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Guide to the Fashion Design Department records (pre-2008 accessions)

Collection Overview

Kellen Design Archives
Parsons the New School for Design. Fashion Design Dept.
Fashion Design Department records (pre-2008 accessions), 1948-2008, undated
148 linear ft: 55 boxes, 60 oversize boxes
Contains the records of the Fashion Design Department of Parsons The New School for Design. Departmental records include course syllabi and descriptions, materials pertaining to the annual fashion ns2:show, clippings scrapbooks, and student work. A name index by which you can search for individual Parsons alumni and faculty found in the clippings scrapbooks can be accessed here: http://guides.library.newschool.edu/index.

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Organization and Arrangement

Organized in 5 series. Arranged chronologically, except for the Administration series and the Faculty work series, which are alphabetical:

  1. Administration, 1968-2008
  2. Annual fashion show, 1948-2007
  3. Faculty work, 1980s-1990s
  4. Scrapbooks, 1953-1983
  5. Student work, 1952-2001

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Kellen Design Archives 2010

66 5th Ave./
lobby level/
New York, NY, 10011

Use Restrictions

To publish images of material from this collection, permission must be obtained in writing from the Kellen Design Archives. Please contact: archivist@newschool.edu.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

These materials were transferred to the Kellen Design Archives Center from their originating offices.

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Related Materials

The Parsons School of Design Alumni Association records (PIC.03.002.1) and the Parsons The New School for Design photograph and slide collections (PIC.04.) contain extensive photographic documentation of the Fashion Design Department from the 1940s through the 1990s.

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Keywords for Searching Related Subjects


  • Drawings.
  • Fashion photographs.
  • Posters.
  • Scrapbooks.
  • Sketches.
  • Student projects.


  • Costume design -- Study and teaching -- New York (State) -- New York.
  • Fashion design -- Study and teaching -- New York (State) -- New York -- 20th century.
  • Fashion drawing.
  • Fashion shows -- New York (State) -- New York.
  • Universities and colleges -- Administration.

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Collection Inventory

Series I. Administration 1968-2008, undated 
Title Box Folder
General  1 1
Bill Robinson Memorial, 1994  1 2
Butterick/Parsons School of Design Pattern #3697, 1979  1 3
Butterick/Parsons School of Design Pattern #3699, 1979  1 4
Catalog information, 1985  1 5
Correspondence: Barnwell, Neely, 1995  1 6
Coty Awards file  1 7
Course development 1985, 1990  1 8
Course syllabi and descriptions 1983-1990, undated 
General, 1987, undated  1 9
Design, 1986-1989  1 10
Draping, 1983  1 11-12
Draping: Summer program, undated  1 13
Model drawings, undated  1 14
Pattern drafting, 1986-1990  1 15
Title Box Folder
Department development, 1980-1981  1 16
Department information, 1991  1 17
Exhibits and events, 1987-2006  1 18
Japan trip, 1985  1 19
Japan: Research for summer study, 1983-1985  1 20
J.C. Penney Designer of the Year Award commemorative certificate, circa 1989  OSxx-6 3
Ladies' Mile Research, 1968, 1987  1 21
Lookbook, 2006-2008  1 22
Otis Art Institute: Department planning, 1985  1 23
Parsons Paris 1992-1994, undated 
General, 1992-1994  1 24
Marketing course notes, undated  1 25
Title Box Folder
Schedule of course content, 1986-1987  1 26
Weekly course outlines  1 27

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Series II. Annual Fashion Show 1948-2007, undated 
General 1959-2000, undated 
Title Box Folder
Comments to jury, undated  1 28
Honoree and chair biographies, 1982-2002  1 29
Jury show photographs, 1976  4 1
Jury show photographs, 1986  4 2
Program drawing, 1966  OSxx-6 4
Runway photographs, undated  OSx-2 1
Seating lists, planning and speaker remarks, 1976-1989  1 30
Seating lists, planning and speaker remarks, 1990-1993, 1999-2000  1 31
Sketches, 1959  OSxx-6 5
Sketches, 1960  OSxx-6 6
Sketches, 1961-1962, 1970, 1978, 1989, 1992  1 32
Sketches, 1963  OSxx-11 1
Title Box Folder
Sketches, 1966  OSx-2 2
OSxx-6 4
Sketches, 1968-1969  4 3
Sketches and speaker remarks, 1991  OSx-2 3
Programs 1948-2007, undated 
Title Box Folder
Annual Fashion Show 1948-1971 
1948  1 33
1949  1 34
1950  1 35
1951  1 36
1952  1 37
1953  1 38
1955  1 39
1956  1 40
1957  1 41
1958  1 42
1959  1 43
1960  2 1
1961-1962  2 2
1963  2 3
1964  2 4
1965  2 5
1966  2 6
1966  OSx-2 4
1967  2 7
1969  2 8
1971  2 9
Title Box Folder
Student and Alumni Fashion Show, 1972  2 10
Annual Fashion Critics Awards Show 1973-1981 
1973  2 11
1974  2 12
1975  2 13
1976  2 14
1977  2 15
1978  2 16
1979  2 17
1980  2 18
1981  2 19
Fashion Critics Awards Show 1982-1993 
1982  2 20
1983  2 21
1984  2 22
1985  2 23

Gold Thimble award winner photograph removed to PIC 4.1 1308.

1986  2 24
1987  2 25
1988  2 26
1989  2 27
1990  2 28
1991  2 29
1992  2 30
1993  2 31

Contact sheets removed to PIC 4.1 843-73.

Fashion Critics Awards Benefit 1994-2001 
1994  2 32
1995  2 33
1996  3 1

Photograph removed to PIC

1997  3 2-3
1998  3 4-5
1999  3 6-7
2000  3 8-9
2001  3 10-13
Benefit and Fashion Show 2002-2007 
2002  3 14-15
2003  3 16
2004  3 17
Title Box Folder
2005  3 18-19
PIC disks 1 37
Title Box DVD-case

B Productions, 333 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019, 212-489-0721; produced DVD.

PIC disks 1 33
PIC disks 1 39
2007  3 20
Critics session photographs undated, 1982 
A–H  OSx-3 1-3
Beene, Geoffrey  OSx-3 1
De La Renta, Oscar, 1982  OSx-3 2
Ellis, Perry  OSx-3 3
Galanos, James  OSx-3 4
Gernreich, Rudi  OSx-3 5
I-Z  OSx-4 1-8
Karan, Donna, 1982  OSx-4 1
Klein, Calvin, 1982  OSx-4 2
Lauren, Ralph  OSx-4 3
McCardell, Clare  OSx-4 4
Norell, Norman  OSx-4 5
Sant’Angelo, Giorgio di  OSx-4 6
Wacs, Ilie, 1982  OSx-4 7
Weinberg, Chester  OSx-4 8
Title Box Folder
Fashion Critics Awards Show, 1987 

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Series III. Faculty work possibly 1930s, 1980s-1990s 
Title Box Folder
Beaton, Cecil, possibly 1930s  k_OSx-1 1

Sir Cecil Beaton (1904-1980) served on the Parsons' Advisory Board during the 1930s and was a special critic in the Costume Design and Illustration Department from 1936 until 1939. Consists of a floral fabric design drawing.

Essex, Marie, before 1994  p_OSxx-1 8
Loebelsohn, Carol, before 1994  p_OSxx-1 8
MinaMora, Bobi, circa 1980s  p_OSxxx-1 5
Marcos (2 illustrations), 1981  p_OSxxx-1 6
Rosenfeld, Richard, 1990s  p_OSxxx-1 7

Rosenfeld's illustration was done as a demonstration for a fashion illustration class he taught at Parsons School of Design in the 1990s.

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Series IV. Clippings scrapbooks 1953-1983 
Title Box Folder
Scrapbook 1: 1953-1963  OSxx-1 1-2
Scrapbook 2: 1963-1966  OSxx-1 3-4
Scrapbook 3: 1966-1969  OSxx-2 1-2
Scrapbook 4: 1969-1970  OSxx-2 3-4
Scrapbook 5: 1971-1972  OSxx-3 1-2
Scrapbook 6: 1972-1973  OSxx-3 3-4
Scrapbook 7: 1974-1975  OSxx-4 1-4
Scrapbook 8: 1976-1977  OSxx-4 5-7
Scrapbook 9: 1978-1979  OSxx-5 1-2
Scrapbook 10: 1980-1981  OSxx-5 3-4
Scrapbook 11: 1982-1983  OSxx-6 1-2

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Series V. Student work 1952-2001, undated 
General 1957-1993, undated 
Title Box Folder
Unidentified student: Museum costume sketches, 1957  3 21
Unidentified student: Sketchbook, 1964  3 22
Michele Barnette: Junior project, 1977  OSx-1 1
Robert Best: Class project, 1991  4 4-5
Claudine Calabrese: Painted paper doll in costume, undated  3 23
Jane Chung: Class project, Uniforms, 1982  4 6
Jane Chung: J.C. Penney project, Patterns, 1980  4 7
Deanna Cohen: Draping notebook, 1960  3 24
Deanna Cohen: Photograph and publicity, 1960  4 8
Title Box Folder
Martin Cooper: Junior project, 1986  OSx-1 2-4
OSxx-6 7
Junichi Hakamaki: Class project, 1985  OSx-1 5
Junichi Hakamaki: Junior project, 1985  OSx-1 6-7
Gordon Henderson: Evening gown, 1983  OSx-1 8
Marc Jacobs: Class project, Dresses, 1984  4 9
Marc Jacobs: J.C. Penney project, Patterns, 1984  4 10
Derrick Lam: Class project, Uniforms, 1990  4 11
Diane Lieberman: J.C. Penney project, circa 1978  3 25-26
Isaac Mizrahi: J.C. Penney project, Patterns, 1980  4 12
Isaac Mizrahi: Junior project, 1981 (1-21 of 38)  OSxx-7 1-21
Isaac Mizrahi: Junior project, 1981 (22-38 of 38)  OSxx-8 1-17
Tracy Reese: Junior project, 1983  5 1-4
Tracy Reese: Summer croquis book, 1983  3 27
Dominic Rompollo: Draping notebook, 1964  3 28
Tina Schmuki: Junior project, 1980  5 5
Stanford Slepak: Draping I and II notebooks, 1968  3 29-30
Wol Nan (Nani) Soong: J.C. Penney project, Patterns, 1980  5 6
Peter Speliopoulos: J.C. Penney project, Patterns, 1980  5 7
Peter Speliopoulos: Junior project, 1981  OSxxx-1 1-14
See Zang Toi: J.C. Penney project, Patterns, 1983  5 8
Mark Waldrop: Golden Thimble Award design, 1987  3 31
Fiona Walker [?]: 1994 Spring Collection, 1993  5 9
Fiona Walker: Class project, Photographs, 1993  5 10
Award Boards 1959-1999 

(s) indicates a senior project, while (j) indicates a junior project.

