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Guide to the Joseph J. Greenbaum papers, 1943-1976

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Asch, Solomon E., (Solomon Elliott), 1907-1996


Greenbaum, Joseph J.


Henle, Mary, 1913-2007


Joseph J. Greenbaum papers, 1943-1976, (Bulk, 1957-1976)


2.8 linear ft: 3 boxes, 13 folders

Language of Materials note

All materials are in English.


Joseph J. Greenbaum (1924-2011), a specialist in experimental psychology, joined the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research in 1957 and was promoted to full professor in 1962. He also served as dean of the Graduate Faculty from the 1966-1967 academic year through the 1978-1979 academic year. During his four-decade career at The New School, Greenbaum taught a number of courses in the Psychology Department, documentation of which will be found in his records, along with administrative documentation from his role as dean.

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[Identification of item], [date (if known)], Joseph J. Greenbaum papers, NS.02.02.04, box __, folder __, New School Archives and Special Collections, The New School, New York, New York.

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Biographical Note

Joseph J. Greenbaum was born February 23, 1924, in the Bronx. He served in the United States Army during the Second World War, and later attended City College as the first member of his family to receive a college education. After earning his Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in 1946, Greenbaum pursued a PhD in Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, where he was mentored by Edward Chace Tolman. He was awarded a doctorate in 1950.

From 1950 until June 1957, Greenbaum taught at Wesleyan University in Connecticut as an assistant professor. His specialty was experimental psychology, a concentration that he brought to The New School when he joined the Graduate Faculty (now, the New School for Social Research) as an associate professor in 1957. In 1962, he was promoted to full professor.

Greenbaum served as the chair of the Psychology Department from 1959 until 1963. After brief service as vice dean of the Graduate Faculty from 1964 to 1966, he became dean of the Graduate Faculty from the 1966-1967 academic year through the 1978-1979 academic year. Greenbaum then returned to the Graduate Faculty Psychology Department, where he taught until his retirement in 2003; his New School career lasted more than forty years. Among his courses were Statistics, Processes of Learning, Basic Problems in Psychology, Culture and Personality, Methods of Social Psychology, Cognitive and Modern Theories of Psychology, and History and Systems of Psychology.

For his work with the Federal Republic of Germany to establish the Theodor Heuss Chair at the Graduate Faculty, which brought German scholars to the United States, the West German government awarded Greenbaum the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit in 1972. In 1990, The New School honored him with a Distinguished Teaching Award. Joseph Greenbaum died on May 3, 2011 in Berkeley, California.


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Scope and Contents note

These records document Greenbaum's role as administrator at the Graduate Faculty (later renamed the New School for Social Research), and scholar of psychology, consisting of faculty minutes, correspondence and reports as professor; correspondence with the president, chancellor and treasurer of The New School as vice dean and dean of the Graduate Faculty; grant applications, scholarships and financial aid material as chairman of the Psychology Department, chairman of the New School Fulbright Committee and Fulbright advisor; psychological questionnaires, surveys and other materials stemming from his research; and course materials as a student and instructor at both The New School and Wesleyan University. The earliest years of Greenbaum's time at The New School are particularly well documented. The collection contains little documentation from beyond the 1960s, even though Greenbaum taught at The New School until 2003.

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Administrative Information

Jennifer Ulrich. Biographical note by Carmen Hendershott.

Publication Information

New School Collections - August 24, 2016

66 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY, 10011

Preferred Citation note

[Identification of item], [date (if known)], Joseph J. Greenbaum papers, NS.02.02.04, box __, folder __, New School Archives and Special Collections, The New School, New York, New York.

Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research use. Files containing student grades are restricted for 120 years after person's known or estimated birth (or group of persons, like a class). Files with faculty or other personnel salary, performance reviews, hiring information are restricted for 50 years from creation date of item (or last creation date in file). Please contact archivist@newschool.edu for appointment.

Use Note

To publish images of material from this collection, permission must be obtained in writing from the New School Archives and Special Collections. Please contact: archivist@newschool.edu

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Transferred from the Raymond Fogelman Library of the New School for Social Research to the New School Archives and Special Collections, 2012.

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Related Materials

New School psychology professor Arien Mack discusses her colleague Joseph Greenbaum in an oral history interview conducted by Carmen Hendershott. This forms part of the New School Oral History Program (NS.07.01.01).

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  • New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997). Graduate Faculty.


