligman, Jose de Creeft, Paul Mocsanyi, Manolo Pascal

14 19
Student work, undated (Photographer: Jo Babcock) 
14 20
Student work, 1954 Jun 3, 1961 May (Photographers: ACME Specal Services, Oliver Baker, Gin Briggs, Kostitch Photo Service, Paul Seligman) 

Includes images of: Leonard P. Kent, Mrs. Franyo Schindler, Louis Tytell, Charles Alan, John Myers, Camilo Egas

14 21

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Series IX. Faculty, administrators, guest speakers and performers 1933-circa 1980s  (Bulk, 1940-1980)

Box Folder
Unidentified, probably 1940s-1950s 
15 1
28 4
Unidentified, 1960s-1970s (Photographers: Laima Turnley, Stanley Seligson) 
15 2
Unidentified possibly Graduate Faculty, 1990s or 2000s 
29 22
Unidentified Graduate Faculty (Photographer: Jerry Speier), 1999-2000 
29 23
Groups: Alexandre Koyré with two unidentified others [possibly Henri Gregoire] (Photographer: Conrad Eiger from Black Star), probably 1941-1944 
15 2a
Groups: Dean Howard B. White, Carl Mayer, Erich Hula, circa 1964 (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 
15 3
Groups: Graduate Faculty Meeting, probably 1980s (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
15 4
Groups: University in Exile, 1933 
15 5
28 5
Albee, Edward, 1965 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
15 6
Alston, Charles H., before 1977 (Photographer: Sydney Waintrob) 
15 7
Arcone, Sonya, before 1978 (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 
15 8
Ascoli, Max, probably 1940s (Photographer: Lotte Jacobi, May & Strauss) 
15 9
Austill, Allen, circa 1964 
15 10
Barkin, Solomon, 1947 (Photographers: Arjay, Fabian Bachrach) 
15 11
Baron, Samuel, probably 1960s 
15 12
Brandstein, David, probably late 1980s -- American Indian Folklore and Ceremonial 
15 13
Brecht, Arnold, before 1977 
15 52
Carey, James B., 1946 Jan 25 (Photographer: Jerry May) 
15 14
Carman, Harry, before 1964 
15 15
Colm, Gerhard, probably 1940s, 1968 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
15 16
Count Basie, 1955 Dec 

General note

Photo taken in the Thomas Hart Benton Room, for Marshall Stearn's course on jazz.

15 17
Cowell, Henry, before 1965 (Photographer: Gin Briggs) 
15 18
Dean, Vera M., probably 1950s (Photographer: Barbara Sutro) 
15 19
Deyrup, Felicia, circa 1970s (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
15 20
Diamond, Stanley, 1967, circa 1970s, 1983 (Photographers: Peter Moore, Stanley Seligson) 
15 21
Dover, Cedric, 1948 (Photographer: Carl Van Vechten) [includes negative] 
15 22
Dubridge, Lee A., 1970s 
15 23
Duggan, (?) 1950 (Photographer: Jerry May) 
15 24
Emery, (?) circa 1950 (Photographer: Fred Stein) 
15 25
Gideonse, Harry D., probably late 1960s (Photographer: Fabian Bachrach) 
15 26
Ginsberg, Allen, 1969 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
15 27
Goldenweiser, Alexander A., probably late 1920s 
15 28
Goode, Mal R., circa 1950s 
15 29
Gordon, David M., 1970s 
15 30
Gormley, Martin E., 1962 (Photographer: Gin Briggs) 
15 31
Graham, Martha (Photographer: Angus McBean) [not at TNS], probably 1940s 
15 32
Grant, Frances, probably late 1940s (Photographer: Arjay) 
15 33
Greenbaum, Joseph with William Dorsey, 1969 (Photgrapher: Alexandre Georges) 
15 34
Greenberg, Henry, circa 1970 (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 
15 35
Greenspan, Benjamin, probably late 1940s (Photographer: Jerry May) 
15 36
Groves, General Leslie Richard, 1951 Jan 9 (Photographer: Jean Raeburn) 
15 37
Guerard, Albert, probably 1938 (Photographer: Newton Studios) 
15 38
Gurvitch, Georges, probably 1940s 
15 39
Hall, Jim, probably 1960s (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 
15 40
Halle, Hiram, probably 1930s (Photographer: Ruth Staudinger) 
15 41
Heilbroner, Robert L., after 1971, 1981 
15 42
Herwitz, Adele, probably late 1950s 
15 43
Hildebrand, Dietrich von, probably 1940s 
15 44
Hillman, Sidney, before 1946 
28 6
Hughes, Everett, probably 1960s 
15 45
Hymer, Stephen H., circa 1971 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
15 46
Josman, Martin, probably 1950s 
15 47
Kasner, Edward, before 1950 
15 48
Katznelson, Ira, 1980s (Photographers: Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
15 49
Kirchner, Leon, probably 1960s 
15 50
Kolisch, Rudolf, probably 1950s (Photographer: National News Commentator) 
15 51
Kramer, Otto L., 1959 
16 1
Landa, Al, probably 1960s 
16 2
Lévi-Strauss, Claude, probably 1940s 
16 3
Lin, Robert, circa 1970 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
16 4
List, Albert and Vera, probably 1960, 1967 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
16 5
Liveright, Alexander Albert, probably 1950s 
16 6
Losh, Miss (?), 1950 (Photographer: Jerry May) 
16 7
Lowe, Adolph [internegative], probably 1970s 
16 8
MacNeil, Cornell, probably 1960s (Photographer: Gin Briggs) 
16 9
Mann, Golo, probably 1940s 
16 10
Maritain, Jacques, probably 1940s or 1950s (Photographer: Ralph Crane) 
16 11
Mason, W. R., 1947 Jan 29 (Photographer: Arjay) 
16 12
Mims, Edwin, circa 1950 
16 13
Mirkin (?), Sep 18 1950 (Photographer: Jerry May) 
16 14
Mirsky, Reba Paeff, probably 1940s (Photographer: Blackstone Studios, Lillian Studios) 
16 15
Model, Lisette, probably 1960s (Photographer: Joe Covello from Black Star) 
16 16
Monosoff, Sonya, probably early 1960s 
16 17
Murra, John V., probably 1950s (Photographer: John Lane) 
16 18
Nell, Edward J., circa 1970s 
16 19
Nelson, Richard R., circa 1967 (Photographers: Peter Moore, Stanley Seligson) 
16 20
Norman, Edward A., 1947 Nov 24 (Photographers: Arjay, Jerry May) 
16 21
Norman, Lew, probably 1960s (Photographer: James J. Kriegsmann) 
16 22
Piscator, Erwin, probably 1940s 
16 23
Powell, Adam Clayton [not at TNS], probably 1960s (Photographer: Herb Snitzer) 
16 24
Reiter (Rapp), Reyna, circa 1973 