Title Box Folder
James Bidgood (j) (critics: John Moore, Mona Roset)  OSx-5 1
Emily Byers (j) (critic: Perkins Bailey)  OSx-5 2
Deanna Cohen (j) (critic: Jeanne Campbell)  OSx-5 3
William Giardiello (s) (critic: David Kidd)  OSx-5 4
Richard Lachlan (s) (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi)  OSx-5 5
Michie Suzuki (j) (critic: Tony Ruocco)  OSx-5 6
Nancy Worden (s) (critic: Bernard Newman)  OSx-5 7
Raquel Batievsky (j) (critics: Jeanne Campbell, Helen Lee)  OSx-5 8
John Bettencourt (s) (critic: David Kidd)  OSx-5 9
Deanna Cohen (s) (critic: Norman Norell)  OSx-5 10
Maxzell Cooke (j) (critic: Mona Roset)  OSx-5 11
Edward Lopez (s) (critic: Tony Ruocco)  OSx-5 12
Robert O'Hare (s) (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi)  OSx-5 13
Kandi Ohno (s) (critic: James Galanos)  OSx-5 14
Richard Reeder (s) (critic: John Moore)  OSx-5 15
Ruthanne Tuttle (j) (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSx-5 16
Barbro Asplund (s) (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi)  OSx-6 1
Antonia Carbone (s) (critic: David Kidd)  OSx-6 2
Laura Marshall (s) (critic: Vera Maxwell)  OSx-6 3
Ilona Sala (s) (critic: Jo Copeland)  OSx-6 4
Joan Sparks (j) (critic: Mona Roset)  OSx-6 5
Ruthanne Tuttle (s) (critic: John Moore)  OSx-6 6
Patricia Beckler (s) (critic: Pembroke Squires)  OSx-6 7
Gerald Feder (s) (critic: George Nardiello)  OSx-6 8
Caryl Johnson (s) (critic: Helen Lee)  OSx-6 9
Larry Peck (s) (critic: Mona Roset)  OSx-6 10
Claire Seidl (s) (critic: John Moore)  OSx-6 11
Henk Van Helsdingen (s) (critic: Guy Douvier)  OSx-6 12
Robert Walter (s) (critics: Ferdinando Sarmi, Donald Brooks, Jacques Tiffeau)  OSx-6 13
John Warden (j) (critic: Jeanne Campbell)  OSx-6 14
Lois Pamela Anderson (j) (critics: Jeanne Campbell, Mona Roset)  OSx-7 1
Elaine Brandt (s) (critic: Jacques Tiffeau)  OSx-7 2
Greta Gustafson (j) (critic: Helen Lee)  OSx-7 3
Martha McIntosh (s) (critics: John Moore, Norman Norell, Ferdinando Sarmi)  OSx-7 4
Katherine Paschalides (j) (critic: Anthony Muto)  OSx-7 5
Aiko Tanaka (s) (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSx-7 6
John Charles Warden (s) (critic: David Kidd)  OSx-7 7
Jane Adams (j) (critic: Pembroke Squires)  OSx-7 8
Lois Pamela Anderson (s) (critics: Rudi Gernreich, David Kidd)  OSx-7 9
Helga Aschner (s) (critic: Jacques Tiffeau)  OSx-7 10
Albert Capraro (s) (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi)  OSx-7 11
Carol Mae Friedland (j) (critic: Anthony Muto)  OSx-8 1
Dominic Rompollo (s) (critics: Donald Brooks, John Moore, Norman Norell)  OSx-8 2
Joel Schumacher (j) (critics: Chester Weinberg, Don Simonelli)  OSx-8 3
Joel Schumacher (s) (critics: Donald Brooks, Norman Norell)  OSx-8 4
Jane Adams (s) (critic: Jacques Tiffeau)  OSx-8 5
Carol Freidland (s) (critics: James Galanos, David Kidd)  OSx-8 6
Christine Greaves (j) (critic: Anthony Muto)  OSx-8 7
Natalie Kucinski (j) (critic: Helen Lee)  OSx-8 8
Barbara Larson (s) (critic: Geoffrey Beene)  OSx-8 9
Carmine Porcelli (j) (critic: Don Simonelli)  OSx-8 10
Jennifer Story (j) (critic: Mona Roset)  OSx-8 11
Kinuko Tanaka (s) (critic: John Moore)  OSx-8 12
Annette Arbona (s) (critics: Ilie Wacs, Donald Brooks)  OSx-9 1
Vera Bardelli (j) (critic: Bill Smith)  OSx-9 2
Tina Consigliere (s) (critic: David Kidd)  OSx-9 3
Lucille Petino (s) (critic: Gaston Berthelot)  OSx-9 4
Lesley Renault (s) (critic: Norman Norell)  OSx-9 5
Peter Ribando (s) (critic: Rudi Gernreich)  OSx-9 6
Jennifer Story (s) (critic: Chester Weinberg)  OSx-9 7
Stan Weaver (j) (critic: Ruthanne Tuttle)  OSx-9 8
Doris Brundza (s) (critic: Chester Weinberg)  OSx-9 9
Kiinani Carroll (s) (critic: John Moore)  OSx-9 10
Jerrolyn Crooks (j) (critic: Stanley Herman)  OSx-9 11
Ronald Kolodzie (s) (critic: Dominic Rompollo)  OSx-9 12
Marlene Lee (j) (critic: Deanne Littell)  OSx-9 13
Geraldine Marshall (s) (critic: Norman Norell)  OSx-9 14
Estee Mutchnik (s) (critic: Jacques Tiffeau)  OSx-9 15
Sanford Slepak (j) (critics: Leo Narducci, David Kidd)  OSx-9 16
Willi Smith (j) (critic: June Francis)  OSx-9 17
Francesca Vitiello (s) (critics: Donald Brooks, Oscar de la Renta)  OSx-9 18
Michaele Vollbracht (j) (critic: Ruthanne Tuttle)  OSx-9 19
Louis Dell'Olio (j) (critic: Betsy Daniels)  OSx-10 1
Jerrolyn Crooks (s) (critic: Chester Weinberg, Stanley Herman)  OSx-10 2
Donna Barnette (j) (critic: Leo Narducci)  OSx-10 3
Sanford Slepak (s) (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSx-10 4
Kay Unger (s) (critic: John Moore)  OSx-10 5
Michaele Vollbracht (s) (critic: Norman Norell)  OSx-10 6
Karen Welber (s) (critic: Don Simonelli)  OSx-10 7
Student Unidentified (critic: David Kidd)  OSx-10 8
Ann Bassett (j) (critics: Erika Elias, Stanley Herman)  OSx-10 9
Louis Dell'Olio (s) (critic: Ilie Wacs)  OSx-10 10
Linda Fox (s) (critic: Leo Narducci)  OSx-10 11
Bethsaida Gonzalez (s) (critics: Chester Weinberg, Donald Brooks)  OSx-10 12
Barbara House (j) (critic: Meredith Gladstone)  OSx-10 13
Jann Johnson (j) (critic: David Kidd)  OSx-10 14
Joel Kruger (s) (critic: Norman Norell)  OSx-10 15
Ronni Mara-Tanenbaum (s) (critic: Betsy Daniels)  OSx-10 16
William Robinson (s) (critic: John Moore)  OSx-10 17
Rufus Barkley (s) (critic: Don Simonelli)  OSx-11 1
Nancy Casselman (j) (critic: Erika Elias)  OSx-11 2
Corinne Eng (s) (critic: John Moore)  OSx-11 3
Melissa Gordon (j) (critic: Meredith Gladstone)  OSx-11 4
Barbara Johnson (Bosha) (s) (critics: Chester Weinberg, Donald Brooks)  OSx-11 5
Suzanne Klevorick (s) (critic: Norman Norell)  OSx-11 6
Patrique Magary (s) (critic: Günter Rücker)  OSx-11 7
Janet Schluger (j) (critic: Ann Webster)  OSx-11 8
Lisa Spery (j) (critic: Stanley Herman)  OSx-11 9
John Young (s) (critic: Chester Weinberg)  OSx-11 10
Kathleen Bifulco (j) (critic: Stanley Herman)  OSx-11 11
Melissa Gordon (s) (critic: Chuck Howard)  OSx-11 12
Suzanne Myrick Jackson (j) (critic: Meredith Gladstone)  OSx-11 13
Julie Moy (j) (critic: Jane Justin)  OSx-11 14
Juanita Po (s) (critic: Ann Webster)  OSx-11 15
Janet Schluger (s) (critic: Chester Weinberg)  OSx-11 16
Kathy Shroepher (s) (critic: Shannon Rodgers)  OSx-11 17
Isabel Sole (s) (critic: Calvin Klein)  OSx-11 18
Sidsel Taubo (s) (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSx-11 19
Carol Ann Wang (s) (critics: Norman Norell, Tom Nasarre)  OSx-11 20
Candice Brearley (j) (critics: Ellie Fishman, Kasper)  OSx-12 1
Alice Grennon (s) (critic: Chester Weinberg)  OSx-12 2
Anne Hall (s) (critics: Donald Brooks, Chuck Howard)  OSx-12 3
Leslie Holzman (j) (critic: Meredith Gladstone)  OSx-12 4
Mary Margaret Kozera (s) (critic: Shannon Rodgers)  OSx-12 5
Donna Manchester (s) (critic: Calvin Klein)  OSx-12 6
Rozann Marsi (j) (critic: Stanley Herman)  OSx-12 7
Richard Ottens (s) (critic: Joseph Constantino)  OSx-12 8
Gregory Salvata (s) (critic: Dominic Rompollo)  OSx-12 9
Kim Dane (j) (critic: Stanley Herman)  OSx-12 10
Toby Davidson (s) (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSx-12 11
Nancy Diranian (j) (critic: Ann Webster)  OSx-12 12
Shusei Hamamoto (s) (critic: John Weitz)  OSx-12 13
Michelle Hollingsworth (j) (critic: Leo Narducci)  OSx-12 14
Louise Hubbard (s) (critics: Bill Smith, Shannon Rodgers)  OSx-12 15
Izabel Lam (s) (critic: Adri)  OSx-12 16
Rozann Marsi (s) (critic: Donna Karan)  OSx-12 17
Nancy Rosen (j) (critic: Ellie Fishman)  OSx-13 1
Laura Santisi (j) (critic: Anthony Muto)  OSx-13 2
Susan Shacter (s) (critics: Chester Weinberg, Calvin Klein)  OSx-13 3
Annie Walwyn-Jones (s) (critic: Kasper)  OSx-13 4
Kimberly Classen (j) (critic: Liz Claiborne)  OSx-13 5
Kim Dane (s) (critic: Leo Narducci)  OSx-13 6
Carolyn Dwyer (s) (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSx-13 7
Michelle Hollingsworth (s) (critic: Kasper)  OSx-13 8
Eric Jones (s) (critic: Shannon Rodgers)  OSx-13 9
Diane Manley (j) (critic: Kay Unger)  OSx-13 10
Charlotte Neuville (j) (critic: Ellie Fishman)  OSx-13 11
Patricia Pastor (Patte) (s) (critic: Calvin Klein)  OSx-13 12
Nancy Rosen (s) (critics: Chester Weinberg, Piero Dimitri)  OSx-13 13
David Sabol (j) (critic: Anthony Muto)  OSx-13 14
Laura Smalls (s) (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSx-13 15
Immaculate Vitiello (s) (critic: Donna Karan)  OSx-13 16
Student Unidentified (critic: Ann Webster)  OSx-13 17
Angela Brown (critic: Oscar de la Renta)  OSx-14 1
Susan Chin (critic: Chester Weinberg)  OSx-14 2
Steven Hollar (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSx-14 3
Linda Lener (critic: Donna Karan)  OSx-14 4
Diane Manley (critic: Leo Narducci)  OSx-14 5
Eugene Meyer (critics: Albert Capraro, Oscar de la Renta)  OSx-14 6
Karen Middleton (critics: Patti Cappalli, Chester Weinberg)  OSx-14 7
Catherine Roberts (critic: Jacques Tiffeau)  OSx-14 8
Beatrice Sanchez (critic: Calvin Klein)  OSx-14 9
Michele Bartnett (critic: Donna Karan)  OSx-14 10
Yvonne Borrero (critic: Chester Weinberg)  OSx-14 11
Brian Bubb (critics: Jacques Tiffeau, Kasper)  OSx-14 12
Judy Lee (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSx-14 13
Joseph Pescatore (critic: Oscar de la Renta)  OSx-14 14
Monica Barraza (critic: Charles Suppon)  OSx-14 15
Hisla Bates (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSx-14 16
Amy Sinaiko (critic: Perry Ellis)  OSx-14 17
Justyna Szwede (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo )  OSx-14 18
Susan Beebe (critic: Oscar de la Renta)  OSx-15 1
Patrick Groenendaal (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSx-15 2
Paul Guzzetta (critic: Giorgio di Sant' Angelo)  OSx-15 3
Christine Iaderosa (critics: Louis Dell'Olio, Kasper)  OSx-15 4
Nancy Micklin (critic: Donna Karan)  OSx-15 5
Evelyn Socias (critics: Bill Robinson, Chester Weinberg)  OSx-15 6
Steven Sloat Stolman (critic: Pauline Trigere)  OSx-15 7
Ellen Howard (critic: Perry Ellis)  OSx-15 8
Cindy Mrenko (critic: Chester Weinberg)  OSx-15 9
Tina Schmuki (critic: Calvin Klein)  OSx-15 10
Steven Slowik (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSx-15 11
Cynthia Steffe (critic: Donna Karan)  OSx-15 12
Sue Verlaque (critic: Oscar de la Renta)  OSx-15 13
Jane Chung (critic: Calvin Klein)  OSx-16 1
Lauren Gibson (critic: Frank Masandrea)  OSx-16 2
Claudia Herzog (critic: Izabel Lam)  OSx-16 3
Diana Lau (critic: Ilie Wacs)  OSx-16 4
Ellen Lau (critic: Donna Karan)  OSx-16 5
Isaac Mizrahi (critic: Chester Weinberg)  OSx-16 6
Wol Nan (Nani) Soong (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSx-16 7
Peter Speliopoulos (critic: Oscar de la Renta)  OSx-16 8
Melody R. Harris (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSx-16 9
Robin Howe (critic: Adri)  OSx-16 10
David Pfendler (critics: Donna Karan, Perry Ellis, Albert Capraro)  OSx-16 11
Marina Rybak (critic: Ilie Wacs)  OSx-16 12
Beth Bowley (critic: Adri)  OSx-17 1
Charles Chang-Lima (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo )  OSx-17 2
Andre Cornelius (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSx-17 3
Marc Jacobs  OSx-17 4
Esther Larson (critic: Kasper)  OSx-17 5
Hye Lee (critic: Gloria Sachs)  OSx-17 6
Susan Louie (critic: Donna Karan)  OSx-17 7
Kevin Michaels (critics: Donald Brooks, Michaele Vollbracht)  OSx-17 8
Marybeth Van Zuiden (critic: Ilie Wacs)  OSx-17 9
Kate Bowers (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSx-17 10
Cheryl Culpepper (critic: Jeffrey Banks)  OSx-17 11
Anna De Luca (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo )  OSx-17 12
Geoffrey Gertz (critic: Michaele Vollbracht)  OSx-17 13
Jeffrey Gray (critic: Calvin Klein)  OSx-17 14
Lynelle Gross (critics: Ilie Wacs, Adri)  OSx-17 15
Levi Jennings (critic: Willi Smith)  OSx-18 1
Victoria Masi (critic: Robert Tonner)  OSx-18 2
Helen Raynus (critic: Gloria Sachs)  OSx-18 3
Leonardo De Armas (critic: Louis Dell'Olio)  OSx-18 4