  • Administrative records.
  • Correspondence.
  • Lecture notes.
  • Minutes.
  • Questionnaires.
  • Reports.
  • Research notes.
  • Syllabi.


  • Graduate students.
  • Psychology -- Study and teaching (Higher).

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Collection Inventory

Faculty records 1957-1963 

These files contain Faculty Committee agenda, minutes, correspondence, and documents relating to B.A. degree requirements and other accreditation issues. Additional correspondence may be filed with Greenbaum's dean’s records.

Box Folder
B.A. degree program (Senior College) announcement, 1959 
1 1
B.A. questionnaire report, 1959 
1 2
Correspondence, 1957-1963 
1 3-4
Faculty and other meeting minutes, 1958-1959 

Includes Faculty Committee, Scholarship Drive Committee, and Psychology Department.

1 5
Social Science conference, 1958-1959 
1 6
Scholarship recommendation for Peter S. Schwarzburg, 1958 
n_restrict_2 1

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Graduate Faculty dean and vice dean records 1960-1976 

Consists of correspondence files from the Office of the Dean in the Graduate Faculty between the Office the Chancellor (Harry D. Gideonse), President (John R. Everett) and Treasurer (Issai Hosiosky) and their respective office staff. Correspondence files for the president and treasurer's offices also span the deanship of Howard B. White, predecessor to Greenbaum. Other records as dean document the Theodor Heuss Chair and Graduate Faculty histories. One folder of general correspondence pre-dates and includes his deanship.

Box Folder
Correspondence, 1969-1973 

Restricted correspondence concerns student performance, either directed toward the student or toward grant funding agencies and employers.

1 7-10
Correspondence, 1970-1971 
n_restrict_2 2
Correspondence: Chancellor, 1973-1974 
1 11
Correspondence: President, 1964-1970 
1 12-13
Correspondence: Treasurer, 1960-1975 
1 14-16
Correspondence regarding Heuss Chair, 1965-1972 
1 17
Correspondence regarding Heuss Endowment Fund, 1975-1976 
1 18
University in Exile and Graduate Faculty history, 1963-circa 1974 
1 19-20

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Grant applications, scholarships and financial aid materials 1956-1968 

Consists of grant and funding announcements, instructions, applications, progress reports, and correspondence with representatives of the private, public, and goverment funding agencies. Of note is Greenbaum's correspondence concerning Fulbright applications as Greenbaum served as chair of The New School Fulbright Committee.

Box Folder
Conference on Jewish material claims, 1959 
1 21
Correspondence regarding grants and awards, 1958-1959 
1 22-23
D.P.H. [Department of Public Health?] Department grant, 1957-1958 
1 24
Financial aid information, 1959 
1 25
Ford Foundation, 1958-1959 
1 26-27
Fulbright, 1958-1959 
1 28
Institute of International Education, 1958-1959 
1 29-30
National Defense Education Act of 1958, 1958-1959 
1 31
National Institute of Health, 1956-1958 
1 32-34
National Mental Health Act training grant, 1957-1958 
1 35
National Science Foundation Cooperative Fellowship Program, 1958-1959 
1 36-37
Outside scholarships, 1958 
1 38
Public Health Service Research Grant, 1957 
1 39
Scholarships offered by other schools, 1957-1968 
1 40
Social Science Research Council, 1958-1959 
1 41
Social Science Research Council: Russian values project proposal by Scott Aiken, 1956 

Drafts of proposal and notes for a project intended for submission to the Social Science Research Council.

n_7 9
Women's Clubs, 1957 
1 42

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Professional research work and studies 1940s-1960s  

Files contain material documenting Greenbaum’s professional life, such as his New York State certification as psychologist (1959), curriculum vitae, dissertation and published writings, along with materials stemming from his research, the bulk from a study of Hungarian refugees and Hungarian culture: “Inquiry in political and social attitudes in Hungary” (1958) with Henry Gleitman of Swarthmore College. Materials include questionnaires, surveys, notes, score sheets and forms. Many documents in this series are unattributed and it is unclear if they are authored by Greenbaum or were collected by him in the course of his research.

One file in this series is restricted because it contains identified survey respondents. Please contact New School Archives and Special Collections for details on access.