Includes images of: Rayna Reiter Rapp, Robert Scholte

16 25
Retired professors on staff, 1950 (Photographer: New York Herald Tribune, George Davis Studio) 

Includes images of: Alvin Johnson, Dr. Mead, Edwin Mims, Cornelia Meigs, Nelson P. Mead

16 26
Sasamori, Takefusa, 1962 (Photographer: Sidney Cowell) 
16 27
Saussure, Raymond de, 1940s (Photographer: Ruth Staudinger-Rozatty) 
16 28
Schick, Marvin, 1960s 
16 29
Schneider, Alexander, 1968, 1986-1988 (Photographers: Patrick Rivera, Jose Luis Pelaez, Peter Moore) 
16 30-31
Scholte, Robert, 1960s-1970s 
16 32
Scholz, Janos, probably 1950s 
16 33
Schrecker, Paul, probably 1940s 
16 34
Schubart, Mark, probably 1950s (Photographer: Impact Studios) 
16 35
Schwartzman, David, circa 1970 (Photographer: Laima Turnley) 
16 36
Schwelb, Egon, probably 1950s (Photographer: A. Kern) 
16 37
Shaik, Anwar, circa 1970 
16 38
Silverman, Herbert R., probably 1960s 
16 39
Spater, George, probably 1970s 
16 40
Speier, Hans, probably 1970s (Photographer: Margrit Osner) 
16 41
Staudinger, Hans, circa 1946, 1968 

Standing in front of Thomas Hart Benton mural. Original taken by the Herald Tribune.

16 42
28 7
Steerman, William, Admissions Office, 1960s-1970s 
16 43
Stenzel, Robert D., 1973 
16 44
Strum, Phillipa, 1964 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
16 45
Taylor, (?), Sep 18 1957 (Photographer: Jerry May) 
16 46
Tilly, Charles, 1980s (Photographer: Joe Schuyler) 
16 47
Tumin, Melvin Marvin, probably 1960s 
16 48
Vidich, Arthur J., circa 1970 
16 49
Vietorisz, Thomas, circa 1960s-1970s (Photographer: Laima Turnley) 
16 50
Ward, F. Champion, probably 1979 (Photographer: Bob Adelman) 
16 51
Weisberg, Arthur, probably 1960s 
16 52
Weiss, Theodore S., 1957 
28 8
Wertheimer, Max, before 1943 
16 53
Wheeler, Jr., John P., 1956 
16 54

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Series X. Faculty circa 1950-2001  (Bulk, 1988-2000)

Box Folder
Unidentified, 1996, 1997 (Photographers: Björg, Hank O'Neal, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
17 1
28 11
Groups: General, 1950s-1980s (Photographer: Björg, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Richard Bernstein, Dan McIntyre, Philip Scaturro, Joel Lester, Linda Dunne, Ira Katznelson, Michael Gellert, Meryl Marshall, James Lipton, Rudy Giuliani

17 2
A-CH, 1990s (Photographers: Björg, Laima Druskis, Frederic Ruegg, Jerry Speier, Joseph Schuyler) 

Includes images of: Diane Amarotico, Melissa Anderson, Richard Atnally, Bruce Beck, Zoe Belloff, Marshall Blonsky, Warren Boroson, Michael Burke, Donald Byrd, Charles G. Case, Harvey Casher, Rangan Chakrabarty

17 3
CO-F, 1990s (Photographers: Björg, Laima Druskis, Bonnie Geller, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Virginia Cox, Allen David, Peter J. DeCataldo, Adrienne DeFendi, Franck Deletrain, Gino Dilorio, Cecilia Dintino, Ihor Dlaboha, Philip Dray, Richard Dudley, Linda Dunne, Robert Foster

17 4
G-HUB, 1990s (Photographers: Björg, Laima Druskis, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Nancy Garnier, David Gearey, Joyce Gold, Shalom Goldman, Valerie Griffith, Arlyn Hackett, Karen Hansen, Alan Hecht, WIlliam Hirst, Archibald Holland, Josephina Howard, James Hubbard

17 5
HUG-LIT, 1971, 1990s (Photographers: Björg, Laima Druskis, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Henry Hugh, Dave Johnson, Walter Katz, Jacob Kirman, Farideh Koohi-Kamali, Mark Lapadula, Lois Lazarus, Daniel H. Leal, Harry Lewis, Arthur Liebman, Jocelyn Lieu, Tsaurah Litzky

17 6
LIU-M, 1990s-2000 (Photographers: Laima Druskis, Frederic Ruegg, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Dik Liu, Pearl London, Edward Lu, Geoffrey Luck, Charlie Malone, Gregory L. Matloff, Edith Meeks, Alan W. Miller, Francesca Monari, Eva Monicelli, Lisa Montenegro, Barbara Mueller, Fred Murhammer