Robert Escalera (critic: Willi Smith)  OSx-18 5
Miki Harada (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSx-18 6
Barbara Lill (critic: Calvin Klein)  OSx-18 7
Faith Lucas (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo )  OSx-19 1
Katherine McDowell (critic: Donna Karan)  OSx-19 2
Beth Negron (critic: Jeffrey Banks)  OSx-19 3
Elise Ocello (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro)  OSx-19 4
Leisa Raimer (critic: Ilie Wacs)  OSx-19 5
Steinunn Sigurdardottir (critic: Adri)  OSx-19 6
Saundra Smith (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSx-19 7
Kelli Wilding (critic: Michaele Vollbracht)  OSx-19 8
Annica Anderson (critic: Willi Smith)  OSxx-12 1
Patricia Brown (critic: Cynthia Steffe)  OSxx-12 2
Kathryn Catinchi (critic: Donna Karan)  OSxx-12 3
Alex Fung (critic: Jeffrey Banks)  OSxx-12 4
Andrea Kennedy (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro)  OSxx-12 5
Patty Kim (critic: Ilie Wacs)  OSxx-12 6
Zee Hwi Kim (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSxx-12 7
Sonia Leon (critic: Carole Little)  OSxx-12 8
Barbara Schweitzer (critic: Patricia Pastor)  OSxx-12 9
Stephanie Von Watzdorf (critic: Calvin Klein)  OSxx-12 10
Mark Waldrop (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSxx-12 11
Jorg Wallrabe (critic: Michaele Vollbracht)  OSxx-12 12
Claudia Acevedo (critic: Carolyn Roehm)  OSxx-12 13
Lisa Cappalli (critic: Carole Little)  OSxx-12 14
Linda Chamberlain (critics: Adrienne Vittadini, Carmelo Pomodoro)  OSxx-13 1
Michael Coffindaffer (critic: Donna Karan)  OSxx-13 2
Bradley Erickson (critic: Bill Robinson)  OSxx-13 3
Michelle Freedman (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSxx-13 4
Gary Markle (critic: Adri)  OSxx-13 5
Michael O'Donnell (critic: Jeffrey Banks)  OSxx-13 6
Kim Rosner (critic: Michaele Vollbracht)  OSxx-13 7
Rentaro Saito (critic: Patricia Pastor)  OSxx-13 8
Carlos Urrutia (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSxx-13 9
Rogelio Velasco (critic: Cynthia Steffe)  OSxx-13 10
Dorene Benedetto (critics: Isaac Mizrahi, Carole Little, Judith Leiber)  OSxx-13 11
Anne Marie Capati (critic: Charlotte Neuville)  OSxx-13 12
Michelle Coleman (critics: Cynthia Steffe, Karen Seberi)  OSxx-13 13
Sherla Cruz (critic: Robert Lee Morris)  OSxx-13 14
Gina De Domenico (critic: Bob Mackie)  OSxx-13 15
Tammy Dorman (critic: Marc Jacobs)  OSxx-13 16
Katherine Huang (critic: Jeffrey Banks)  OSxx-13 17
Regina Jung (critic: Sondra Roberts)  OSxx-13 18
Nathan Laffin (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSxx-14 1
Madeline Lew (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSxx-14 2
George Michalakis, Jr. (critic: Donna Karan)  OSxx-14 3
Monica Nishi (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro)  OSxx-14 4
Melissa Peters (critic: Bill Robinson)  OSxx-14 5
Tammy Rockel (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo )  OSxx-14 6
Atsushi Takekoshi (critic: Rozann Marsi)  OSxx-14 7
Patricia Townsend (critic: Adri)  OSxx-14 8
Lucia Albuquerque (critic: Charlotte Neuville)  OSxx-14 9
Nam Cho (critic: Louis Dell'Olio)  OSxx-14 10
Nam Cho and Mary Mosmann (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSxx-14 11
Jane Chung (critics: Donna Karan, Adri)  OSxx-14 12
Suzanne Cotton (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSxx-14 13
Hui-Chih Fang (critic: Bill Robinson)  OSxx-14 14
Danny Gee (critic: Designer of the Year)  OSxx-14 15
Sophia Gergatsoulis (critic: Marc Jacobs)  OSxx-14 16
Eunice Kim (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro)  OSxx-14 17
Susanna Kwong (critic: Rebecca Moses)  OSxx-14 18
Tom Mora and Michael Ward (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSxx-15 1
Kathy Niceforo (critic: Cynthia Steffe)  OSxx-15 2
Adrienne Patrick (critic: Gordon Henderson)  OSxx-15 3
Karen Suen (critic: Jeffrey Banks)  OSxx-15 4
John Timberlake (critic: Michael Kors)  OSxx-15 5
Michele Varian (critic: Isaac Mizrahi)  OSxx-15 6
Robert Best (critic: Designer of the Year)  OSxx-15 7
Jorge Boan (critics: Louis Dell'Olio, Charlotte Neuville)  OSxx-15 8
Jason Bunin (critic: Jeffrey Banks)  OSxx-15 9
Nina Chow (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro)  OSxx-15 10
Milco Flores (critic: Bill Robinson)  OSxx-15 11
Grace Fooden and Leighton Coleman (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSxx-15 12
Kim Hicks (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSxx-15 13
Solange Jimenez (critic: Ideacomo)  OSxx-15 14
Sun Kim (critic: Michael Kors)  OSxx-15 15
Sue Ann Lamboy (critic: Gordon Henderson)  OSxx-15 16
Jeffrey Marion Lee (critic: Marc Jacobs)  OSxx-15 17
Aimee Lewis (critic: Adrienne Vittadini)  OSxx-16 1
Andrea Lieberman (critics: Mark Badgley and James Mischka)  OSxx-16 2
Daniela Sarmento (critics: Cynthia Steffe, Isaac Mizrahi)  OSxx-16 3
Andrea Sheets (critic: Calvin Klein)  OSxx-16 4
Rahnhild Ustaheim and Solange Jimenez (critic: Donna Karan)  OSxx-16 5
Rahnhild Ustaheim (critic: Adri)  OSxx-16 6
Kathlin Argiro (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSxx-16 7
Deepti Arora (critic: Gordon Henderson)  OSxx-16 8
Bente Bjornrud (critic: Charlotte Neuville)  OSxx-16 9
Christine Brandt (critic: Bill Robinson)  OSxx-16 10
Alfredo Cabrera (critic: Donna Karan)  OSxx-16 11
Christine Carlson (critic: Rebecca Moses)  OSxx-16 12
Sean Chadwick (critic: Jeffrey Banks)  OSxx-16 13
Shamma Fidaly (critic: Anna Sui)  OSxx-16 14
Manon Frappier (critic: Carole Little)  OSxx-16 15
Lance Le Pere (critic: Michael Kors)  OSxx-16 16
Young Son Lee (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro)  OSxx-16 17
Dominick Leuci (critics: Mark Badgley and James Mischka)  OSxx-17 1
Regina Martin (critic: Isaac Mizrahi)  OSxx-17 2
Behnaz Sarafpour (critic: Gloria Sachs)  OSxx-17 3
Marilyn Seki and Mary Wang (critic: Donald Brooks)  OSxx-17 4
Kristene Son (critic: Cynthia Steffe)  OSxx-17 5
Seema Sudan (critic: Ideacomo)  OSxx-17 6
Joo Yun Yoo (critic: Louis Dell'Olio)  OSxx-17 7
Yoon Kyung Yoon (critics: Mary Ann Restivo, Mohair Council of America)  OSxx-17 8
Noel Bingham (critic: Albert Capraro)    OSxx-17 9
James (Craig) Brown (critic: Stanley Herman)    OSxx-17 10
Kathryn Browning (critic: Adri)  OSxx-17 11
Truc Mai Chiem (critic: Ultrasuede)    OSxx-17 12
Debbie Ebanks (critic: Frank Rizzo)    OSxx-17 13
Narvie Hambrick (critic: Marc Jacobs)    OSxx-17 14
Angela Huang (critic: Mary Ann Restivo)  OSxx-17 15
Michael Jarvela (critic: Ideacomo)    OSxx-17 16
Stacy Johnson (critic: Mohair Council of America)    OSxx-17 17
Sung-Won Kang (critic: Louis Dell'Olio)    OSxx-18 1
Eun-Hee Kim (critics: Gloria Sachs, Charlotte Neuville)    OSxx-18 2
Seong Eun Kim (critic: Cynthia Steffe)    OSxx-18 3
Sara Kozlowski (critics: Anna Sui, Byron Lars)    OSxx-18 4
Tsui-King Lai (critic: Jeffrey Banks)    OSxx-18 5
Emily Meyer (critic: Joseph Abboud)  OSxx-18 6
Byron Penney (critic: Isaac Mizrahi)    OSxx-18 7
Monisha Raja (critic: Gordon Henderson)    OSxx-18 8
Marina Shokhen (critics: Mark Badgley and James Mischka, Donna Karan)    OSxx-18 9
Troy Tarontino (critic: National Association of Men's Sportswear Buyers)  OSxx-18 10
Fiona Walker (critic: Michael Kors)    OSxx-18 11
John Williamson (critic: Frank Rizzo)  OSxx-18 12
Seung Eun (Evelyn) Choi (critic: Albert Capraro)    OSxx-19 1
Pierre Costin (critic: Donna Karan)  OSxx-19 2
Andreu David (critic: Veronique Nichanian)  OSxx-19 3
Alicia Sarah Dove (critic: Robin Howe)  OSxx-19 4
Janice Velma Fevrier (critic: Joseph Phong)  OSxx-19 5
Eddy Fung (critic: Patrick Robinson)  OSxx-19 6
Irene Gonzalez (critic: Cynthia Steffe)    OSxx-19 7
Stefani Grosse (critic: Stanley Herman)    OSxx-19 8
Pia Hallstrom (critic: Jeffrey Banks)    OSxx-19 9
Seiryun Kim (critics: Mark Badgley and James Mischka)  OSxx-19 10
Su Yeon Kim (critic: National Association of Men's Sportswear Buyers)    OSxx-19 11
Mignon Zen La Bossiere (critic: Tracy Reese)  OSxx-20 1
Soo Jin Lee (critics: Gloria Sachs, Michael Kors, Designer of the Year)    OSxx-20 2
Nam Hee Park (critic: Charlotte Neuville)  OSxx-20 3
Rachana Penn (critic: Jersey Jasco)    OSxx-20 4
Gigi Schoen (critic: Mohair Council of America)    OSxx-20 5
Sarah Meyer Steinbach (critic: Donald Brooks)    OSxx-20 6
Mamie Suzuki (critic: Louis Dell'Olio)    OSxx-20 7
Jennifer Vafakos (critic: Gordon Henderson)    OSxx-20 8
Jeremy Wallace (critic: Isaac Mizrahi)    OSxx-20 9
Yanny Xiao (critic: Mary Ann Restivo)    OSxx-20 10
Igor Aronov (critic: Mohair Council of America)  OSxxx-4 1
Zarmina Ayub (critic: Louis Dell'Olio)  OSxxx-4 2
Niki Min Chi Chen (critic: Martin Cooper)  OSxxx-4 3
Patricia Chen (critic: Mary Ann Restivo)  OSxxx-4 4
Tommy Chen (critic: Donna Karan)  OSxxx-4 5
Lili Chu (critic: Cynthia Rowley)  OSxxx-4 6
Kerina Ha (critic: Robin Howe)  OSxxx-4 7
Jae Yoon Kim (critic: Stanley Herman)  OSxxx-4 8
Christiane Lemieux (critic: Gloria Sachs)  OSxxx-4 9
Parke Lutter (critic: National Association of Men's Sportswear Buyers)  OSxxx-4 10
Jana Matheson-Ingle (critic: Adri)  OSxxx-4 11
Jonathan Mayfield (critic: Jeffrey Banks)  OSxxx-4 12
Eduardo Natal (critics: Mark Badgley and James Mischka)  OSxxx-4 13
Elizabeth (Betsy) Perez (critic: Cynthia Steffe)  OSxxx-4 14
Peter Som (critic: Isaac Mizrahi)  OSxxx-4 15
Yvette Sousa (critic: Charlotte Neuville)  OSxxx-4 16
Budi Staven (critic: Albert Capraro)  OSxxx-4 17
Mohini Tadikonda (critic: Istvan Francer)  OSxxx-4 18
Alain Wu (critic: Michael Kors)  OSxxx-4 19
Christine Blaine (critic: Louis Dell'Olio)    OSx-20 1
Denitsa Bliznakova (critics: Donald Brooks, Adri)  OSx-20 2
Chieu-Anh Bui (critic: Joseph Abboud)  OSx-20 3
Trang Van (Tracy) Bui (critics: Mark Badgley and James Mischka)    OSx-20 4
Liliya Esibova (critic: Stanley Herman)    OSx-20 5
Ji Soo Ha (critics: Albert Capraro, Donna Karan, Gloria Sachs)    OSx-20 6
Mi Jung Kim (critic: Cynthia Rowley)    OSx-20 7
Ted Kim (critics: Charlotte Neuville, Designer of the Year)    OSx-20 8
Clarice Kniazzeh (critic: Mary Ann Restivo)    OSx-21 1
Dominique Kurzawa (critic: Jeffrey Banks)    OSx-21 2
Johanne Martinez (critic: Lace Solstiss)    OSx-21 3
Christina Olsson (critics: Jeffrey Banks, Mohair Council of America)  OSx-21 4
Maria Robustelli (critic: Robin Howe)    OSx-21 5
Marilee Sweeney (critic: Perrin Groupe)    OSx-21 6
Jeffrey Thrasher (critic: Michael Kors)    OSx-21 7
Eriko Yamano (critic: Cynthia Steffe)    OSx-21 8
Jenny Yoo (critic: Martin Cooper)    OSx-21 9
Zoey Zebedee (critic: Isaac Mizrahi)  OSx-21 10
Beatrice Zombori (critic: Mohair Council of America)  OSx-21 11
Lara Backmender (critic: Michaele Vollbracht)    OSx-22 1
Yiorgos Bellapaisiotis (critic: Cynthia Steffe)    OSx-22 2
Linda Cheung (critic: Gloria Sachs)    OSx-22 3
Hye-Sung (Chris) Han (critics: Donna Karan, Patrick Robinson)  OSx-22 4
Marie Havens (critic: Yeohlee Teng)  OSx-22 5
Inhae Ines Huh (critic: June Beckstead)    OSx-22 6
In-Seon Kim (critics: Jeffrey Banks, National Association of Men's Sportswear Buyers)    OSx-22 7
Eun-Sook Kim (critic: Han Feng)    OSx-22 8
Sung-Hyon (Jackie) Kim (critics: Charlotte Neuville, Peter Speliopoulos)  OSx-22 9
Yeo-Jung Kim (critic: Adri)    OSx-23 1
Sandra Kirschon (critic: MaxMara)    OSx-23 2
Jong-Moo Lee (critic: Martin Cooper)    OSx-23 3
Evelyn Lo (critics: Mark Badgley and James Mischka, Robin Howe)    OSx-23 4
Ai Di Ly (critic: Cynthia Rowley)  OSx-23 5
Anthony Manfredonia (critic: Mary Ann Restivo)  OSx-23 6
Anthony Passarelli (critic: Stanley Herman)  OSx-23 7
Richard Ruiz (critic: Louis Dell'Olio)    OSx-23 8
Angela So (critic: Mohair Council of America)    OSx-23 9
Korey Wilson (critic: Albert Capraro)    OSx-23 10
Sheung Hin (Deacon) Yu (critic: Veronique Nichanan)  OSx-23 11
Concepts in Costume Design 1987-1995 