Box Folder
Curriculum vitae and recommendations for, 1957-1959 
2 1
Dissertation: "The effects of motivation on the extensity of learning in the rat," 1950 
2 2
Hungarian social and political attitudes, 1956-1958 
2 3-11
3 1
Hungarian social and political attitudes: Published by Free Europe Committe, 1957 
2 12
Meanings Attached to Concepts study, 1950s 

File consists of approximately forty survey responses completed by college fraternity members from the classes of 1955 and 1958. College is unidentified, but student names are present on each response.

n_restrict_2 3-4
New School surveys, 1950s 
2 13
New York State Certification as psychologist, 1959 

Includes photograph of Greenbaum.

2 14
Notes, 1950s 
2 15
Notes: Personality, 1950s 
2 16
Notes: Personality, undated 
2 17
Public opinion questionnaires, undated 
2 18-19
General, 1946-1958 
2 20
An Explanation of Reinforced Learning by Lewis Robins, probably 1958 
2 21
Air Force Implication of the report entitled Social Psychology of Loyalty to and Disaffection from the Soviet Regime, after 1954 
2 22
Meaning and familiarity in associative learning by William Epstein, Irvin Rock, and Carl B. Zuckerman, undated 
2 23
Social Psychology of Loyalty to and Disaffection from the Soviet Regime by Raymond Bauer, 1954 
2 24
Soviet fairy tales, 1950s 
2 25
Soviet fairy tales: Project score sheets, possibly 1950s 

This may form part of student Scott Aiken's "Soviet Values" project proposal.

2 26
Test Instruments, 1950s 
2 27-30
Value-Type tests: Keys, samples, and forms, 1959 

A sample of score cards has been retained.

2 31
Writings, 1950s 
2 32

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Teaching materials, exams, student work 1946-1962 

Consists of course materials taught by Greenbaum and others, in the form of notes, syllabi, bibliographies, rosters, student papers, blue books and exams. Other instructors identified for seminars and courses include gestalt psychologist Solomon Asch and the inventor and psychologist Max Schoeffler. Courses represented in these files were taught at Wesleyan and the New School for Social Research, and courses taught at both universities may be represented in the same file.

Two files in this series are restricted because they contain student grades and test scores. Please contact New School Archives and Special Collections for details on access.


Box Folder
Advanced Statistics, 1957 
3 2
Application of Mathematics to Social Science (Max Schoeffler), 1957 

Typed notes from seminar taught at University of Michigan.

2 33
Class lists, 1958 
2 34
Culture and Personality, 1959-1960 

Restricted materials consist of nine graded blue exam books from the January 1959 exam for this course.

2 35
Culture and Personality, 1960-1961 
2 36
Culture and Personality exams, 1959 
n_restrict_2 5
Culture and Personality seminar, circa 1946-1953 
3 3
Dissertation drafts by Pauline K. Anderson, 1958-1959 

Professor Greenbaum served as a member of Anderson's committee. Working title is, "An Investigation into the Role of Self-Understanding in Understanding Others."

n_7 7
Dissertation drafts by Marjorie Taggart White, 1958 
n_7 8
Experimental Psychology, circa 1958 
3 4
Introductory Statistics, circa 1958 
3 5
Kohler figures (psychology test cards) for class, undated 
2 37
Learning seminar,1952 
2 38
National Character, 1957-1960 
3 6
Problems in Social Psychology (Solomon Asch), 1957-1959 

Consists of typed notes, some labeled "Greenbaum" and others labeled "Rock" or "I.R." for Irvin Rock.

2 39-40
3 7
Processes of Learning, circa 1958 
3 8-9
Psychology, 1950s 
2 41
Psychology, 1954-1959 
2 42
Psychology 8, 1953-1957 
2 43
Reading lists, 1962, undated 
2 44
Research Methods in Social Psychology, 1958 
n_restrict_2 6
Social Psychology, 1954-1956 

Six graded student research papers resulting from a survey of New School students, undertaken as part of a Research Methods in Social Psychology course.

2 45
Statistics, 1955-1960 
2 46-47
Statistics: Examples from Dixon & Massey, undated 
2 48
Student papers, 1958-1960 
n_7 10
Student paper: A thematic analysis of hungarian fairy tales, 1950s 
n_7 11
Test instrument, undated 
3 10
Test and exam instruments, 1956-1960 
2 49
3 11
Thesis by William Vogel, 1955 
n_7 12
Thesis drafts by J. Freedman, circa 1958 
3 12
Thesis drafts by Bette Kaufmann, 1959 
n_7 13

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