17 7
P-SO, 1981, 1988-2001 (Photographers: Katherine McGlynn, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Bruce Pandolfini, Debra Ponzek, Robert W. Posch, Michael Randazzo, Jacob Rosen, Michael Sachs, Otto Salamon, George Schaub, Yasuko Shimizu, J. H. Sibal, Svat Soucek

17 8
ST-Z, 1988-1997, 2002 (Photographers: Laima Druskis, Frederic Ruegg, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Judah L. Stamper, Mark Statman, Arthur Stern, Dan Swallow, Michael Tedesco, Stanley Yaker, Jonathan Veitch, Richard Walter, Robert Warner, Reginald C. Woolery, Tobi Zausner, Susan Kennedy Zeller

17 9
Abuhoff, Robert -- Introduction to Lotus: Version 4.0 for Windows, 1994 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
17 10
Aggarwala, Rashmi -- Culinary: Indian Vegetable Cooking, 1997 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
17 11
Alexander, Jeberz, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
17 12
Arendt, Hannah, 1968, 1971, undated 

According to publisher Ian Sternthal, who published several portraits of Hannah Arendt on his website (last accessed March 10, 2017 http://sternthalbooks.com/journal/a-letter-from-hannah-arendt-to-gershom-scholem/), including the same image depicted in the New School Archives' oversize print, Sternthal obtained the prints from New School for Social Research professor Richard Bernstein. The photographer is unknown.

E-mail communication from Ian Sternthal to the New School Archives, February 12, 2014.

The 1971 photograph of Arendt may have been taken at the Graduate Faculty conference,"Weimar Germany 1919-1932: Intellectuals, Culture and Politics."


