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Guide to the Designer Files (a reference collection)

Collection Overview

Kellen Design Archives
Designer Files (DF), circa 1994-2008
2.2 linear ft: 2 boxes

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Scope and Content of Collection

The Kellen Design Archives' Designer Files were assembled by Kellen Design Archives staff between approximately 1994 and 2008 from a variety of sources (on occasion new files continue to be added). Subjects are typically Parsons graduates, visting critics, lecturers or faculty. Folder contents may include clippings, work samples, ephemera, slides, and such printed materials as business cards, postcards, and pamphlets. Information about the designers in these files ranges from as little as one item to multiple folders. For each letter of the alphabet, general folders contain information about multiple designers by last name or common business name.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Kellen Design Archives

66 5th Ave./
lobby level/
New York, NY, 10011

Use Restrictions

To publish images of material from this collection, permission must be obtained in writing from the Kellen Design Archives. Please contact: archivist@newschool.edu.

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Related Materials

The Kellen Design Archives holds the archival collections of some of the subjects in these files. They are identified in this guide by asterisks, with links to the associated collection guide.

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Collection Inventory

Title Box
A: General 
Adri (Adrienne Steckling)* 
Adrian, Gilbert 
Allen, Natalia 
Andre Studio (Pearl Alexander)* 
Apfelbaum, Sally 
B: General 
Badgley, Mark and Mischka, James 
Barba, Stephanie 
Barrows, Stanley* 
Baldwin, Billy 
Bausman, Karen 
Beene, Geoffrey 
Blass, Bill 
Bouche, Rene* 
Brooks, Donald* 
C: General 
Carr, Zack* 
Cecula, Marek 
Chase, William Merritt* 
Codman, Ogden Jr. 
Copeland, Jo 
D: General 
De Socio, Bridget 
Dior, Christian 
Dwork, Melvin* 
E: General 
Elefant, Danya 
F: General 
Feitler, Bea* 
Fina, Barbara 
Ford, Tom 
Fox, Lorraine* 
G: General 
Gardner, Jean 
Gimbel, Sophie* 
Title Box
Gimbel, Sophie (Oversize materials)  3
Goodman, Jeremiah* 
Grafstrom, Ruth 
Greenhill, Fred (includes 4 CDs: copy of University of North Texas oral history with Greenhill)* 
Gutierrez, Daphne and Nicole Noselli (Bruce) 
H: General 
Hadamard, Edith d'Errecalde* 
Hadley, Albert* 
Hernandez, Lazaro and Jack McCollough 
Hoopes, Elizabeth* 
Horst, Eleanor* 
I-J: General 
Jacobs, Marc 
Justin, Jane 
K: General 
Kahane, Melanie 
Karan, Donna 
Kerr, James Wilfrid* 
L: General 
Land, Leslie 
Ledy, Anne 
Levy, David C.* 
Long, Keith 
M: General 
McCardell, Claire* 
Mizrahi, Isaac 
McCormick, Madeleine 
N: General 
Nessim, Barbara 
Norell, Norman* 
Novick, Elizabeth 
O: General 
Orrick, Mildred* 
P: General 
Parsons, Frank Alvah* 
Payne, David 
Platt, Joseph 
Pollak, Randy 
R: General 
Reese, Tracy 
Robinson, Bill 
Rodriguez, Narciso 
Ruzicka, Francis A. 
S: General 
Schiller, Albert* 
Schumacher, Joel 
Scharaff, Irene 
Smith, Willi 
Sondheim, Herbert* 
Sui, Anna 
T: General 
Tassell, Gustave 
Terrell, Beth 
Truex, Van Day 
Ullman, Eugene Paul* 
V: General 
Vollbracht, Michaele* 
W: General 
Walker, Joset* 
Weinberg, Chester* 
Wolf, Henry 
Wood, Ruby Ross 
Wormley, Edward* 

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