This course was taught for many years by costume designer and Parsons alumnus Donald Brooks.

Title Box Folder
A Walk Down the "Ladies Mile" (circa 1890-1900), 1987   20 illustrations OSxxx-2
Radiant Reds of History, 1992   11 illustrations OSxx-9
Amin, Vilok and Christine Brandt: Juliette 
Byrd, Mont Kyle: Jean 
Lee, Peter and Sonia Castro: Theola 
Leuci, Dominick and Khristene Son: Gabriella 
Mitchell, Courtney: Butterfly 
Parsons, Gisele: Carmen 
Simon, Suzanne and Cathy Virgil: Pocahontas 
Spiroff, Deborah: Henry 
Sprague, Matthew and Nicole King: Diana and Dimitrus 
Sudan, Seema and Deepti Arora: Antoinette 
Williamson, Jacqueline: Mae 
Vegetable Vamps (circa 1910), 1993  OSxx-10 1-17
Bonime, Western and Lourdes Garcia: Pumpkin 
Boyd, Lynn and Seong Eun Kim, Eun Kyung Lee: Peas 
Brown, Craig and Jennifer Hason: Asparagus 
Calle, Celia and China Lee: Onion 
Chang, Yoon-Jong and Fiona Walker: Artichoke 
De Leon, Rowena: Cabbage 
Grote, Catrin and Ivana Ristic: Broccoli 
Guiterrez, Daphne and Stacey Johnson: Brussels Sprout 
Hambrick, Narvie and Angela Huang, Dong-Jun Park: Eggplant 
Jordan, Rebecca and Sara Kozlowski: Mushroom 
Lalvani, Ranjit and Angela Richards: Endive/Radicchio/Watercress 
Leon, Alida and Martha Monserrate: Corn 
Lo, Ophelio and Soon Ping Ngai: Peppers 
Shokhen, Marina and Jennifer Belton: String Beans 
Tsai, Margi and John Ngai: Garlic 
Young, Jody and Sherry Joseph: Truffle 
Shady Ladies: Black and White, 1995  OSxx-11
Bariman, Natalie and Gigi Guerra: 007 Girls 
Bariman, Nathalie and Gigi Guerra: Salome 
Baumann, Claudia and Izumi Takanashi: Eve 
Baumann, Claudia and Izumi Takanashi: Mata Hari 
Burkhart, Scott and Sara Dariotis: The Lorelei 
Desrosiers, Cristina and Madeline Mendez: Lucrecia Borgia 
Edford, Kim and Sandra Schwartz: Medea 
Fitch, Fay Chen: The Dragon Lady 
Geronimo, Haydee and Jonny Matos: Madonna 
Jung, Christine and Hae Won Song: Sadie Thompson 
Jung, Christine and Hae Won Song: Sally Rand 
Kim, Yu Sook and Jae Hee Lee: Carmen 
Lee, Minjee and Cindy Moy: Lizzie Borden 
Lee, Minjee and Cindy Moy: Mae West 
Masse, Melissa and Kate McCarthy: Gypsy Rose Lee 
Pina, Mairim and Ans Pires, Javier: Mme. Pompadour 
Croquis 1952-2001   3963 illustrations
Title Box Folder
1952  6 1
Downs, Eugean,Ottis, 1952? 
Langdon, George Cooke 
Smith, Mona Carl 
1953  6 2
Applebaum,David Burton 
Bulakul, Chantra 
Couch, Audrey,1953? 
Culliney, Mary Margaret 
Eichelbaum, Judith 
Goldfarb, Beverly 
Ifwerstrom, Jane 
Johnson, Kay 
Mann, Sol 
Skolnick, Barbara 
1954  6 3
Collins, Susan 
Goldzweig, Rochelle 
Meyer, Julie 
Panasewicz, Ewa 
Quon, Alberta 
Wong, Nancy 
1955  6 4
Brown, Donald 
Lara, Fabio 
Kodani, Jasmine Saeko 
Naiditch, Eugene 
Rannells, Martha 
Title Box Folder
1956  6 5-8
7 1
Amowitz, Arlene 
Baccarella, Jean 
Backstrom, Carlyle 
Barish, Muriel 
Bonuam, Earl 
Bogdanos, Peter 
Caeti, John 
Chilton, Ruffner 
Cohen, Sandy 
Crosby, Joan 
Eversole, Marian 
Galvin, Gene 
Gardner, Emily 
Giescking, Norma 
Gunter, Ruth 
Evelyn Stewart Guyton 
Hartshon, Isabelle 
Hopson, Donald 
Klein, Doris 
Kleinolder, Anne 
Kutsuki, Reiko 
La Barbara, Petrina 
Lingg, Charlotte 
Michalopulos, Maria 
Nordquist, Gene 
Peretta, Frank 
Rannells, Martha 
Rizzo, Frank 
Santell, Barbara 
Scharf, Myrna Koomer 
Schmidt, Helen 
Seidler, Bimbi 
Steckling, Adrienne (Adri) 
Therrien, Peter N. 
Wilson, Scott 
Xenakis, Natalie 
Young, Harry 
Zylan, Shirley 
Title Box Folder
1957  12 25-26
7 2-5
8 1-2
Amowitz, Arlene (critic: David Kidd) 
Baccarella, Jean 
Basford, Mary (critic: David Kidd, John Moore) 
Beebe, Stephanie 
Blomgren, Quiwie (critic: Helen Lee) 
Bogdanos, Peter (critic: Norman Norell, Adele Simpson) 
Bonuam, Earl (critic: Anne Klein) 
Bordow, Edward 
Caeti, Joe (critic: Adele Simpson, Pauline Trigere) 
Cianci, Salvadore 
Eversole, Marian 
Friedman, Susan 
Gardner, Lottie 
Hopson, Donald (critic: Norman Norell) 
Justin, Jane 
Kelly, Frances (critic: Jack Hargis) 
Kiersnowski, Joan 
La Barbara, Petrina (critic: John Moore) 
Laino, Chris 
Lingg, Charlotte (critic: Jack Hargis, David Kidd, John Moore) 
Peretta, Frank (critic: Norman Norell) 
Rizzo, Frank (critic: Mildred Orrick, Leslie Morris) 
Robinson, Rodger (critic: Norman Norell, Pauline Trigere) 
Roldan, Rose (critic: Leslie Morris) 
Rosenfeld, Harriet 
Seidler, Bimbi 
Sharf, Myrna (critic: Jack Hargis, David Kidd) 
Silverman, Sandy (critic: John Moore, Adele Simpson) 
Sperling, Eve 
Stryker, Barbara 
Suzuki, Michie 
Thaler, Barbara 
Therrien, Peter (critic: Adele Simpson, Pauline Trigere) 
Thompson, Jeannene (critic: Jack Hargis, Norman Norell) 
Tsukamoto, Irene (critic: Claire McCardell) 
Vehlow, Robert 
Young, Harry (critic: David Kidd, Jeanne Campbell) 
1958  8 3-5
Adams, Janette (critic: David Kidd) 
Alley, Barbara (critic: John Moore, Ferdinando Sarmi, Jeanne Campbell) 
Alvira, William (critic: Mona Roset, Jack Hargis) 
Baccarella, Jean (critic: David Kidd) 
Beebe, Stephanie (critic: John Moore, Jack Hargis) 
Blomgren, Quiwie (critic: Norman Norell) 
Bordow, Edward (critic: David Kidd, John Moore, Chester Weinberg) 
Brown, Donald 
Ciani, Salvatore (critic: Hargis Jack, Jeanne Campbell) 
Ciulla, Philip (critic: Mona Roset, Chester Weinberg) 
Elder, Sandy (critic: David Kidd) 
Friedman, Susan (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Giardiello, William (critic: David Kidd) 
Homelson, Marian (critic: Norman Norell, Ferdinando Sarmi, Jack Hargis) 
Justin, Jane (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell, John Moore) 
Kucharski, Leon 
Kutsuki, Reiko (critic: Jack Hargis) 
Laino, Christina (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell) 
Lewandowski, Wanda (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi, Jack Hargis) 
Madera, Isis 
Megna, John (critic: Jack Hargis) 
More, Dianne (critic: David Kidd) 
Osmena, Annabelle (critic: David Kidd, Chester Weinberg, Anne Klein, Norman Norell, Mona Roset) 
Pharaon, Wadith 
Pyret, Marlene (critic: Norman Norell, David Kidd) 
Rizzo, Frank (critic: Mildred Orrick, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Roldan, Rose (critic: David Kidd) 
Rosensweig, Martin (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Shlala, Caroline (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Simonelli, Don 
Smith, Preston 
Snyder, Wayne (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Teitelbaum, Neal (critic: Chester Weinberg, David Kidd) 
Tsukamoto, Irene (critic: John Moore, Jeanne Campbell, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Tumminello, Rosemary (critic: Mona Roset) 
Walker, Sheldon (critic: Mona Roset, David Kidd) 
Wolves, Delores (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Worden, Nancy (critic: Mona Roset, Jack Hargis) 
Vehlow, Robert (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell) 
1959  9 1-4
Amey, R. 
Ansel, Richard 
Antle, Bart (critic: Mona Roset) 
Asplund, Barbro 
Batievsky, Raquel 
Bettencourt, John 
Bewley, Frances (critic: John Moore) 
Bidgood, James (critic: Mona Roset) 
Brown, Donald (critic: Bernard Newman, Ferdinando Sarmi, David Kidd) 
Byers, Emily (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Cohen, Deanna (critic: Mona Roset) 
DeLashmit, Hugh (critic: David Kidd) 
Giardiello, William (critic: Norman Norell, Ferdinando Sarmi, David Kidd) 
Ginsberg, Janet (critic: Tony Ruocco, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Grillo, Sally 
Haber, Regina (critic: David Kidd) 
Ichikawa, Haruyo (critic: Bernard Newman, Ferdinando Sarmi, Tony Ruocco) 
Lachlan, Richard (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Lehmkuhl, Karin (critic: John Moore, Noman Norell, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Lopez, Edward 
Madera, Isis (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Minowa, Toyoko 
Nelson, Joan 
Nieckarz, Monica 
O'Hare, Robert 
Pacalioglu, Sevil 
Pesys, Aleksandra (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Pharaon, Wadih (critic: Norman Norell, Tony Ruocco, Mona Roset) 
Provan, Theresa 
Reeder, Richard (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Robbins, Lynne (critic: Norman Norell) 
Sherman, Lynn (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Shlala, Carol (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Siemsen, Eunice (critic: Norman Norell, David Kidd) 
Smith, Bill (critic: David Kidd) 
Suzuki, Michie (critic: Tony Ruocco, Ferdinando Sarmi, David Kidd) 
Synder, Wayne 
Teitelbaum, Neil (critic: David Kidd, Ferdinando Sarmi, Tony Ruocco) 
Ting, Marjorie 
Todaro, Frances (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Tumminello, Rosemary (critic: Bernard Newman, Norman Norell, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Wallen, Barbara (critic: David Kidd) 
Worden, Nancy (critic: Bernard Newman, Norman Norell, Ferdinado Sarmi, David Kidd) 
Title Box Folder
1960  10 1-3
9 5
Ansel, Richard 
Antle, Bart (critic: Mona Roset) 
Asplund, Barbro 
Batievsky, Raquel (critic: Jeanne Campbell, Lee Helen) 
Bettencourt, John (critic: John Galanos, David Kidd) 
Bewley, Frances (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Bidgood, James (critic: Norman Norell, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Brower, Shirley (critic: John Galanos) 
Byers, Emily (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell, Mona Roset) 
Carbone, Antonia (Nina) (critic: Mona Roset) 
Citrolo, Kathleen (critic: Mona Roset) 
Cogbill, Eleanor 
Cohen, Deanna (critic: John Galanos, David Kidd, Norman Norell, Tony Ruocco) 
Cooke, Maxzell (critic: Mona Roset, Jeanne Campbell) 
Dansby, Binnie Anne 
Daven, Marie (critic: John Galanos, David Kidd, Tony Ruocco) 
DeLashmit, Hugh (critic: David Kidd, John Moore, Pauline Trigére) 
Genovese, Barbara 
Haber, Regina (critic: David Kidd, John Moore) 
Hearns, Winifred (critic: David Kidd, John Moore, Pauline Trigére) 
Kahn, Lester 
Kirsheman, Katherine (critic: John Moore, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Lopez, Edward (critic: John Galanos, David Kidd, Norman Norell, Tony Ruocco, Donald Brooks) 
Mills, Ann (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Negron, Mary 
Nieckarz, Monica (critic: Norman Norell, Tony Ruocco) 
O'Hare, Robert (critic: David Kidd, Ferdinando Sarmi, Pauline Trigére) 
Ohno, Kandi (critic: John Galanos, David Kidd, Norman Norell, Tony Ruocco) 
Pesys, Aleksandra (critic: John Galanos, David Kidd, Norman Norell, Tony Ruocco) 
Provan, Theresa (critic: John Galanos, David Kidd, Tony Ruocco) 
Reeder, Richard (critic: David Kidd, John Moore, Pauline Trigére) 
Robbins, Lynne (critic: Norman Norell, Tony Ruocco, Mona Roset) 
Sala, Ilona 
Schultz, Alyce (critic: Brooks Donald) 
Schleicher, George (critic: David Kidd, Pauline Trigére) 
Smith, Bill 
Ting, Marjorie (critic: David Kidd) 
Tuttle, Ruthanne (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Wolfman, Peri (critic: Mona Roset) 
Yang, Helen (critic: David Kidd, Mona Roset) 
Title Box Folder
1961  10 4
11 1-3
Aarvig, LeRoy LaRue (critic: Norman Norell) 
Antle, Bart (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell) 
Asplund, Barbro (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi, John Moore, David Kidd) 
Batievsky, Raquel (critic: John Moore) 
Brower, Shirley (critic: Jo Copeland, John Moore) 
Camamis, Olga 
Carbone, Antonina (critic: Peter Conte, Jo Copeland, David Kidd) 
Citrolo, Kathleen (critic: Norman Norell) 
Cooke, Maxzell (critic: Peter Conte, Jo Copeland, David Kidd) 
Dansby, Binnie (critic: David Kidd) 
Dean, Leamond (critic: Mona Roset, Peter Conte) 
Feder, Gerald 
Grooms, James 
Kahn, Lester (critic: Norman Norell, Mona Roset) 
Kent, Julia Carlyne (critic: Peter Conte) 
Luna, Douglas (critic: Jo Copeland) 
Marshall, Laura (critic: David Kidd, Vera Maxwell, Ferdinando Sarmi, Jeanne Campbell) 
Martinelli, Shelley (critic: David Kidd) 
McMillan, Kathryn (critic: Vera Maxwell, Norman Norell) 
Mills, Ann (critic: Peter Conte, Jo Copeland, David Kidd, John Moore) 
Negron, Mary (critic: David Kidd, Peter Conte) 
Obus, Richard (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Paul, Georgia (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Rojas de Vinaz, Robert (critic: Mona Roset) 
Sala, Ilona (critic: Jo Copeland) 
Stoykof, Savitsa (critic: David Kidd, Vera Maxwell) 
Schoenwetter, Cynthia (critic: Mario Forte, Jeanne Campbell) 
Sparks, Joan (critic: Mona Roset) 
Stone, Stella (critic: Norman Norell, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Tuttle, Ruthanne (critic: Peter Conte, Jo Copeland, John Moore) 
Walter, Robert (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Wickham, Caroline (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Title Box Folder
1962  12 1-5
13 1-2
Unidentified (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Aarvig, LeRoy LaRue (critic: George Nardiello, Ferdinando Sarmi, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Allan, Judith (critic: David Kidd, Pembroke Squires) 
Beckler, Patricia (critic: Mona Roset) 
Belinda (critic: Pembroke Squires, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Boyd, Harvey (critic: Helen Lee) 
Brandt, Elaine (critic: Pembroke Squires) 
Cook, Robert (critic: George Nardiello) 
Dean, Leamond (critic: Donald Brooks, George Nardiello, Mona Roset) 
Durr, Ken (critic: David Kidd) 
Feder, Gerald (critic: George Nardiello) 
Grooms, James (critic: George Nardiello) 
Horn, Jenette (Dotty) (critic: Donald Brooks, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Johnson, Carol (Caryl) (critic: Helen Lee, Ferdinando Sarmi, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Katz, Sharyn 
Kent, Corky (critic: George Nardiello) 
Kent, Julia Carlyne (critic: Helen Lee) 
Koci, Otilia (critic: Mona Roset, Jeanne Campbell) 
Kohr, Hermione (critic: John Moore) 
Lebherz, Rosalie 
Lucibello, Andrew (critic: Guy Douvier, David Kidd) 
Markus, Ingeborg (critic: Donald Brooks, Guy Douvier, David Kidd) 
Martinelli, Shelley (critic: David Kidd, Jeanne Campbell) 
McIntosh, Martha (critic: Pembroke Squires) 
Morgera, Elaine dePrizio (critic: Guy Douvier, Donald Brooks, George Nardiello, Helen Lee) 
Obus, Richard (critic: David Kidd) 
Paul, Georgia (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi, Jacques Tiffeau, Mona Roset) 
Peck, Larry 
Raimon (critic: George Nardiello) 
Robertson, Jane (critic: Donald Brooks, Guy Douvier, David Kidd) 
Rojas de Vinaz, Robert (critic: Helen Lee) 
Sackett, Carolyn 
Schoenwetter, Cynthia (critic: Helen Lee, Ferdinando Sarmi, Mona Roset) 
Schuler, Marjorie 
Seidl, Claire (critic: John Moore, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Sirchio, Cosmo 
Somers, Suzanne 
Sparks, Joan 
Starkman, Sanford (critic: David Kidd, Jeanne Campbell) 
Tanaka, Aiko (critic: John Moore) 
Usui, Wakako 
Van Helsdingen, Henk (critic: Guy Douvier, David Kidd) 