29 27
n_OSx-2 1
Ashby, Carl -- Beginning Drawing, 1994 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
17 13
Augustus, Sylvia -- The Historic Preservation Movement in the US, 2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
17 14
Avgado, Debbie, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
17 15
Bacik, John, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
17 16
Baldessare, Helen, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
17 17
Beachley, Joan E.N. -- Aztec Life and Art (Photographer: Katherine McGlynn) 
17 18
Beecher, Richard -- Financial Statements (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
17 19
Bender, Tisha -- When We Were, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
17 20
Ben-Meir, Alon -- Introduction to International Relations, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
17 21
Berliner, Alan, 1998 (Photographer: Björg) 
17 22
Bernstein, Richard, 1997, 2000 (Photographers: Anthony B. Wood, Jerry Speier) 
17 23
Bess, Nancy Moore -- Basic Basketry: An International Perspective, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
17 24
Birns, Nicholas, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
17 25
Blakeman, Scott -- Stand-up Comedy Workshop, circa 1993, 1999 (Photographers: Björg, Stephanie Berger, Laima Druskis, Frederic Ruegg, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
18 1-2
Bloom, Abigail, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 3
Blumentahl, Arthur, 1999 (Photographer: Jery Speier) 
18 4
Boon, Marcus -- Artificial Paradise: Drugs, Literature and Modernity (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 5
Bouley, David -- Great Chefs at The New School, 1991 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 6
Bradshaw, Patti -- Yoga and Aerobics: A Body-Mind Approach to Aerobic Conditioning, circa 1994-1995 (Photographers: Björg, Joseph Schuyler) 
18 7
Brewer, Nancy, 1996 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 8
Brier, Bob -- Ancient Egyptian IV, 1993 (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
18 9
Brokaw, Kurt -- All About Advertising, probably 1990s (Photographer: Kurt Brokaw) 
18 10
Burke, David, circa 1994 
18 11
Byington, Mary Anne -- Social Dancing, 1998-2000 (Photographers: Björg, Joseph Schuyler) 
18 12
Carbonnier, Jean-Louis -- Wine Tasting, 2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 13
Carter, Richard G. -- African-American Images in the Media, circa 2000 (Photographer: Björg) 
18 14
Casanova, Jose -- Graduate Faculty Sociology (Photographer: Jerry Speier), 1998 
29 25
Claiborne, Craig, circa 1991 (Photographer: Joy Nagy) 
18 15
Collins, Arlene, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 16
Conden, Elizabeth, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 17
Conover, Robert -- Beginning Painting and Drawing, circa 1999 (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
18 18
Craven, Ann -- Sketching in Oil, circa 2001 (Photographer: Björg) 
18 19
Crellin, Bonnie -- Ballet Workshop, circa 1994 (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
18 20
Daniels, Ellen -- Fashion, Sex, Power, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 21
Dejoy, Michael -- Basic Accounting, 1988 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
18 22
Diamond, Harley -- The Supreme Court and the Constitution, 1994 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 23
Di Cagno, Elisabetta -- Writing for Magazines, 1999 (Photographer: Björg, Laima Druskis, Jerry Speier) 
18 24
Dinnerstein, Simon -- Life Drawing: Portraits, Figures, Botanical Forms, 1994 (Photographer: Björg) 
18 25
Dorsey, William -- Intro to Logic; Intro to Astronomy, 1999 (Photographer: Björg, Laima Druskis, Jerry Speier) 
18 26
Dos Santos, Domitilla, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 27
DuCarmo, Alexandrino -- Jazz Dance: From MGM to MTV; Afro Brazilian Dance Workshop, 1993 (Photographers: Björg, Jerry Speier) 
18 28
Ehrlich, Pearl -- Art Through the Ages 1: Egypt to the Renaissance, circa 1998 (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
18 29
Equi, Elaine, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 30
Feinberg, Dana -- Hydro Aerobic Exercising in Water, 1992 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 31
Feldstein, Stanley -- American History: Revolution to Reconstruction; American History: From Reconstruction to the Present; Where the Eagle Flies: History of American Foreign Relations; Strangers in the Land: American Nationality and Ethnic Diversity, 1990-1998 (Photographers: Laima Druskis, Jerry Speier, Joseph Schuyler) 
18 32
Fernandez, Ben -- Basics of Black and White Photography, 1995 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 33
Foley, Duncan, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 34
Foulkes, Julia, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 35
Frank, Isabelle, 2002 (Photographer: Björg Photography) 
18 36
Frankel, Irene, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 37
Frasconi, Pablo -- 16mm Film Production, circa 1993 (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
18 38
Freitas, John -- Intro to Cinema Studies; Developing Ideas for Films, 1999-2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 39
Fruehauf, Ruth -- Inside New York's Galleries, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
18 40
Gallace, Maureen, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 1
Ganz, Arthur, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 2
Gates, David, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 3
Giansante, Louis -- Audio Production, 1995 (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
19 4
Glicksman, Marlaine -- Screenwriting I., undated (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
19 5
Gold, Lisa B. -- Social Dancing (Photographer: Björg) 
19 6
Goldberg, Gary -- Restaurant Management, 1995-1996 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 7
28 1
Gordon, Fran -- Advanced Fiction Workshop, 2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 8
Green, J. Everet -- Black Enlightenment, 2001 (Photographer: Björg) 
19 9
Greenbaum, Gary -- Designing Your Own Portfolio, probably early 1990s (Photographer: Laima Druskis) 
19 10
Gregorian, Vartan, undated (Photographer: G. Steve Jordan) 
19 11
Gussow, Adam -- Juke Joint Witness: The Blues Tradition in American Literature, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 12
Gutwein, Miriam, 2002 (Photographer: Björg Photography) 
19 13
Hacker, Helen -- Controversies in Sexual Policies, 1994 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 14
Holiday, Martin -- Figurative Sculpture, 1997 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 15
Hudson, Carl -- On Broadway: Song and Dance, undated (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
19 16
Jahanbani, Amir -- Cultural History of the Middle East, 1991 (Photographer: Laima Druskis) 
19 17
Jefferson, Gwendolyn, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 18
Johner, Martin -- Chocolate Festival at Williams-Sonoma, 1992 Feb 5 
19 19
Jones, Marjoree -- Modern European History; History of Latin America, 1994, 1998, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 20
Karlowitz, Kathryn, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 21
Karp, Barrie -- Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, 1995 (Photographer: Björg) 
19 22
Kaspis, Robert -- American Directors: Straddling the Popular and the Elite, undated (Photographer: Björg) 
19 23
Katzman, Phil -- Cinematography and Lighting; 16 mm Filmmaking; Guerrilla Filmmaking, 1990-1999 (Photographers: Björg, Bonnie Geller, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
19 24
Keller, Martha -- Painting and Drawing Workshop, 1995 (Photographer: Björg) 
19 25
Khalil, Mohammad O. -- Printmaking, circa 2001 (Photographer: Björg) 
19 26
Kidwell-Cohen, Michele -- Art of Ancient Egypt, undated 
19 27
Kohli, Wendy and Rita Toppin, 2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 28
Koschman, Nicole, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 29
Krondl, Michael -- Pumpkin Lovers, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 30
Krutchen, Barbara, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 31
Lederer, Gerda, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 32
Lee, Andrew, 2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 33
Lerman, Philip -- Shakespeare As Contemporary Theater; Twenieth-Century American Drama, 1999 (Photographer: Björg, Jerry Speier) 
19 34
Lewis, Joel, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 35
Lichtenstein, William -- Investigative Journalism for TV (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
19 36
Lichtman, Robert -- Assessment and Evaluation of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, 1997 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
19 37
Lomonaco, Michael, undated (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
19 38
Longenecker, Joel, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 1
Lucchesi, Paul -- Sculpture, 1994,1996 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 2
Lundsager, Eva -- Sketching in Oil for Beginners, 1996 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 3
Macioce, Michael -- Photography: Darkroom, 2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 4
Markowitz, Michael, 2002 (Photographer: Björg Photography) 
20 5
Manca, Giuseppe, 2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 6
McBroom-Manno, Dana -- African Dance, Drums, and Religion in the Americas, circa 2000 (Photographer: Björg) 
20 7
McNutt, Jenny L. -- Venture into West African Art, 1995 (Photographers: Björg, Joseph Schuyler) 
20 8
Mesmer, Sharon, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 9
Metz, Holly, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 10
Mintzer, Arlene -- Crochet: Basic and Beyond, 1997 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 11
Mitchell, Bryan A. -- Essentials of Algebra, 2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 12
Mlyn, Jack -- The Art of Fly Tying, 1987 (Photographer: Laima Druskis) 
20 13
Moore, Elke Kuhn -- Bead Making, Colorful Polymer Jewelry, 1995, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 14
Moore, George L. -- Kafka, 1996 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 15
Morton, Jack -- Comedy Workshop 
20 16
Mosca, Aldo - The Passions and Philosophy, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 17
Murphy, David P. -- Intro to Investments, 1999 (Photographers: Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
20 18
Myson, Aida, 2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 19
Nikolic, Vladan -- The Aesthetics of Directing, 1997 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 20
North, Moira -- Ice Dancing, 1990 
20 21
Packard, William -- Contemporary Poerty, 1996 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 22
Pais, Arthur -- Journalism Basics, 1995, 1996, 1999 (Photographers: Björg, Jerry Speier) 
20 23
Pavia, Phillip -- Stone Carving, 1996 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 24
Pervin, Gilda -- Basic Scupture, 1995 (Photographer: Björg) 
20 25
Piano, Michelle -- Intro to Weaving, Beginning Tapestry Weaving, 1998, 2000 (Photogrpahers: Björg, Jerry Speier) 
20 26
Piven, Jerry -- The Symbolism of Evil, circa 2000 (Photogrpaher: Björg) 
20 27
Pollock, Thomas C. -- Watercolor and Related Materials, 1999 (Photographers: Björg, Jerry Speier) 
20 28
Pomerance, Ruth, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 29
Preston, Kenneth A. -- Business Management; Starting and Managing Businesses, 1991-1992 (Photographers: Laima Druskis, Carla Gehr, Joseph Schuyler) 
20 30
Qaddoumi, Omar, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 31
Raven, Wendy, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
20 32
Reardon, Nancy -- On Camera Presentation, circa 1995 (Photographer: Björg, Laima Druskis, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
20 33
Reed, Tom -- Computer Class: Photoshop; Using Adobe Illustrator, 1995, 2000, 2001 (Photographers: Björg, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
21 1
Robins, Ira, 2001 (Photographer: Björg) 
28 12
Roche, Terre, 1996 (Photographer: Stephanie Berger) 
21 2
Rosati, Daniel -- Introduction to Fine Baking, 1997 (Photographers: Linda Harris, Jerry Speier) 
21 3
Rosenzweig, Anne, 1989 (Photographer: Bonnie Geller) 
21 4
Ross, John and Herman Zaage -- Printing Workshop, 1998 (Photographer: Björg) 
21 5
Rubenfeld, Andrew P. -- Emily Dickinson: 'I Dwell in Possibility,' 1996-1997 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
21 6
28 13
Schlemowitz, Joel -- 16 mm Filmmaking (Photographer: Björg) 
21 7
Schmidt, Stephen -- Fundamental Culinary Techniques, 1993 
21 8
Scott, Earl L. -- Business Law, 1997, 1999 (Photographers: Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
21 9
Sedotti, Mark J. -- Saltwater Fly Fishing, 1995 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
21 10
Seigle, Samuel B. -- The Ancient Greek in US, 1999 (Photographers: Laima Druskis, Jerry Speier) 
21 11
Serra, MM -- Avant-Garde Cinema, 2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
21 12
Sheehan, Paul -- Writing Freelance Journalism, 1995 (Photographer: Björg) 
21 13
Snyder-Kadish, Karen -- The Cooking of New Orleans, 1993, 1995, 1999 (Photographers: Laima Druskis, Linda Harris, Jerry Speier) 
21 14
Sperakis, Nicholas G. -- Painting for Beginners, undated (Photographer: Björg) 
21 15
Spielvogel, Sidney M. -- Corporate Finance, undated (Photographer: Laima Druskis) 
21 16
Spina, Peggy -- Tap-Dance Workshop (Photographer: Björg) 
21 17
Steinke, Darcey, 1997, 1998 (Photographers: Björg, Jerry Speier) 
21 18
Stevens, Larry and Fabienne P. Bongard -- Ballroom Dancing, 1992-1994 (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
21 19
Stolzenberg, Marc -- Acting for Film and Television, 1995, 1999 (Photographers: Björg, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
21 20
Talbot, Toby, 1996 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
21 21
Tarsh, Steve, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
21 22
Tiber, Elliot -- Absurd, Twisted Comedy Writing (Photographer: Laima Druskis) 
21 23
Tompkins, Betty -- Painting for Beginners, 1999 (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
21 24
Tomzak, Paul, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
21 25
Toney, Anthony -- Creative Painting and Drawing, 1995, undated (Photographers: Björg, Jodseph Schuyler) 
21 26
Trakis, Louis -- Introduction to Metal Sculpting, 1994 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
21 27
Wagner, Aleksandra, 2000 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
21 28
Walker, Gina Luria, 1997 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
21 29
Walton, Richard -- Introduction to Business Management, 1997 (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
21 30
Wanetick, David, 1998 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
21 31
Weigert, James R. -- Ingmar Bergman: The Journey Without, the Journey Within (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
21 32
Windrow, Tammy, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
21 33
Winters, Eleanor -- Beginning Calligraphy; Intermediate Calligraphy: Italics, 1990-1996 (Photographer: Björg, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier) 
21 34
Wohl, Steven -- Foundations of Law for Non-Lawyer, 1988, 1993 (Photographers: Katherine McGlynn, Stanley Seligson) 
21 35
Wolff, Rebecca, 1999 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
21 36
Zolberg, Aristide, undated 
28 18
Zweiling, Sandra -- Business Writing for the Executive (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
21 37

