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Guide to the Product Design Department records

 Records of Richard Yelle

Collection Overview

Kellen Design Archives
Parsons the New School for Design.
Product Design Department records, 1986-1998
6.6 linear ft: 2 boxes, 12 oversize folders, 1 map case drawer
Contains records produced during Richard Yelle's term as department chair of Product Design (as well as its predecessor names: Clay, Fiber, Metal Design; Clay, Metal, Textile Design; and Clay, Metal, Textile, and Product Design). Includes administrative records, information regarding competitions and exhibits, student work, course descriptions, evaluations, and curriculum development materials. Also includes examples of Yelle's professional work, and a poster for a Constantin Boym exhibit.

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Historical note

The New York School of Art (which eventually became Parsons The New School for Design) established a Handicrafts Department in 1904, which became the Crafts Department the following year. This department continued until 1917. It was revived again in 1979, focusing on three programs: ceramics, fibers, and metals. In 1982, the department name was changed to Design, Craft, and Technology; at this time the metals program was expanded to include jewelry design. The following years brought further name changes: Clay, Fiber, Metal Design Department, 1983; Clay, Metal, Textile Design Department, 1984; and Clay, Metal, Textile, and Product Design Department, 1988. In 1990, the name was simplified to the Product Design Department, with the understanding that this term encompassed various forms of craftsmanship and product construction, namely, clay, furniture, glass, metal, product and textile design.

Since 1979, the Product Design Department and its previous incarnations have emphasized the fundamental importance of combining design theory with practical design knowledge, skill, and technique. Each departmental program offers courses that educate students on historical background, social and cultural perspectives, marketing trends, environmental and ethical practices, and basic business savvy. Emphasis is placed on learning the complete process of designing a product, from preliminary sketching to executing a final prototype. The student is trained in two main design processes: visual communication abilities such as drawing and modelmaking, and hand skills such as operating machinery, using tools, and manipulating materials.

As is the case with other departments at Parsons, the faculty is largely made up of instructors who are practicing professionals in the field. This arrangement gives students the opportunity to learn from accomplished and successful designers, and opens a wide range of prospective contacts for internships and employment. It also allows the department to remain up-to-date on current practices and trends in professional product design.


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Organization and Arrangement

Organized in 5 subgroups. Arrangement within each subgroup is alphabetical:

  1. Administration, 1986-1997
  2. Competitions and exhibitions, 1988-1997
  3. Courses, 1988-1997, undated
  4. Professional work, 1992-1996, undated
  5. Student work, 1990-1998, undated

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Kellen Design Archives July 29, 2011

66 5th Ave./
lobby level/
New York, NY, 10011

Use Restrictions

To publish images of material from this collection, permission must be obtained in writing from the Kellen Design Archives. Please contact: archivist@newschool.edu.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

Transferred to the Kellen Design Archives by Richard Yelle.

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Related Materials

The Kellen Design Archives' collection of slides documents student work produced in the Product Design Department from 1976 through 1998. Slides documenting selected faculty work will be found in the Kellen Design Archives' Designer Files. A small number of posters advertising the department will be found in the Kellen Design Archives' Poster collection.

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Keywords for Searching Related Subjects


  • Administrative records.
  • Student projects.

Personal Name(s)

  • Yelle, Richard Wilfred


  • Art -- Study and teaching -- New York (State) -- New York -- 20th century.
  • Product design -- Study and teaching -- New York (State) -- New York.
  • Textile design.
  • Universities and colleges -- Administration.
  • Universities and colleges -- Curricula.