Walter, Robert (critic: Donald Brooks, Ferdinando Sarmi, Jacques Tiffeau, Jeanne Campbell) 
Warden, John, Jr. (critic: Helen Lee) 
Wenisch, Trudy 
Wickham, Caroline (critic: Donald Brooks, George Nardiello, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Wobensmith, Jane (critic: Helen Lee) 
Zanke, Henrietta (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Title Box Folder
1963  13 3-4
14 1-2
Anderson, Lois (critic: Mona Roset, Jeanne Campbell) 
Aschner, Helga (critic: Helen Lee) 
Baker, Ellen (critic: Helen Lee) 
Bartron, Debra 
Brandt, Elaine (critic: Donald Brooks, John Moore, Ferdinando Sarmi, Jacques Tiffeau, Jeanne Campbell) 
Capraro, Albert (critic: Anthony Muto, Donald Brooks) 
Durr, Ken (critic: John Moore, Ferdinando Sarmi, Jacques Tiffeau, Mona Roset) 
Fonssagrives, Mia (critic: Helen Lee) 
Gresham, Frances (critic: Mona Roset, Helen Lee) 
Gustafson, Greta (critic: Helen Lee) 
Huston, Carol 
Katz, Sharyn (critic: Donald Brooks, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Koci, Otilia (critic: Donald Brooks, Norman Norell, Ferdinando Sarmi, Helen Lee) 
Leiby, Beverly 
Martinez, Ramon (critic: Donald Brooks) 
McIntosh, Martha (critic: John Moore, Norman Norell, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Muse, Wilma (critic: Donald Brooks, David Kidd, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Paschalides, Katherine (critic: Jeanne Campbell, Anthony Muto, Helen Lee) 
Rimanich, Linda (critic: Mona Roset) 
Rompollo, Dominic 
Sachs, Joan (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Sackett, Carolyn (critic: Donald Brooks, Ferdinando Sarmi, Mona Roset) 
Shin, Young Ja (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Simms, Gail (critic: Mona Roset) 
Specht, Sara (Sally) (critic: Helen Lee) 
Tanaka, Aiko (critic: Donald Brooks, Ferdinando Sarmi, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Warden, John, Jr. (critic: David Kidd) 
Wenisch, Trudy (critic: Donald Brooks, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Zanke, Henrietta (critic: Donald Brooks, Norman Norell, Anthony Muto) 
Title Box Folder
1964  14 3-4
15 1-4
Adams, Jane (critic: Pembroke Squires) 
Anderson, Lois (critic: Rudi Gernreich, David Kidd, Norman Norell, Donald Brooks) 
Aschner, Helga (critic: John Moore, Ferdinando Sarmi, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Baker, Ellen (critic: David Kidd, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Barker, Sherie (critic: Rudi Gernreich, Donald Brooks) 
Bartron, Debra (critic: John Moore, Jacques Tiffeau, Chester Weinberg) 
Bjorklund, Jane (critic: Anthony Muto) 
Caldwell, Jenni 
Capraro, Albert (critic: John Moore, Ferdinando Sarmi, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Delapena, Mimi (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Ducate, Dianne (critic: Norman Norell) 
Fonssagrives, Mia (critic: Donald Brooks, Rudi Gernreich, David Kidd, Norman Norell, Anthony Muto) 
Friedland, Carol (critic: Anthony Muto) 
Green, Judith (critic: Pembroke Squires) 
Gustafson, Greta (critic: Norman Norell, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Hauetter (critic: Anthony Muto) 
Howard, Toni (critic: Don Simonelli) 
Huntington, Gail (critic: John Moore, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Huston, Carol (critic: Donald Brooks, John Moore, Jacques Tiffeau, Pembroke Squires) 
Kawashima, Masaaki 
Limonta, Patricia (critic: Donald Brooks, John Moore, Jacques Tiffeau, Chester Weinberg) 
McKinley, R. Lynne 
Mendelsohn, Susan (critic: Donald Brooks, Rudi Gernreich, David Kidd, Norman Norell, Don Simonelli) 
Miller, Diane (critic: Chester Weinberg, John Moore) 
Orito, Mary (critic: Jacques Tiffeau) 
Paschalides, Katherine (critic: Norman Norell, Jacques Tiffeau, Don Simonelli) 
Perkins, Eve 
Rimanich, Linda (critic: Donald Brooks, Rudi Gernreich, David Kidd, Norman Norell) 
Roffman, Eleanor 
Rompollo, Dominic (critic: Donald Brooks, Norman Norell, Don Simonelli) 
Schumacher, Joel (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Shin, Young Ja (critic: David Kidd) 
Simms, Gail (critic: Ferdinando Sarmi, Rudi Gernreich, Squire Pembroke) 
Specht, Sara,Sally (critic: David Kidd, Ferdinando Sarmi, Chester Weinberg) 
Stubelek, Christina (Tina) (critic: Pembroke Squire) 
Tanaka, Kinuko (critic: Norman Norell) 
Tiel, Vicki (critic: Don Simonelli) 
Walker, George, Jr. (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Weber, Linda (critic: Donald Brooks, Ferdinando Sarmi) 
Webster, Susan (critic: Anthony Muto) 
Title Box Folder
1965  16 1-4
17 1
Adams, Jane (critic: Donald Brooks, Norman Norell, Jacques Tiffeau, Mona Roset) 
Alvandian, Gloria 
Bird, Nancy (critic: Donald Brooks, David Kidd, Anthony Muto) 
Consigliere, Tina (critic: Mona Roset, Helen Lee) 
Cross, Anne B. 
Dingle, Joan (critic: Donald Brooks, James Galanos, John Moore) 
Friedland, Carol (critic: Geoffrey Beene, Donald Brooks, James Galanos, David Kidd) 
Fuller, Jackie (Jack) (critic: Geoffrey Beene, David Kidd, Norman Norell, James Galanos) 
Funke, Ingrid (critic: Helen Lee, John Moore, Anthony Muto) 
Greaves, Christine (critic: Mona Roset) 
Green, Judith (critic: Geoffrey Beene, Donald Brooks, Norman Norell, Helen Lee) 
Haack, Marjorie 
Horiguchi, Junko (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Kawashima, Masaaki (critic: James Galanos) 
Kronenberger, Elizabeth (Liza) (critic: Mona Roset) 
Kucinski, Natalie 
Larson, Barbara (critic: Geoffrey Beene, David Kidd, Mona Roset) 
Peliando, Peter (critic: Anthony Muto) 
Porcelli, Carmine (critic: Don Simonelli) 
Rea, Carl 
Renault, Lesley (Lolly) (critic: Don Simonelli, Anthony Muto) 
Ribando, Peter (critic: Anthony Muto) 
Sandelli, Michele 
Schumacher, Joel (critic: Donald Brooks, Norman Norell) 
Simkin, Paula (critic: Mona Roset) 
Story, Jennifer 
Stubelek, Christina (Tina) (critic: Donald Brooks, James Galanos, Jacques Tiffeau, Helen Lee) 
Sykes, S.S. 
Tanaka, Kinuko (critic: Donald Brooks, James Galanos, John Moore, Jacques Tiffeau, Helen Lee) 
Teng, Elaine 
Vince (critic: Don Simonelli) 
Walker, George, Jr. (critic: David Kidd, John Moore, Norman Norell, Don Simonelli) 
Walsh, Phyllis (critic: Helen Lee) 
Webster, Susan (critic: Norman Norell, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Title Box Folder
1966  17 2-5
18 1-2
Alvandian, Gloria (critic: David Kidd, Chester Weinberg, Donald Brooks) 
Antebi, Gale (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Arbona, Annette (critic: Gaston Bertholet, Donald Brooks, Ilie Wacs) 
Babbitt, Boyd, II (critic: Bill Smith) 
Bardelli, Vera (critic: Bill Smith) 
Browner, Francine (critic: Deanna Littell) 
Brundza, Doris 
Consigliere, Tina (critic: Donald Brooks, Rudi Gernreich, David Kidd, Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg) 
Cross, Annabelle (Anne) (critic: Gaston Bertholet, Deanna Littell) 
Digney, Marion 
Freeman, Judith (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Gartner, Ronald (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Gostkov, Gale 
Greaves, Christine (critic: Donald Brooks, Ilie Wacs) 
Grinnell, Hannah (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Haack, Marjorie (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Hollick, Jo Ellen (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell, Deanna Littell) 
Hudson, Roberta (critic: Deanna Littell) 
Kolodzie, Ronald (critic: Bill Smith, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Komsa, Carol (critic: Gaston Bertholet, Ilie Wacs) 
Kronenberger, Elizabeth (critic: Ilie Wacs, Chester Weinberg, Ruthanne Tuttle) 
Namiki, Tsuyako (critic: Don Simonelli) 
O'Connell, Kate 
Ohland, Clare 
Petino, Lucille (critic: Gaston Bertholet, David Kidd) 
Porcelli, Carmine (critic: Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg) 
Rea, Carl (critic: David Kidd, John Moore, Norman Norell) 
Renault, Lesley (Lolly) (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell) 
Ribando, Peter (critic: Gaston Bertholet, Rudi Gernreich, Ilie Wacs) 
Ritchie, Lynn (critic: Don Simonelli) 
Rosenfeld, Lesley (critic: Ruthanne Tuttle) 
Sandelli, Michele (critic: John Moore) 
Simkin, Paula (critic: Rudi Gernreich) 
Story, Jennifer (critic: Donald Brooks, David Kidd, Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg) 
Teng, Elaine (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Walsh, Phyllis (critic: Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg, Deanna Littell) 
Wang, Vivian (critic: Ruthanne Tuttle) 
Weaver, Stan 
Title Box Folder
1967  18 3-4
19 1-3
Babbitt, Boyd, II (critic: Donald Brooks, Norman Norell, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Bardelli, Vera (critic: Norman Norell) 
Brundza, Doris (critic: Donald Brooks, David Kidd, Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg, June Francis) 
Carreon, Robert 
Carroll, Kiinani (critic: Oscar de la Renta, John Moore, Jacques Tiffeau, Deanna Littell) 
Crooks, Jerrolyn Tridelle (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Digney, Marion (critic: Donald Brooks, David Kidd, John Moore) 
Greenberg, Laura (critic: David Kidd, Oscar de la Renta) 
Hiraki, Miyano (critic: Deanna Littell) 
Jenkins, Dennis (critic: Deanna Littell) 
Jessen, Susan 
Kolodzie, Ronald (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Dominic, Norman Norell) 
Kroner, Vivian (critic: David Kidd) 
Leong, Loretta (critic: Norman Norell, Deanna Littell) 
Lee, Marlene 
Leston, Ernesto (critic: John Moore, Deanna Littell) 
MacBryde, Dianne 
Marshall, Geraldine (Gerry) (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell) 
Mutchnik, Estée (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Norman Norell, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Nadworny, Laura 
O'Connell, Kate (critic: Donald Brooks, Norman Norell) 
Ohland, Clare (critic: Donald Brooks, Stanley Herman) 
Ohnishi, Isao (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Olivari, Kathleen 
Pezzulich, Alice 
Righi, Beatrice (critic: John Moore) 
Ritchie, Lynn (critic: Dominic, David Kidd, Ruthanne Tuttle, Chester Weinberg) 
Rosenfeld, Lesley (critic: Donald Brooks, Norman Norell) 
Sandler, Arleen (critic: Norman Norell) 
Saunders, Constance (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Scherer, Karen (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Scobie, Taylor (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Shull, Lee (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Slepak, Sanford (critic: Leo Narducci) 
Stradford, D. Teague (critic: Chester Weinberg, Leo Narducci) 
Takeda, Kayo (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Unger, Kay 
Vitiello, Francesca (critic: Donald Brooks, Oscar de la Renta, Norman Norell, Jacques Tiffeau, John Moore) 
Wang, Vivian (critic: Donald Brooks, Chester Weinberg) 
Weaver, Stanley (critic: Norman Norell, Jacques Tiffeau, Rudi Gernreich) 
Title Box Folder
1968  19 4
20 1-5
Unidentified (critic: Norman Norell) 
Abrahams, Katharine (critic: Don Simonelli, Chester Weinberg, Stanley Herman) 
Abreu, Leilani (critic: Leo Narducci) 
Barnette, Donna 
Croner, Hertha (critic: John Moore, Chester Weinberg) 
Crooks, Jerrolyn Tridelle (critic: Donald Brooks, Chester Weinberg, Betsy Daniels) 
Dell'Olio, Louis (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Denton, Kathleen (critic: Rudi Gernreich) 
Duffy, Kathleen 
Epstein, K. (critic: Rudi Gerneich) 
Faske, Donna (Donna Karan) (critic: Betsy Daniels) 
Fox, Linda (critic: Betsy Daniels) 
González, Bethsaida (Elizabeth) 
Jenkins, Dennis (critic: Donald Brooks, Chester Weinberg) 
Jessen, Susan (critic: Donald Brooks, Norman Norell, Don Simonelli, Stanley Herman) 
Johnson, Jann 
Kalinowsky, Ann (critic: John Moore, Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg, Betsy Daniels) 
Knowles, Mary 
Lee, Marlene (critic: Betsy Daniels, Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg, Leo Narducci) 
Leivent, Marcia 
Les, Susie 
Nadworny, Laura (critic: Chester Weinberg, Norman Norell) 
Namiki, Tsuyako 
Ohnishi, Isao (critic: Donald Brooks, Don Simonelli, Chester Weinberg) 
Olivari, Kathleen (critic: Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg) 
Pezzulich, Alice (critic: Norman Norell, Stanley Herman) 
Pratt, Maureen (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Riccio, Michael (critic: Rudi Gernreich) 
Robinson, William (Bill) (critic: John Moore, Chester Weinberg) 
Saunders, Constance 
Scherer, Karen,Karyn (critic: Norman Norell, Don Simonelli) 
Scobie, Taylor (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell) 
Shull, Lee (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell, Betsy Daniels) 
Skladzien, Linda (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Slepak, Sanford (critic: Donald Brooks, Norman Norell, Don Simonelli, Chester Weinberg, Stanley Herman) 
Taylor, Ervine, Jr. (E.J.) (critic: Leo Narducci) 
Tuharsky, Janice (critic: Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg, David Kidd) 
Unger, Kay (critic: Norman Norell) 
Vollbracht, Michaele 
Welber, Karen (critic: Donald Brooks, Don Simonelli, Chester Weinberg, Betsy Daniels) 
Zappulla, Concetta 
Title Box Folder
1969  21 1-5
22 1
Unidentified (critic: John Moore) 
Abrams, Barbara (critic: Ilie Wacs, Chester Weinberg) 
Atkins, Corinne Moreau (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Barkley, Rufus (critic: Stanley Herman, Donald Brooks) 
Barnette, Donna (critic: David Kidd, Chester Weinberg, Betsy Daniels) 
Barsh, Carol (critic: Stanley Herman, Erika Elias) 
Bassett, Ann (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Biro, Charlotte (critic: Donald Brooks, David Kidd, Stanley Herman) 
Caram, Oskar (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Czachorowski, Dory 
Dell'Olio, Louis (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Denton, Kathleen (critic: David Kidd) 
Duffy, Kathleen (critic: Leo Narducci, Donald Brooks, Ilie Wacs) 
Eng, Corinne (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Eng, Mindi (Mindy) 
Falduto, Valeree 
Forbath, Dinny 
Fowler, Robert, III (critic: Donald Brooks, Chester Weinberg) 
Fox, Linda (critic: Leo Narducci, Norman Norell) 
Frankenberg, Michael 
González, Bethsaida (Elizabeth) (critic: Donald Brooks, David Kidd, Chester Weinberg) 
Gross, Marjorie (Margi) 
Harris, Jeptha (critic: Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg) 
House, Barbara (critic: Meredith Gladstone, Betsy Daniels) 
Johnson, Barbara (Bosha) (critic: Meredith Gladstone, Donald Brooks, David Kidd, Chester Weinberg, Meredith Gladstone) 
Kousis, Constance (critic: David Kidd) 
Kruger, Joel (critic: Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg) 
Kuperman, Phyllis 
Kupersmith Roth, Susan (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
LeGerrette, Joseph (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Lodico, Carmen (critic: Erika Elias) 