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Series XI. Institute for Retired Professionals 1965-1969, undated 

Box Box
General, 1965-1969 (Photographers: Gin Briggs, Peter Moore, Paul Seligman) 

Includes images of: Frances Rosanoff, Helen Rowe, Chester R. Leaber

24 29-30
Busberger, Belle [oldest student], undated 
24 31
Students' art works, undated 
24 32

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Series XII. New School Associates 1945-1967 

Box Folder
General, probably 1940s, 1965-1967 (Photographers: Peter Moore, May and Strauss, Elliott Moss Landy) 

Includes images of: Mary Guggenheim, Barbara Hayes, Ruth Schram, Stephen Heinemann, W. Schumann, Edward Cornish, Eric Leinsdorf, Abram Chasing, Aaron Copland, A. Wilfred May, Otto Kramer, John R. Everett, Mrs. Everett, Martha Gordon, Sylvia Sirkis, Norman T. Arons

24 33-34
Acuna, Luis Alberto Art Show, 1948 Apr 9 (Photographer: Arjay) 

Includes images of: German Arciniegas, Bryn J. Hovde, Luis Alberto Acuna

24 35
"Books for India" Campaign Launching, 1954 Feb 23 (Photographer: ACME) 
24 36
Brandt, Willy Luncheon, 1965 Apr 19 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 

Includes images of: John R. Everett, Willy Brandt

24 37
Dinner Forums, 1945-1948 (Photographers: Arjay, Jerry May, May and Strauss, Werner Wolff from Black Star) 

Includes images of:Alonzo Meyers, Robert P. Patterson, William J. Baxter, Bryn J. Hovde, Schultz, Dean O'Riley, Leo Cherie, Roger Baldwin, H. Christian (?), A.W. Cherie, Porter, Ray Bloch, Mrs. Betsy Rose

25 1-2
Dinner Forum: "Palestine: What Next?", 1947 Nov 24 (Photographer: Arjay Photography) 

Features students and guests in front of the Orozco murals. Includes images of: Margaret V. Kiely, Roger Nash Baldwin, Leo Cherne

25 3
Dinner Forum: "Family Life - Are New Patterns Emerging?", 1964 Jan 12 (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 

Includes images of: Sydney Brandon, Sidonie M. Gruenberg, Richard D. Heffner, Beatrice Sobel Burstein, Morton M. Hunt

25 4
Hovde, J. Bryn Luncheon, probably mid 1940s (Photographers: Jerry May, Conrad Eiger from Black Star) 

Includes images of: Fannie Hurst, Elsie Maxwell, Mrs. Bonnel, Mrs. Simkovitz (?)