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Collection Inventory

I. Administration 1986-1997 
Title Box Folder
General, 1986-1997  1 1
Advisor handbooks, 1992-1997  1 2-4
Clippings, 1995-1999  p_2 5
Corporate partnerships, 1983-1988  1 5
Correspondence, 1987-1990  1 6
Course information, 1992  1 7
Dan River Corporation, 1988  1 8
Department development, 1981-1992  1 9
Department information, 1979-1997  1 10
Finances: Development, 1982-1990  1 11
Finances: Grants, scholarships and donations, 1983-1993  1 12
Finances: National Endowment for the Arts grants, 1988-1992  1 13
Individual profiles, 1987-1992  1 14
Photographs of students (color photocopies), circa 1997  p_OSx-1 1
Product Design programs research, 1986-1991  1 15
Proposal for Glassmaking Department, 1991  1 16
II. Competitions and exhibitions 1988-1997 
Title Box Folder
Awards, 1996-1997  1 17
Collaborative projects, 1990-1992  1 19
Competitions, 1988-1997  1 20
Comite Colbert Project, 1993  1 21
Crystal Colors Competition, 1991-1992  1 22
Dupont Design Competition, 1990-1992  1 23
Industrial Designers Society of America Award certificates (Robert Ko, Dominic Sinesio), 1992-1993  p_2 7
Metropolis Competition: "Better World Prize," 1990-1993  1 24
Metropolis Competition: "Design Explorations: 2001," 1990-1992  1 25-26
Title Box Folder
Reebok Competition: "Designovation," 1991-1994  1 27-28
p_2 6
Steven Holt exhibition: "The Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Party," 1988-1991  1 18, 29
Villeroy & Boch Competition: "Spirit of Europe," 1986-1990  2 1-2
Villeroy & Boch Glass Bowl Project: Selected piece for production, Roger Chiu (color photocopies), 1997  p_OSx-1 2
III. Courses 1988-1997, undated 
Title Box Folder
Evaulations (random sampling), 1988-1995  2 3
3D Computer Graphics for Product Designers, undated  2 4
Autocad, 1992-1993  2 5
Business, Introduction to, 1991-1993  2 6
Clay, Ceramics, and Modelmaking, 1992-1995  2 7
Design I, II, and III, 1989-1996  2 8
Design and Marketing of Luxury Products, 1996-1997  2 9
Design and Marketing of Luxury Products: Examples of student work (color photocopies), 1996-1997  p_OSx-1 3
Design Management, 1990-1991  2 10
Drawing, Perspective, and Rendering, 1989-1993  2 11
Dyes and Dyeing, undated  2 12
Enameling, Advanced, 1993  2 13
Furniture Design I, II, and III, 1991-1992, 1994  2 14
History of Design and Issues, 1990-1992  2 15
Industrial Design, 1994  2 16
Japanese Bookbinding Materials, undated  2 17
Jewelry, 1992-1994  2 18
Materials and Processes, 1989-1993  2 19
Mechanical Drawing for the Designer I and II, 1989-1993  2 20
Metals I and II, 1993-1996  2 21
Product Design I, II, and III, 1988-1994  2 22
Surface Design, 1993  2 23
Surface Design for Dinnerware Industry, 1994  2 24
Survey of Contemporary Jewlery, undated  2 25
Textile Design and History, 1993-1995  2 26
Textile Design: Photographs of students and examples of student work (color photocopies); event announcement  p_OSx-1 4
Toy Design, undated  2 27
Universal Design: Photographs of class and projects (color photocopies), 1995, undated  p_OSx-1 5
Universal Design: Virtual Seminar, 1984  2 28
Visual Presentation Techniques, 1993, 1995  2 29
Wax I, 1993  2 30
Weaving I and II, 1993-1994  2 31
IV. Professional work 1992-1996, undated 
Title Box Folder
American Collection glassware design plans (work by: Richard Yelle), undated  p_OSxx-1 2
Title Map-case Folder
Poster for "Desiño Reciclables: Constantin Boym," exhibit at Altos de Chavon, 1992  D 1 4

Constantin Boym was on the faculty of the Product Design Department.

Poster for "Elegant Vase: Art Work at the Met: Richard Wilfred Yelle," 1996  D 1 4
V. Student work 1990-1998, undated 
Title Box Folder
Design plans and renderings, 1994-1998, undated (work by: Irina Abraizora, Corey Distasio, Salomon Eliron, Pearce Lashmett, Jung Mi Lee, Christopher S. Mountain, Emily Robin, Mariya Slonin, Christine Warren, Robert Sidney Wilroy)  p_OSx-1 6-7
Title Map-case Folder
Design plans and renderings, 1993-1996 (work by: Henrik Kjellberg, Robert Seton, Jon Sundeman, Ji Yoon)  D 1 1
Design plans, poster, and renderings: Probably for Senior Thesis project, "The New Television--New VIsion," 1996 (work by: George Ishnouichi, Robert Seton, unidentified)  D 1 2
Title Box Folder
Photographs of products (color photocopies), undated  p_OSx-1 8
Title Map-case Folder
Presentation posters: "Projec[tions]: Siggraph96" and "Interaction/Intersection: 8th Avenue and 42nd St.," 1996  D 1 3

Two computer-generated posters designed by Richard Yelle.

Title Box Folder
Senior thesis (slides), 1990-1991 (work by: Jinna Byun)  2 32
Title Box Folder
Suncel project (work by: Akina Kurihara), 1998    p_1 1
p_1 1
Written assignments, 1990-1992, undated  2 33-34

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