Magary, Patrique (critic: Erika Elias) 
Maressa, Fortunato (critic: Betsy Daniels) 
Martin, Peggy 
Ng, Mimi 
Parker, Jane 
Pryor, Ainslie (J.A.)(critic: Norman Norell) 
Robinson, William (critic: Norman Norell, Ilie Wacs) 
Savage (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Shea, Judith (critic: David Kidd) 
Skladzien, Linda (critic: Norman Norell, Ilie Wacs, Chester Weinberg, Betsy Daniels) 
Tanenbaum, Ronni 
Taylor, Ervine (E.J.), Jr. (critic: John Moore) 
Visas, Denise 
Wagner, Alice (critic: Donald Brooks, David Kidd, Leo Narducci) 
Zappulla, Concetta (critic: David Kidd, Norman Norell, John Moore) 
1970  22 2-6
Barkley, Rufus (critic: Don Simonelli, Ann Webster) 
Barsh, Carol (critic: Gunther) 
Bassett, Ann (critic: Norman Norell, Erika Elias) 
Casselman, Nancy Jean (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Chan, Emily (critic: Meredith Gladstone) 
Crimmins, Anne (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Cuevas, Evelyn (Lyn) (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Dudko, Stephen P. 
Eng, Corinne (critic: Victor Joris, John Moore, Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg) 
Eng, Mindy (critic: Norman Norell, Ann Webster) 
Ettelstein, Sande 
Falduto, Valeree 
Gettas, Philip (critic: Gunther, Norman Norell, Don Simonelli, Chester Weinberg, Meredith Gladstone) 
Gibson-Barker, Susan (critic: Ann Webster, Meredith Gladstone) 
Gordon, Melissa Elizabeth 
Gross, Marjorie (Margi) (critic: Gunther, Stanley Herman) 
Hayashi (critic: Erika Elias) 
Healy, Timothy Francis (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Hiromura, Patricia (critic: Norman Norell) 
House, Barbara (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Johnson, Barbara (Bosha) (critic: Donald Brooks, Gunther, Don Simonelli, Chester Weinberg) 
Klendrick, Susanne (critic: Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg) 
Kousis, Connie (critic: Victor Joris) 
Lodico, Carmen 
Lodico, Carmen and John Mijatovich (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Luck, Cecilia 
Magary, Patrique (critic: Donald Brooks, Gunther, Don Simonelli) 
McLemore, Harvey, Jr. (critic: Gunther, Donald Brooks) 
Mijatovich, John (critic: Erika Elias) 
Moore, B. 
Ng, Mimi (critic: Chester Weinberg, Stanley Herman) 
Pool, Kenneth Andrew (critic: Ann Webster) 
Schluger, Janet 
Smith, Sue Ann (critic: Chester Weinberg, Stanley Herman) 
Spery, Lisa S. (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Teng, Yeohlee 
Tzuri, Adah (critic: Donald Brooks, Gunther, Don Simonelli, Stanley Herman) 
Wang, Carol Ann (Mei Yun) 
Young, John (critic: John Moore, Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
1971  23 1-6
Anderson, Janice Ellen (critic: Ann Webster) 
Bahrt, Amy (critic: Ann Webster) 
Baronio, Lisa (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Bifulco, Kathleen Marie (critic: Jane Justin) 
Brown, Anita 
Burbank, Gayle 
Casselman, Nancy Jean (critic: Tom Nasarre, Shannon Rodgers, Ann Webster, Chester Weinberg) 
Cerych, Teri (critic: Chuck Howard) 
Chan, Emily (critic: Chuck Howard, Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Chin, Mary (critic: Ann Webster) 
Constandoglou, Rodi 
Crimmins, Anne (critic: Tom Nasarre, Chester Weinberg) 
Cuevas, Evelyn (Lyn) (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Dudko, Stephen P. (critic: Norman Norell) 
Gibson-Barker, Susan (critic: Donald Brooks, Chuck Howard) 
Giwayna, Suzanne 
Gordon, Melissa Elizabeth (critic: Donald Brooks, Chuck Howard, Chester Weinberg) 
Hagen, Kathryn Ann (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Hayatt, Lester 
Healy, Timothy Francis (critic: Calvin Klein, Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg, Jeptha Harris) 
Hill, Nancy (critic: Meredith Gladstone) 
Jackson, Suzanne 
Jampolsky, Ariel (critic: Ann Webster) 
Kasten, Jill 
Landeros, Eloy (critic: Meredith Gladstone) 
Laor, Reuben (critic: Chester Weinberg, Jeptha Harris) 
Lee, Siew (critic: Ann Webster) 
Maltzman, Susan Merri (critic: Ann Webster) 
Marra, JoAnn (critic: Jeptha Harris) 
Monzo, Charlene (critic: Ann Webster) 
Moy, Julie (critic: Chuck Howard, Jane Justin, Ann Webster) 
Nadziejka, Mary-Ellen (critic: Jeptha Harris) 
Nakagawa, Emi (critic: Ann Webster) 
Oston, Suzanne [?] (critic: Meredith Gladstone) 
Parker, Carolyn (critic: Ann Webster) 
Penraat, Mirjam (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Po, Juanita (critic: Ann Webster) 
Pool, Kenneth Andrew (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Potkay, Joan C. (critic: Chuck Howard, Norman Norell, Ann Webster) 
Samples, Laurence 
Schluger, Janet H. (critic: Anne Webster, Chester Weinberg) 
Schroepfer, Kathleen (critic: Norman Norell, Tom Nasarre) 
Secunda, Gayle H. (critic: Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Short, Julie (critic: Ann Webster) 
Siloerman, Lillian 
Sole, Isabel (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Spery, Lisa S. (critic: Chuck Howard, Calvin Klein, Norman Norell) 
Spivak, Helayne (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Stanley, Richard (critic: Ann Webster) 
Stimmel, Cara (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Taubo, Sidsel (critic: Tom Nasarre, Chester Weinberg) 
Thresher, Holly (critic: Chuck Howard, Calvin Klein, Chester Weinberg) 
Wang, Carol Ann (Mei Yun) (critic: Tom Nasarre, Norman Norell, Chester Weinberg) 
Wildes, Patricia J. (critic: Jane Justin) 
1972  24 1-5
Anderson, Janice Ellen (critic: Chester Weinberg, Peter Goldfarb) 
Auda, Angela M. (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Ayon, Julia (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Beer, Liora 
Bifulco, Kathleen Marie (critic: Norman Norell, Peter Goldfarb) 
Brantley, Rosemary (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Brown, Anita (critic: Norman Norell, Stanley Herman) 
Butow, Keith (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Castellano, Lou Ann 
Chin, Janice Carol (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Chin, Mary (critic: Calvin Klein, Pauline Trigere) 
Chu, Nancy Lebing (critic: Donald Brooks, Jane Justin) 
Davis, Kennan (critic: Jane Justin) 
Fernandez, Celeste Alba (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Francis, Carole Nadine (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Golombek, Stephanie (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Gomez, Elba 
Hayatt, Lester M. (critic: Pauline Trigere) 
Hill, Nancy Jean (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Jackson, Suzanne (critic: Chuck Howard) 
Jampolsky, Ariel (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Kistler, Helen 
Lee, Siew L. (critic: Calvin Klein, Norman Norell, Shannon Rodgers, Chester Weinberg) 
Lew, Karen (critic: Calvin Klein, Chester Weinberg) 
Liu, Tami Saubing 
Maltzman, Susan Merri (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Marra, Jo Ann (critic: Pauline Trigere, Peter Goldfarb) 
Mayer, Jane Ridgeley (critic: Jane Justin) 
McMahon, Susan Mason (critic: Chester Weinberg, Peter Goldfarb) 
Mercer, Norma 
Moy, Julie (critic: Don Simonelli) 
Nadziejka, Mary-Ellen (critic: Donald Brooks, Peter Goldfarb) 
Nakagawa, Emi (critic: Chester Weinberg, Peter Goldfarb) 
Needham, Gordon 
Oston, Suzanne 
Parker, Carolyn Mengel (critic: Donald Brooks, Peter Goldfarb) 
Peterson, Michael David (critic: Jane Justin) 
Phillips, Penny Elizabeth (critic: Donald Brooks, Pauline Trigere, Stanley Herman) 
Regan, James (critic: Carol Horn, Peter Goldfarb) 
Rothstein, Eve S. 
Silverman, Lillian R. (critic: Chester Weinberg, Peter Goldfarb) 
Tubaya, Tamathea (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Vangi, Maria Ann (critic: Jane Justin) 
Weingarten, Ellen 
Wildes, Patricia J. (critic: Pauline Trigere, Peter Goldfarb) 
Williams, Sue E. (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Title Box Folder
1973  25 1-5
26 1
Unidentified (critic: Ann Webster) 
Attley, Anna 
Auda, Angela M. (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Ayon, Julia (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Beau, James (critic: Ann Webster) 
Brantley, Rosemary (critic: Donald Brooks, Shannon Rodgers, Gustave Tassell) 
Buteau, Quince (critic: Chuck Howard, Dominic Rompollo, Chester Weinberg) 
Carr, Zack, III (critic: Donald Brooks, Gustave Tassell, Dominic Rompollo) 
Castellano, Lou Ann (critic: Ann Webster) 
Choi, Ohk Jee (critic: Ann Webster) 
Corse, Jo Ann 
Cucuta, Julio Cesar (critic: Shannon Rodgers, Chester Weinberg) 
Davis, Kennan Marie (critic: Chuck Howard, Chester Weinberg) 
Evans, Ne Omi 
Fernandez, Celeste Alba (critic: Donald Brooks, Shannon Rodgers, Ann Webster) 
Forti, Christyne 
Francis, Carole Nadine (critic: Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
George, Leslie Allyson 
Golombek, Stephanie (critic: Ralph Lauren, Chester Weinberg, Jeanne Campbell) 
Grennon, Alicia Cristina (Alice) (critic: Ann Webster, Jeanne Campbell) 
Hall, Anne (critic: Ann Webster) 
Hall, Claudia C. (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Halpern, Patricia K. 
Jones, Candace 
Kaplan, Elin Cecile (critic: Gustave Tassell, Ann Webster) 
Kinlock, Raymond 
Kistler, Helen Louise (critic: Chuck Howard, Dominic Rompollo, Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Kozera, Mary Margaret (Migo) (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Lawson, Lyle (critic: Ann Webster) 
Liu, Tami Saubing (critic: Ralph Lauren, Stanley Herman) 
Macyshyn, Vera (critic: Ann Webster) 
Mastriani, Claude 
Mayer, Jane Ridgeley (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
McRobbie, William Alastair (critic: Chuck Howard, Ralph Lauren, Chester Weinberg) 
Miller, James Rodney 
Moses, Yasmine (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Neihardt, Lorraine Julia (critic: Chuck Howard, Ann Webster) 
Pawlik, Melinda 
Peretz, Carol Joan (critic: Gustave Tassell) 
Peterson, Michael (critic: David Brooks) 
Rancitelli, William Armand (critic: Gustave Tassell) 
Regan, James (critic: Donald Brooks, Gustave Tassell) 
Rothstein, Eve S. (critic: Donald Brooks, Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Salvata, Gregory (critic: Sharon Rodgers) 
Schwartz, Charles, Jr. 
Sefcik, Patricia (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Sheme, Thomas Joseph (critic: Ann Webster) 
Skuban, Christy 
Tunison, Debi (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Vangi, Maria Ann (critic: Shannon Rodgers, Dominic Rompollo, Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Weaver, Sharon Joan 
Weingarten, Ellen (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Wilhelm, Lindie (critic: Ralph Lauren) 
Wong, Ana Kityu (critic: Jeanne Campbell) 
Woods, Stephanie Maura 
Yangphaiboon, Thawat J. (critic: Chuck Howard, Gustave Tassell) 
Zemba, Jane (critic: Donald Brooks, Chuck Howard, Joseph Constanino) 
Title Box Folder
1974  26 2-5
27 1-2
Unidentified (critic: Chester Weinberg, Ellie Fishman) 
Atlas, Bonnie Ilene (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Azevedo, Diane (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Bader, Lenise Marie 
Banks, Jeffrey (critic: Meredith Gladstone) 
Berman, Sharon Rima Wilkes (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Brearley, Candice (critic: Kasper, Meredith Gladstone) 
Calcagno, Jon (critic: Kasper, Ellie Fishman) 
Celli, Wendy Galbraith 
Choi, Ohk Jee,O.J. (critic: Dominic Rompollo) 
Corse, Jo Ann (critic: Dominic Rompollo, Chester Weinberg, Meredith Gladstone) 
Culver, Guy Richard (critic: Kasper) 
Davidson, Toby D. (critic: Kasper) 
Dieringer, Mary Louise 
Evans, Ne Omi (critic: Donald Brooks, Chuck Howard) 
Forti, Christyne (critic: Chuck Howard, Chester Weinberg, Meredith Gladstone) 
Fowks, Lesley Anne (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Gell, Sheilagh 
George, Leslie (critic: Dominic Rompollo, Chester Weinberg) 
Grennon, Alicia (Alice) (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Hall, Anne (critic: Donald Brooks, Chuck Howard, Calvin Klein) 
Hall, Claudia C. (critic: Donald Brooks, Chester Weinberg, Stanley Herman) 
Hamamoto, Shusei (critic: Kasper) 
Hubbard, Louise Ostling (critic: Kasper) 
Ingulli, Theresa Lucy 
Kozera, Mary Margaret (Migo) (critic: Dominic Rompollo, Meredith Gladstone) 
Lam, Izabel 
Lawson, Lyle (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Leu, Jean (critic: Chester Weinberg, Ellie Fishman) 
Lisz, Gary K. (critic: Stanley Herman, Meredith Gladstone) 
Maldonado Ramirez, Angel Luis (critic: Kasper, Donald Brooks) 
Manchester, Donna Ann (critic: Calvin Klein, Chester Weinberg, Meredith Gladstone) 
Marsi, Rozann L. (critic: Stanley Herman, Ellie Fishman) 
McKernan, Karen Elizabeth (critic: Stanley Herman, Ellie Fishman) 
Minkoff, Donna Sue (critic: Kasper) 
Morales Falzone, Lourdes 
Myers, Carolyn (critic: Ellie Fishman, Stanley Herman) 
Nagy, Margaret Ann (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Ottens, Richard (critic: Joseph Constantino, Chester Weinberg, Donald Brooks) 
Pawlick, Melinda (critic: Chester Weinberg, Meredith Gladstone) 
Refsnes, Susan Marit (critic: Stanley Herman, Meredith Gladstone) 
Renick, Charles M., Jr. 
Salvata, Gregory (critic: Dominic Rompollo, Ellie Fishman) 
Schlimmeyer, Karen Lynn (critic: Meredith Gladstone) 
Schwedock, Susanne (critic: Meredith Gladstone) 
Shacter, Susan (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Sheme, Thomas Joseph (critic: Donald Brooks, Chester Weinberg) 
Tonner, Robert (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Tunison, Debi (critic: Calvin Klein, Dominic Rompollo, Chester Weinberg) 
Weaver, Sharon (critic: Calvin Klein, Shannon Rodgers, Ellie Fishman) 
Williams, Rebecca L. 
Woods, Stephanie Maura (critic: John Weitz) 
Title Box Folder
1975  27 3-5
28 1-4
Unidentified (critic: Erika Elias) 
Alexander, Cynthia Christine 
Alfonso, Alicia Francisca (critic: Kasper, John Weitz) 
Atlas, Bonnie Ilene (critic: Donna Karan) 
Bader, Lenise Marie (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Ball, Kathleen Ann (critic: Donna Karan, Shannon Rodgers, Ellie Fishman) 
Barbano, Karen Frances (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Berlow, Jenifer 
Berman, Sharon Rima Wilkes (critic: Bill Smith) 
Blake, Donna Francyne (critic: Donald Brooks, Ellie Fishman) 
Brantley, Nanette 
Brearley, Candice (critic: Donald Brooks, Bill Smith) 
Calcagno, John Vincent (critic: Calvin Klein, John Weitz) 
Celli, Wendy Galbraith (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Christie, Pamela (critic: Ann Webster) 
Cohen, Sandee Beth 
Collins, Kathleen Mary (critic: Bill Smith, Ann Webster) 
Connelly, Gail A. 
Criscione-Green, Joanie (critic: Donald Brooks, Erika Elias) 
Crudge, Mark 
Culver, Guy Richard (critic: Donald Brooks, Bill Smith, Ellie Fishman) 