25 5
"Modern Woman's Dilemma," 1950 Mar 29 
25 6
Orozco Reception, 1945 Oct 18 (Photographer: Jerry May) 

Includes images of: Mrs. Harry Starr, Ruth Robinson, Mrs. Maude Riley, Ellis Bonime, Mrs. Washington Dodge, Joseph E. Reiner, Violet Poolman

25 7
Roosevelt, Eleanor Luncheon, 1949 Apr 1 (Photographer: Griffith J. Davis) 

Includes images of: Eleanor Roosevelt, Mrs. Otto C. Sommerich, Dr. Hortense Powdermaker

25 8
Tarchiani Dinner, 1945 May 31 (Photographer: May and Strauss) 

Includes images of: Mrs. Maria Roselli, Elsa Schiaparelli, Dubrinsky, Kallen, Isabelle Kemp, Mr. Horace M. Kallen, Mr. Dubrinsky

25 9
Thurnauer, Martin Reception, 1964 Apr (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 

Includes images of: Robert M. MacIver, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Thurnauer, Mr. and Mrs. Moses Blitzer

25 10
Two Hundred Contemporary Artists Exhibit, 1959 April 8 

Includes images of: Mrs. Daisy Schapiro, Mrs. Henry V. Kobin, Mrs. Jerome Gordon, Mrs. Kalman Greenhill, Mrs. Vera List

25 11

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Series XIII. Presidents circa 1960-2002 

Box Folder
David, Henry, early 1960s (Photographer: Gin Briggs) 
25 12
Everett, John R., 1964-1976 (Photographers: Modernage, Peter Moore, Paul Seligman, Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: John R. Everett, Orin Lehman, Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko, Jacob. K. Javits, Robert L. Lincoln

25 13-15
Fanton, Jonathan F., 1986-1999 (Photographers: Bob Adelman, Stephanie Berger, Jerry Speier, G. Steve Jordan, Robert A. Ripps, Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: Jonathan F. Fanton, Malcolm Klein, William DeWind, Mrs. William DeWind, Charles Olton, Julien Studley, John Tishman, Vera List, August Heckscher, Arthur Mitchell, Judy waltzer, Elizabeth D. Dickey, Joseph Porrino, Janice Hildebrand, Broyna Pereira, William Pereira, Henry Wolf, William Bevington, Randolph Swearer, William Dean, James Krauskopf

25 16-19
Johnson, Alvin, 1930s-circa 1970 (Photographers: Altman-Pach, Bolivar Studios, Joseph Breitenbach, Ralph Crane, May&Strauss, J.D. Ruskin, Paul Seligman, Peter Moore, ACME, Gin Briggs, Herbert S. Sonnenfeld, Arjay, Marvin Koner/Black Star, Fred Stein) 

Oversize print in Box n_OSx.3 depicts a 1946 dinner party held in Johnson's honor by the American Scandinavian Foundation.

25 20-23
28 10
n_OSx-3 1a
Kerry, Bob, 2002, undated (Photographers: Stephanie Berger, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Doris Suarez, Nancy Dorn Walker, Richard Kauffman, Arnold Aronson, Senator Harry Reid, Bob Kerrey, Bernard Schwartz, Michael Gellert, George Haywood, James Murtha

25 24
Simons, Hans, 1950s 
29 20

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Series XIV. Special Lectures circa 1974-1999 

Box Folder
General, 1996-1999 (Photographers: Björg, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Dorothy Allison, Mark Anderson, John Ashbery, Lucille Clifton, Elizabeth Dickey, Andre Dubus, Andrea Dworkin, Bret Easton-Ellis, Michael Fuchs, Peter Gay, Debora Gregor, Rachel Hadas, Jamaica Kincaid, Kenneth Koch, Catherine A. Mackinnon, Octavio Paz, Grace Schulman, Aristide Zolberg

26 1
Conversations with Leonard Probst: Performers on Performing 
Barnes, Clive, circa 1977 
26 2
Brynner, Yul, 1977 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
26 3
Burstyn, Ellen, 1976 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
26 4
Cavett, Dick, probably 1975 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
26 5
Cronkite, Walter, 1975 Mar 3 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
26 6
Huxtable, Ada Louise, probably 1970s (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
26 7
MacLaine, Shirley, 1977 
26 8
Myerson, Bess, 1977 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
26 9
Walters, Barbara, 1976 (Photographer: Laima Turnley) 
26 10
Filmmakers On Filmmaking [course by Richard Brown] 
Aiello, Danny, circa 1974 
26 11
Allen, Woody, 1974, 1975 (Photorgaphers: Paul Seligman, Stanley Seligson) 
26 12
Koch, Ed, undated, 1980 (Photographers: Lou Manna Studio, United Press International Photo, Karen Zebulon) 

Includes images of: Jacob M. Kaplan

26 13
Newman, Paul, 1974 Feb 4 (Photographer: Martin Adler Levick) 
26 14
Steinberg, David, circa 1974 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
26 15
Ullman, Liv, undated, also with David Black, 1989 May 1 
26 16
Media Studies 
David Turnley: In Times of War and Peace, 1999 Feb 16 

Includes images of: David Turnley, Carol Wilder

26 17
Mixed Messages, 1999 May 7 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Carol Wilder

26 18
Open House with Carol Wilder, 1998 March 9 (Photographer: Björg) 
26 19
The Big Issue: Time ASAP, 1998 Dec 10 (Photographer: Björg) 

Includes images of: Kurt Vonegut, Stanley Crouch, Peggy Noonan, Edward O. Wilson, Mark Helprin

26 20
Musicians on Music [Joan Thomson Kretschmer] 
Feltsman, Vladimir, 1989 Feb 27, 2000 Sep (Photographers: Stephanie Berger, Bonnie Geller) 
26 21
Horne, Marilyn, 1989 Apr 18 (Photographer: Bonnie Geller) 
26 22
Merrill, Robert, 1989 Apr 3 (Photographer: Bonnie Geller) 
26 23
Watts, Andre, 1988 Oct 3 (Photographer: Bonnie Geller) 
26 24
Writing Program 
Anthology of American Folk Music, 1998 Oct 2 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Dave Van Ronk, David Hajdu

26 25
Conjunctions: A Reading, 1999 Feb 11 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 

Depicts Jorie Graham, George Plimpton, William Weaver.

26 26
Reading by James Elroy, 1997 Sep 22 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
26 27
Reading by Dennis Johnson, 1997 Oct 17 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
26 28

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Series XV. Guest speakers and performers 1960s-1990s 

Box Folder
A-CIS (Photographers: Stephanie Berger, Kenn Duncan, Peter Moore, Joseph Schuyler, Jerry Speier, Mark Stern, Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: Alvin Ailey, Maya Angelou, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Arthur Ashe, Carol Bellamy, Carl Bernstein, Louise Bourgeois, Paul Bowles, Lee Brown, William F. Buckley, Pablo Casals, Schuyler Chapin, Steve Allen, Sydney Rittenberg, Henry G. Cisneros

22 1
CL-E (Photographers: Jerry Bauer, Bonnie Geller, Stanley Seligson, Superior Fototech Inc., Karen Zebulon) 

Includes images of: Dick Clark, Kenneth B. Clark, Jayne Cortez, Willem Dafoe and Herry Lewis, Alexandra Danilova, Thulani Davis, Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, Colleen Dewhurst, Eberhard Diepgen, Edgar Lawrence Doctorow, Robert C. Eckhardt and Morris Udall, William M. Ellinghaus

22 2
F-HOV (Photographers: Jack Mitchell, Paul Seligman, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Herman D. Farrell, Jr., Joseph A. Fernandez, Roberta Flack, Eric Hobsbawm, Hanna Holborn Gray, Lani Guinier, Buddy Hackett, Fred Ho, Charles Hobson, Dustin Hoffman, Lorin Hollander, Thomas P. F. Hoving, Nathan Irving Hentoff

22 3
I-L (Photographers: John T. Hill, Jack Mitchell, Stanley Seligson, Susanne Faulkner Stevens, TNS Photography Department) 

Includes images of: James Ivory and Ismail Merchant, Jacob K. Javits, Richard Leahey, Phil Katzman and Spike Lee, Lena Horne, Tania Leon, Nathan Leventhal, James Levine, Reynold Levy, Edna Lewis, Edie Locke, Allard Lowenstein

22 4
MAC-MKO (Photographers: Björg, Cornell Capa - Magnum, Bonnie Geller, Douglas Hall, Bruce Laurence, Peter Moore, Stanley Seligson, Richard Wulfeck) 

Includes images of: Robert MacNeil, Elaine May, Martin May, George McGrath, Margaret Mead, Pablo Medina, Zubin Mehta, W. S. Merwin, Edward Mezvinsky, Adam Michnik, Barbara Mikulski, Grace Mirabella, Khanyisiwe Mkonza

22 5
MON-P (Photographers: Peter Moore, Jerry Speier) 

Includes images of: Joan Mondale, Zero Mostel, Robert Mosses / Mauss ?, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Robert Mundheim, Ralph Nader, Louise Nevelson, Anthony Newman, Betty Parsons, Leonard Probst

22 6
R-SCH (Photographers: Camera Arts Studio, Stanley Seligson, Paul Seligson) 

Includes images of: Joan Rivers, David Rockefeller, Ginger Rogers, Felix G. Rohatyn, David Rose, Robert E. Rubin, Lew Rudin with Henry Loeb and John R. Everett, Chuck Scarborough, Arthur Schlesinger, David Schoenbrun, Chuck Schumer

22 7
SCO-STO (Photographers: Bob Adelman, Janette Beckman, S. Hurok, G. Steve Jordan, Candid Lang, Vicki Spitz) 

Includes images of: Renatta Scotto, Maurice Sendak, Alan K. Simpson, Anna Deavere Smith, Liz Smith, Patty Smith, Susan Sontag, Benjamin Spock, Lesley Stahl, Isaac Stern, Ellen Stewart, Carl B. Stokes

22 8
SUT-WEL (Photographers: Erika Davidson, Laima Druskis, Peter Moore, Paul Seligman) 

Includes images of: Percy Sutton, Bob Teague, Lewis Thomas, E.P. Thompson, Preston Robert Tisch, Barbara Tuchman, Cyrus Vance, Frederica Von Stade, Wendy Wasserstein, Orson Welles

22 9
WES-Z (Photographers: Bonnie Geller, Mary Kennedy, Terence McCarten, Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: Cornell West, Roy Wilkins, Harrison A. Williams, Joseph Williams, Walter Wriston, Edwin H. Yeo, Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, Sanford J. Zimmerman