Dane, Kim (critic: Stanley Herman, Kasper) 
Darcy, Susan K. (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Davidson, Toby D. 
Dieringer, Mary Louise (critic: Donald Brooks, Ann Webster) 
Diranian, Nancy L. (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Dwyer, Carol (critic: Donna Karan) 
Edman, Diane Esther (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Elliot, Amy (critic: Ann Webster) 
Eng, Melinda 
Fowks, Lesley Anne (critic: Donald Brooks, Ann Webster) 
Gariboldi, Arlene (critic: Ann Webster) 
Gordon, Kallie 
Gougakis, Angie (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Groner, Karen Helen 
Hamamoto, Shusei (critic: John Weitz, Erika Elias) 
Henderson, Keith (critic: Erika Elias) 
Hildreth, Anita Robinson 
Hollingsworth, Michelle (critic: Leo Narducci, Shannon Rodgers) 
Holzman, Leslie (critic: Bill Smith, Ann Webster) 
House, Beverly R. 
Hubbard, Louise Ostling (critic: Calvin Klein, Bill Smith) 
Ingulli, Theresa Lucy (critic: Donna Karen, Ann Webster) 
Janoski, Janice J. (critic: Erika Elias) 
Jones, Eric A. (critic: Stanley Herman, John Weitz) 
Karul, Eve 
Kraskow, Tina E. (critic: Donna Karan, Erika Elias) 
Kravitz, Faye 
Lam, Izabel (critic: Adri, Calvin Klein, Chester Weinberg) 
Lisz, Gary K. (critic: Adri, Chester Weinberg, Erika Elias) 
London, Eleanor 
Maldonado Ramirez, Angel Luis (critic: Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Mares, Fernando 
Marsi, Rozann L. (critic: Donna Karan, Calvin Klein) 
McClure, Melissa Barrow (critic: Shannon Rodgers, Chester Weinberg) 
McKernan, Karen Elizabeth (critic: Bill Smith, Ann Webster) 
Miller, Susan 
Minkoff, Donna Sue (critic: Chester Weinberg, Bill Smith) 
Morales Falzone, Lourdes (critic: Ann Webster) 
Myers, C. (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Myer, Sandy 
Nagy, Margaret Ann 
Philpot, Michael (critic: Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Purvis, Pamela Ann 
Ragozzino, Gina M. (critic: Donald Brooks, Erika Elias) 
Refsnes, Lyndal Ruth (critic: Stanley Herman, Shannon Rodgers) 
Refsnes, Susan Marit (critic: Adri) 
Renick Jr., Charles M. (critic: Calvin Klein, Ann Webster) 
Roberts, Robyn (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Rosen, Nancy Joy (critic: Erika Elias) 
Rosenberg, Cindy Ceil 
Rotbard, Shaindl (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Santisi, Laura F. (critic: Anthony Muto, Ann Webster) 
Schindler, Arlene 
Schlimmeyer, Karen Lynn (critic: Shannon Rodgers) 
Shacter, Susan (critic: Calvin Klein, Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Shriber, Nancee Wells 
Shuster, Elena Iazzetti (critic: Bill Smith, Ellie Fishman) 
Silverstein, Elise (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Sinkowsky, Jean M. (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Sokoloski, Doreen (Dori) 
Sondern, Kathleen Elizabeth (critic: Shannon Rodgers, Erika Elias) 
Songvutinant, Voravit (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Spaziani, Jeanne 
Tonner, Robert A. (critic: Calvin Klein, Chester Weinberg, John Weitz, Ellie Fishman) 
Ts'o, Po Ping (critic: Ann Webster) 
Vartanian, Linda (critic: Ann Webster) 
Vitiello, Immaculate Judith 
Walwyn-Jones, Anne Elizabeth (critic: Kasper) 
Warakomski, Mary Beth (critic: Kasper, Leo Narducci) 
Waugh, Wendy (critic: Ann Webster) 
Michael, West [?] 
Wilkes, Sharon Rima 
Williams, Lavinia Rose (critic: John Weitz) 
Williams, Rebecca L. (critic: Chester Weinberg, Ellie Fishman) 
Wills, Nicola (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Winston, Marsha (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Wurtzell, Sara Jane (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Yoo, Chaiga (critic: Donna Karan) 
Ziangos, Angie 
Title Box Folder
1976  29 1-5
30 1
Albury, Ann (critic: Chester Weinberg, Shannon Rodgers) 
Alexander, Cynthia (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Allen, Christina (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Anzinger, Linda (critic: Kay Unger) 
Bacich, Nancy (critic: Ann Webster, Albert Capraro) 
Barbano, Karen (critic: Ann Webster) 
Beckwith, Bruce 
Beller, Laurie (critic: Donna Karan, Kasper) 
Brandt, Bill (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Christie, Pam (critic: Donna Karan, Liz Claiborne) 
Classen, Kimberly (critic: Ellie Fishman, Albert Capraro) 
Cohen, Sandee (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Colgan, Paula (critic: Anthony Muto, Donna Karan) 
Connelly, Gail (critic: Leo Narducci) 
Dane, Kim (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Diranian, Nancy (critic: Calvin Klein, Albert Capraro) 
Dwyer, Carolyn (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Eng, Melinda (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Essebag, Rose Ann (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Freuden, Gary (critic: Donna Karan) 
Garibaldi, Arlene 
Gordon, Kallie (critic: Piero Dimitri, Ann Webster) 
Graham, Kelly Stuart (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Groner, Karen (critic: Donna Karan, Chester Weinberg) 
Gross, Mitchell (critic: Ann Webster) 
Hall, Allison 
Heath, Carolyn (critic: Calvin Klein, Chester Weinberg) 
Henderson, Keith (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Hildreth, Anita (critic: Donna Karan, Ellie Fishman) 
Hischke, Marcia (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Hollar, Steve (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Hollingsworth, Michelle (critic: Kasper, Calvin Klein) 
House, Beverly (critic: Calvin Klein, Ellie Fishman) 
Inzucchi, Carmela (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Jaffe, Sharon (critic: Ann Webster) 
Jones, Donna (critic: Donna Karan) 
Jones, Eric (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Kallas, Ianthe (critic: Kay Unger, Ann Webster) 
Keeter, Bert (critic: Piero Dimitri) 
Kravitz, Fay (critic: Ann Webster) 
Kung, Flora (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Laura, Joan 
London, Eleanor (critic: Donna Karan, Shannon Rodgers, Kay Unger) 
Manley, Diane (critic: Ann Webster) 
McKinney, Colleen (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Meyer, Gene (critic: Ann Webster) 
Moseley, Barbara (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Nesbitt, Renee (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Neuville, Charlotte (critic: Ann Webster) 
Olninia, Louis (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Opengart, Jen (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Owen, Leslie 
Pastor, Patte (critic: Calvin Klein, Ann Webster) 
Pescatore, Joseph (critic: Ann Webster) 
Plonka, Frances (critic: Donna Karan) 
Purvis, Pamela (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Refsnes, Lyndal (critic: Leo Narducci) 
Roberts, Robyn (critic: Piero Dimitri) 
Rosen, Nancy (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Rosenberg, Cindy (critic: Donna Karan) 
Ross, Kathryn (critic: Donald Brooks, Calvin Klein, Albert Capraro) 
Rotbard, Shaindl (critic: David Muto) 
Sabol, David (critic: Donna Karan) 
Santisi, Laura (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Sboray, Wendy (critic: Donna Karan) 
Shriber, Nancee 
Sinkowsky, Jean (critic: Calvin Klein, Donald Brooks) 
Smalls, Lauren (critic: Albert Capraro, Calvin Klein, Leo Narducci) 
Sokolski, Doreen (critic: Leo Narducci) 
Songvutinant, Voravit (critic: Shannon Rodgers, Chester Weinberg) 
Spaziani, Jeanne (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Storck, Barbara 
Terrell, Elizabeth (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Tlach, Debbie (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Tomchesson, Lisa (critic: Anthony Muto, Chester Weinberg) 
Tripaldi, Mary Ann (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Ts'o, Po Ping (critic: Donna Karan) 
Vitiello, Immaculate (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Wallace, Melissa (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Wendel, Anita (critic: Kay Unger, Donald Brooks) 
Williams, Gail (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Wills, Nicola (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Wurtzell, Sara (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Title Box Folder
1977  30 2-5
31 1-2
Allen, Christina (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Bacich, Nancy (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Robert L. Green) 
Bartnett, Michele (critic: Larry Kane) 
Bocash, Keith (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Bubb, Brian (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Choi, Tina (critic: Larry Kane) 
Chung, Vivian (critic: Leo Narducci) 
Classen, Kimberly 
Colgan, Paula (critic: Albert Capraro, Donna Karan, Leo Narducci) 
Criscione, Jeanne (critic: Donald Brooks, Calvin Klein) 
Daddi, Sandra (critic: Donna Karan, Larry Kane) 
De Ovies, Lindsey (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Diaz, Gazzelle (critic: Robert L. Green) 
Emard, Kevin 
Essebag, Rose Ann (critic: Donald Brooks, Oscar de la Renta, Ellie Fishman) 
Feenberg, Carrie Sue (critic: Robert L. Green) 
Gabalis, Anne Marie (critic: Robert L. Green) 
Gjovik, Nick (critic: Robert L. Green) 
Goch, Fran (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Golden, Karyn (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Gomez, Juanita 
Graham, Kelly Stuart (critic: Chester Weinberg, Larry Kane) 
Grossman, Abby 
Hall, Allison (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Robert L. Green) 
Hanson, Steven 
Hollar, Steven (critic: Donald Brooks, Oscar de la Renta) 
Inzucchi, Carmela (critic: Albert Capraro, Calvin Klein) 
Jaffe, Sharon (critic: Patti Cappalli) 
Jones, Donna 
Kallas, Ianthe (critic: Patti Cappalli, Calvin Klein) 
Keeter, Bertram (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Larry Kane) 
Krascella, John Theodore,Jed (critic: Larry Kane) 
Kurtzman, Liz (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Lagendorf, Michele S. 
Laura, Joan (critic: Patti Cappalli) 
Lener, Linda (critic: Donna Karan, Ellie Fishman) 
Lipton, Carol 
Manley, Diane (critic: Calvin Klein, Leo Narducci, Ellie Fishman) 
Manring, Laura 
Marks, Susan (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan) 
Meyer, Eugene (critic: Albert Capraro, Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, Patti Cappalli) 
Middleton, Karen (critic: Donna Karan, Chester Weinberg) 
Nesbitt, Renee (critic: Patti Cappalli, Donna Karan, Leo Narducci) 
Neuville, Charlotte (critic: Donna Karan, Chester Weinberg) 
Opengart, Jen (critic: Jacques Tiffeau, Albert Capraro) 
Owen, Leslie (critic: Calvin Klein, Robert L. Green) 
Parkin, Garry 
Plonka, Frances (critic: Albert Capraro, Oscar de la Renta, Jacques Tiffeau) 
R., Lesley 
Rice, Donna Lee (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Roberts, Catherine (critic: Jacques Tiffeau) 
Sanchez, Beatriz (critic: Calvin Klein, Chester Weinberg) 
Sboray, Wendy (critic: Albert Capraro, Donna Karan, Robert L. Green) 
Scott, Barbara (critic: Robert L. Green) 
Silber, Dawn 
Smith, Cassandra Denise (critic: Patti Cappalli, Donna Karan, Leo Narducci) 
Sprauve, Denise (critic: Patti Cappalli, Calvin Klein) 
Storck, Barbara (critic: Patti Cappalli, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Tannehill, Terry (critic: Robert L. Green) 
Usherwood, Kathleen 
Wendel, Anita (critic: Jacques Tiffeau, Larry Kane, Albert Capraro) 
Wood, Douglas Jason (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Woskob, Laura (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Yim, Bonnie (critic: Ann Webster) 
Title Box Folder
1978  31 3-5
32 1-3
Akiyama, Christine 
Barone, Mary (critic: Albert Capraro, Kasper, Jacques Tiffeau, Ellie Fishman) 
Barraza, Monica 
Bartnett, Michele (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Bates, Hisla (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Borrero, Yvonne (critic: Donna Karan, Chester Weinberg, Ellie Fishman) 
Brown, Angela 
Bubb, Brian (critic: Albert Capraro, Kasper, Jacques Tiffeau, Ann Webster) 
Cheung, Peter 
Choi, Tina (critic: Albert Capraro, Kasper) 
Chung, Vivian (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Kasper, Jacques Tiffeau, Ellie Fishman) 
Comelli, Kathy 
Dewitt, Deirdre (critic: Ann Webster, Oscar de la Renta) 
Diaz, Gazzelle 
Eastmead, Tania (critic: Ann Webster) 
Felts, Tambi (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Foster, Danielle (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Fote, Deirdre 
Goch, Fran (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Kasper, Jacques Tiffeau) 
Golden, Karen, Karyn (critic: Donna Karan, Chester Weinberg) 
Goodsell, Xiomara (critic: Ann Webster, Ellie Fishman) 
Harmon, Andrea 
Hubbard, Karen (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Infantino, Tina 
Iscovitz, Debbie (critic: Ann Webster, Ellie Fishman) 
Jenks, Lisa (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Kapadia, Mahendra (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Kieckhefer, Sara (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Koe, Leighton 
Krascella, John Theodore (Jed) (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Lake, Linda 
Lee, Judy (critic: Albert Capraro, Kasper, Ann Webster) 
Lieberman, Diane 
Lipton, Carol (critic: Albert Capraro, Donna Karan, Chester Weinberg) 
Manring, Laura (critic: Donna Karan, Chester Weinberg) 
Maulding, Ann Marie (critic: Donna Karan, Ann Webster) 
Moreau, Shelley (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Murphy, Cressie 
Pescatore, Joseph (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Kasper, Ann Webster) 
Rosenfield, Ann (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Schaeffer, Audrey (critic: Ann Webster) 
Seto, George 
Silber, Dawn (critic: Albert Capraro, Kasper, Jacques Tiffeau, Ellie Fishman) 
Sinaiko, Amy (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Tanaka, Toru 
Usherwood, Kathleen (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Kasper) 
Valvo, Carmen (critic: Ellie Fishman, Ann Webster) 
Veir, Maggie (critic: Ann Webster) 
Weaver, Wendy (critic: Ann Webster) 
Wejman, Winifred (critic: Ann Webster) 
Williams, Stacey 
Wilson, Max (critic: Donna Karan) 
Wood, Douglas Jason (critic: Kasper) 
Wu, Vivian (critic: Ann Webster, Ellie Fishman) 
Yamaguchi, Eiko 
Yim, Bonnie (critic: Chester Weinberg, Ellie Fishman) 
Zilichikhis, Irene 
Title Box Folder
1979  32 4
33 1-5
Akiyama, Christine (critic: Albert Capraro, Charles Suppon) 
Barraza, Monica (critic: Charles Suppon) 
Bates, Hisla (critic: Albert Capraro, Charles Suppon, Ellie Fishman) 
Beebe, Susan 
Brown, Angela (model: Madonna, critic: Oscar de la Renta, Perry Ellis, Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Chermak, Ann 
Cheung, Peter (model: Madonna, critic: Oscar de la Renta, Chester Weinberg) 