22 10
Ali, Muhammad, probably 1960s 
22 11
Badillo, Herman, probably late 1960s early 1970s (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
22 12
Barenboim, Daniel and Edward Said, 2002 Oct 1 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
22 13
Broyard, Anatole, 1974 (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 
22 14
Caldicott, Helen, 1984 (Photographers: Arlene Avril, Karen Zebulon) 
22 15
Chisholm, Shirley, 1970, undated (Photographers: Peter Moore, Stanley Seligson) 
22 16
Clinton, Hillary, 2002 Oct 14 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
22 17
Cosell, Howard, 1986 Nov 2 (Photographer: G. Steve Jordan) 
22 18
Cuomo, Mario, 1984, 1985, 1994 Dec 1 (Photographers: Lou Manna Studio, Catherine Noren, Daniel Root, Stanley Seligson, Jerry Speier, Mark Stern, Karen Zebulon) 
23 1-2
Davis, Angela, 1975 Sep (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
23 3
Dinkins, David, 1987-1993 (Photographers: G. Steve Jordan, Daniel Root, Jerry Speier, Bruce Williams, Wendy Workman, Karen Zebulon) 

Includes images of: Robert Abrams, Herman D. Farrell, Jr., Jonathan Fanton

23 4
Donahue, Phil, 1990 Mar 2 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
23 5
Downs, Hugh, 1986 Nov 17 (Photographer: Stacy Rosenstock) 
23 6
Eagleton, Thomas, 1973 Nov (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 
23 7
Eban, Abba, 1988 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
23 8
Eldridge, Ronnie, probably 1970s (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
23 9
Freire, Paolo, probably 1970s (Photographer: Carla Gahr) 
23 10
Fuentes, Carlos, 1992 May 26, undated (Photographer: M. Cohen, Stanley Seligson) 
23 11
Gillespie, Dizzy, 1987 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: Malcolm Smith, John Holland, Jonathan F. Fanton, Eugene Lang

23 12
Giuliani, Rudolph, 1987 (Photographer: Daniel Root) 
23 13
Godimer, Nadine, 1991 Oct 2 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: Jonathan F. Fanton, Elizabeth Dickey

23 14
Gibson, Kenneth A., 1975 Nov (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
23 15
Gotbaum, Victor, 1985 Mar 14 (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
23 16
Guggenheimer, Elinor, 1965, 1967, 1973 (Photographers: Peter Moore, Paul Seligman) 
23 17
Hart, Gary, 1975 Oct (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
23 18
Haskell, Floyd Kirk, 1973 Nov (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 
23 19
Hayes, Helen, probably late 1970s (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
23 20
Howe, Irving, 1986 Sep 22 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
23 21
Huang, Po-Wen, 1973 Jun (Photographer: Paul Seligman) 
23 22
Hwang, David, 1997 Apr 26 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
23 23
Joel, Billy, probably 1980s (Photographer: G. Steve Jordan) 
23 24
Karan, Donna, 1987 (Photographers: Stephanie Berger, Laima Druskis, Jim Marchese) 
23 25-26
King, Alan, 1976 Feb 17 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 

Includes images of: August Heckscher, Henry Cohen

23 27
Lindsey, John V., 1967 Jan 23, 1968 Apr 26, 1970 Apr 26 (Photographers: Peter Moore, Stanley Seligson) 
23 28
Manley, Michael, 1979 Nov 27 (Photographers: Stanley Seligson, Karen Zebulon) 
23 29
Marcuse, Herbert, 1970 Oct 21 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
23 30
McCarthy, Eugene, 1982 Aug (Photographers: Stanley Seligson, Laima Turnley) 

Includes images of: Bayard Rustin

24 1
McGovern, George, 1975 Oct, 1988 Oct 12, 1991 Apr 22 (Photographers: Daniel Root, Stanley Seligson, Jerry Speier) 
24 2
Messinger, Ruth, 1989 Oct 3, 1992 Nov 5 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
24 3
Miller, Jonathan (Photographer: Jerry Speier) (contact sheets only) 
28 9
Modigliani, Franco, 1986 Feb 25 (Photographers: MIT Photo by Calvin Campbell, Mark Stern) 
24 4
Newton, Helmut, 1986 
24 5
Oates, Joyce Carol, 1989 Nov 21 (Photographer: Harry Heleotis) 
24 6
Papp, Joseph, 1976 Mar 2 (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
24 7
Rabin, Ytzhak, probably 1990 (Photographer: Bonnie Geller) 
24 8
Randall, Tony with Harold Kennedy, 1985 (Photographer: Catherine Noren) 
24 9
Rivlin, Alice, 1989 Apr 5 
24 10
Rockefeller, Nelson, 1970 Oct 22 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
24 11
Rossellini, Roberto, 1974, undated (Photographers: Martin Adler Levick, Stanley Seligson) 
24 12
Seeger, Pete, 1987, 1992 (Photographers: Stanley Seligson, Jerry Speier) 
24 13
Soros, George, probably 1980s or 1990s (Photographer: Björg) 
24 14
Stephanopoulos, George, 1997 (Photographer: Jerry Speier) 
24 15
Stewart, Martha, 1998 Apr 16 (Photographer: Björg) 
24 16
Stone, I. F., 1988 Mar 22 (Photographer: Helayne Seidman) 
24 17
Talese, Gay, 1971 Dec 11 (Photographer: Peter Moore) 
24 18
Taylor, James, 1988 
24 19
Taylor, Susan, probably 1983 oct 3 (Photographer: G. Steve Jordan) 

Includes images of: Robert Curvin, Harrison Goldin

24 20
Timerman, Jacobo, undated (Photographer: Joseph Schuyler) 
24 21
Travers, Mary, 1986 (Photographers: Karen Zebulon, Jose Pelaez) 
24 22
Truex, Van Day, before 1979 
24 23
Udall, Morris, 1975 Nov (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
24 24
Wagner, Robert, 1975 Oct (Photographer: Stanley Seligson) 
24 25
Walzer, Michael, 1986 Oct 22 (Photographer: Mark Stern) 
24 26
Wiesel, Elie, 1987 (Photographer: G. Steve Jordan) 
24 27
Wolfe, Tom, probably 1970s or 1980s (Photographer: Stephanie Berger) 
24 28

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