Chin, Susan (model: Madonna, critic: Oscar de la Renta, Charles Suppon) 
Comelli, Kathleen (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Charles Suppon, Peter Goldfarb) 
Davis, James Allen (critic: Ann Webster) 
De Gamba, Raul (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
De Long, Claire (critic: Ann Webster) 
Doe, Susan (critic: Ann Webster) 
Doody, Laura (critic: Ann Webster) 
Doonan, Kathy (critic: Ann Webster) 
Feeley, Kathy (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Fisher, Wanda (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Gluck, Chris 
Goodsell, Xiomara (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Grimm, Linda (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Groenendaal, Patrick 
Harmon, Andrea (model: Madonna, critic: Ann Webster, Albert Capraro) 
Hawn, Sarah (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Hlinka, Anna (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Iaderosa, Christine 
Infantino, Tina (critic: Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Ip, Micheline 
Iscovitz, Debbie (critic: Oscar de la Renta) 
Jackson, Henry (model: Madonna) 
Jenks, Lisa (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Ann Webster) 
Kaupang, Roald (critic: Ann Webster) 
Kennedy, Yvonne 
Kieckhefer, Sara (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Kolflat, Gail (critic: Albert Capraro, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Ellie Fishman) 
Krieger, Kathy (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Linsky, Hillary (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Lubin, Carol (critic: Ann Webster) 
Marolakos, Laura (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Mauch, Melinda (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Mayberry, Paige (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Micklin, Nancy (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Mrenko, Cindy 
Murphy, Cressie (critic: Albert Capraro, Peter Goldfarb) 
Rodriguez, Javier 
Rosenfield, Ann (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Ellie Fishman) 
Salmons, Tena (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Saukovich, Dou (critic: Perry Ellis) 
Seto, George (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Sinaiko, Amy (critic: Chester Weinberg, Ellie Fishman) 
Socias, Evelyn (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Sorkow, Gail (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Stevens, Robbin (critic: Ann Webster) 
Stolman, Steven (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Sullivan, Robert (critic: Peter Goldfarb) 
Swiatek, John 
Szwede, Justyna (critic: Albert Capraro, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Charles Suppon, Ann Webster) 
Tokno, Patty 
Veir, Maggie (critic: Charles Suppon, Ann Webster) 
Wagner, Carol (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Walker, Ryun 
Weaver, Wendy (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Perry Ellis, Ellie Fishman) 
Williams, Blythe 
Wu, Vivien (critic: Albert Capraro, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Ann Webster) 
Title Box Folder
1980  34 1-5
35 1-2
Andrews, Bob 
Beebe, Susan (critic: Donald Brooks, Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, Ellie Fishman) 
Bentsen, Betty (critic: Ann Webster) 
Campagna, Anna Maria 
Chambers, Marcella (critic: Donna Karan) 
Chantrachareon, Varintra (critic: Bill Robinson) 
Chermak, Nina (critic: Donald Brooks, Oscar de la Renta) 
Chin, Clive (critic: Bill Robinson, Oscar de la Renta) 
Davis, James 
De Gamba, Raul (critic: Kasper, Ann Webster) 
De Jesus, Elizabeth (critic: Ann Webster) 
Depalo, Lisa (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Dietz, Kristin (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Dingman, Erica 
Doe, Susan (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Farkas, Nanci (critic: Donna Karan) 
Fujimura, Carol (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Bill Robinson) 
Ginis, Athena (model: Madonna, critic: Donald Brooks, Ann Webster) 
Gojaniuk, Mary 
Grimm, Linda (critic: Louis Dell'Olio, Donna Karan) 
Groenendaal, Patrick (critic: Donald Brooks, Donald Robinson) 
Guzetta, Paul (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Bill Robinson, Chester Weinberg) 
Hlinka, Anna (critic: Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Howard, Ellen 
Iaderosa, Christine (critic: Louis Dell'Olio, Kasper) 
Ip, Micheline (critic: Pauline Trigere) 
Kaupang, Roald (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan) 
Kennedy, Yvonne (critic: Kasper, Pauline Trigere) 
Krieger, Kathy (critic: Donna Karan, Ann Webster) 
Lake, David 
Linsky, Hillary (critic: Donna Karan) 
Marolakos, Laura (model: Madonna, critic: Donald Brooks, Kasper, Pauline Trigére) 
Micklin, Nancy (critic: Donna Karan, Ann Webster) 
Murphy, Jonathan (critic: Ann Webster) 
Pearce, Theresa (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Rastetter, Victoria 
Rodriguez, Javier (model: Madonna, critic: Pauline Trigére, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Rogers, Theresa (model: Madonna, critic: Ellie Fishman, Donald Brooks, Pauline Trigére) 
Roskowski, Debra (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Rossi, Elizabeth (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Sadler, Sonia (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Sanford, Sarah 
Sawaryn, David (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Sawaryn, David 
Schaeffer, Audrey (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Chester Weinberg, Ann Webster) 
Schmuki, Tina 
Schwarz, Thea (critic: Chester Weinberg, Ellie Fishman) 
Scully, Shannon (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Shapiro, Jackie 
Siegel, Karan (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Slowik, Steven 
Socias, Evelyn (critic: Donald Brooks, Bill Robinson, Chester Weinberg) 
Sorkow, Gail (critic: Donald Brooks, Chester Weinberg) 
Souter, Carrie (model: Madonna, critic: Ellie Fishman, Donald Brooks) 
Steffe, Cynthia (Cindy) 
Stevens, Robbin (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Stolman, Steven Sloat (critic: Donald Brooks, Ellie Fishman) 
Stone, Opal 
Sullivan, Robert (critic: Donald Brooks, Oscar de la Renta, Bill Robinson, Ellie Fishman) 
Sutton, Jeanne 
Swiatek, John (critic: Bill Robinson) 
Szostak, Barbara (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Ellie Fishman) 
Szwarce, Stephanie (critic: Anne Webster) 
Verlaque, Sue 
Wagner, Carol (model: Madonna, critic: Donna Karan) 
Walker, Ryun (critic: Donald Brooks, Donna Karan, Anne Webster) 
Ward, Suzanne 
Yi, Sukhui (critic: Donna Karan, Giorgio Di Sant'Angelo, Chester Weinberg, Kasper) 
Zilichikhis, Irene (model: Madonna, critic: Bea Wilson) 
Title Box Folder
1981  35 3-4
36 1-5
Adams, Peter (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Adsit, Rowena 
Akyavas, Mirgun (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Andrews, Bob (critic: Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Ellie Fishman) 
Atamian, Erin 
Bentsen, Betty (critic: Albert Capraro, Oscar de la Renta, Bea Wilson) 
Burman, Ross 
Campagna, Anna Maria (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Perry Ellis, Bea Wilson) 
Chung, Jane 
Depalo, Lisa (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Dietz, Kristin (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Chester Weinberg) 
Dillon, Kathryn (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein) 
Dingman, Erica (critic: Donna Karan, Bea Wilson) 
Elliot, Carol (critic: Bea Wilson) 
Grossman, Liz 
Herris, Marilyn (critic: Albert Capraro, Bea Wilson) 
Herzog, Claudia (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Hillman, Hilary 
Howard, Ellen (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Perry Ellis) 
Hughes, Belinda (critic: Bea Wilson) 
Humrick, Frank (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Kirilcuk, K. (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Koesterer, Colleen 
Lake, David (critic: Perry Ellis, Bea Wilson) 
Lau, Diana (critic: Bea Wilson) 
Lau, Ellen (critic: Bea Wilson) 
Lee, Heather (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Legere, Robert (critic: Bea Wilson) 
Maloy, Mary Jane 
Martinez, Juan Diego (critic: Albert Capraro, Perry Ellis) 
Mauch, Melinda (critic: Calvin Klein, Ellie Fishman) 
Mizrahi, Isaac (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Mrenko, Cindy (critic: Perry Ellis, Chester Weinberg) 
Murphy, Jonathan (critic: Albert Capraro, Calvin Klein, Bea Wilson) 
Mussenden, Isis (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
O'Donnell, Lynn (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Peyser, Anita (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Pfeffer, Daniel 
Rastetter, Victoria (critic: Albert Capraro, Bea Wilson) 
Robinson, Marcia (critic: Bea Wilson) 
Rodriguez, Narciso 
Romano, Lenor (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Roskowski, Debra (critic: Donna Karan, Chester Weinberg) 
Rossi, Elizabeth (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Sadler, Sonia (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Schmuki, Tina (critic: Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Chester Weinberg) 
Scully, Shannon (critic: Albert Capraro, Calvin Klein) 
Shapiro, Jackie (critic: Donna Karan) 
Slowick, Steven (critic: Albert Capraro, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Bea Wilson) 
Smurr, Steven (critic: Bea Wilson) 
Soong, Nani (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Souza, Lynne Allison (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Sovinski, Linda (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Spaniel, Jacquelin (critic: Bea Wilson) 
Speliopoulos, Peter 
Steffe, Cynthia (critic: Albert Capraro, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein) 
Stone, Opal (critic: Donna Karan, Ellie Fishman) 
Stroebel, K. 
Sui, Michael 
Sutton, Jeanne (critic: Perry Ellis, Donna Karan) 
Szwarce, Stephanie (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Verlaque, Sue (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein) 
Ward, Suzanne (critic: Perry Ellis, Donna Karan, Chester Weinberg, Ellie Fishman) 
Wilcox, Shonna (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Wilkerson, Edward 
Wilson, Tina (critic: Perry Ellis, Donna Karan, Bea Wilson) 
Wong, Anthony (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Wright, Marjorie (critic: Ellie Fishman) 
Wuersch, Katherine 
Young, David (critic: Perry Ellis) 
Title Box Folder
1982  37 1-5
38 1
Adams, Peter (critic: Albert Capraro, Frank Massendrea) 
Atamian, Erin (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Burman, Ross (critic: Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta) 
Chui, May (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Chung, Jane (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Crouse, Sharon (critic: Izabel Lam) 
Elliot, Carol (critic: Frank Massendrea) 
Gibson, Lauren 
Grossman, Liz (critic: Izabel Lam) 
Henderson, Gordon 
Herzog, Claudia (critic: Izabel Lam, Frank Massendrea) 
Hillman, Hilary (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Chester Weinberg) 
Hinderberger, Katia (critic: Frank Massendrea, Izabel Lam) 
Humrick, Frank (critic: Calvin Klein, Chester Weinberg) 
Kirilcuk, Katarina (critic: Donna Karan, Albert Capraro) 
Kisler, Scott (critic: Izabel Lam) 
Koesterer, Colleen (critic: Donna Karan) 
Lau, Diana (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Lau, Ellen (critic: Donna Karan) 
Lee, Heather (critic: Donna Karan) 
Legere, Robert (critic: Albert Capraro, Oscar de la Renta) 
Maloy, Mary Jane (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
McGee, Shawna (critic: Donna Karan) 
Mitchell, Gail (critic: Izabel Lam) 
Mizrahi, Isaac (critic: Donna Karan, Chester Weinberg) 
Mussenden, Isis (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
O'Donnell, Lynn (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Olson, Lisa (critic: Izabel Lam) 
Peyser, Anita (critic: Oscar de la Renta) 
Pfeffer, Daniel (critic: Oscar de la Renta, Izabel Lam) 
Robinson, Marcia G (critic: Frank Massendrea) 
Rodriguez, Narciso (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Smurr, Steven (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Soong, Nani (critic: Albert Capraro, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein) 
Sovinski, Linda (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Spaniel, Jacqueline (critic: Donna Karan) 
Speliopoulos, Peter and Bill Rancitelli (critic: Oscar de la Renta) 
Speliopoulos, Peter (critic: Calvin Klein, Chester Weinberg) 
Sui, Michael (critic: Calvin Klein, Albert Capraro, Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan) 
Wilcox, Shonna 
Wilkerson, Edward (critic: Frank Massendrea, Ilie Wacs) 
Wong, Anthony (critic: Frank Massendrea) 
Wright, Marjorie (critic: Izabel Lam, Frank Massendrea, Calvin Klein) 
Wuersch, Katherine (critic: Adri) 
1983  38 2-5
Aikens, Mark (critic: Donald Brooks, Michaele Vollbracht) 
Berzner, Mitchell (critic: Albert Capraro, Chester Weinberg) 
Brower, Mark Emmet (critic: Perry Ellis) 
Brown, Thomas Lee (critic: Donna Karan, Donald Brooks) 
Burns, Valerie Lea (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Chin, Alvin (critic: Albert Capraro, Chester Weinberg, Perry Ellis) 
Chow, Tina (critic: Izabel Lam, Adri) 
Dietshe, Karen (critic: Ilie Wacs, Ellis Perry) 
Driskill, Ann (critic: Izabel Lam, Chester Weinberg, Adri) 
El, Margaret (critic: Albert Capraro, Perry Ellis, Donald Brooks) 
Frawley, William (critic: Donald Brooks, Donna Karan, Ilie Wacs, Albert Capraro) 
Garcia, Albert (critic: Adri) 
Garvin, Catherine (critic: Adri) 
Harris, Melody (critic: Donald Brooks, Ilie Wacs) 
Henderson, Gordon (critic: Perry Ellis, Donna Karan, Adri) 
Hopkins, Mark (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Howe, Robin (critic: Adri, Donna Karan) 
Kim, Yungmi (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Ilie Wacs, Donald Brooks) 
Landauer, David (critic: Izabel Lam, Adri) 
Lilore, Anthony (critic: Perry Ellis, Michaele Vollbracht, Ilie Wacs) 
Lombardo, Francesca (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Martin, Dawn (critic: Perry Ellis, Donald Brooks) 
Meyers, Randal (critic: Izabel Lam, Perry Ellis) 
Miller, Carol (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Moore, Susan (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Neighbour, Maya (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Nizberg, Alla (critic: Ilie Wacs, Donald Brooks) 
Pfendler, David (critic: Albert Capraro, Perry Ellis, Donna Karan, Donald Brooks) 
Robinson, Brent (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Rybak, Marina (critic: Ilie Wacs, Adri) 
Supple, Audrey (critic: Donald Brooks, Albert Capraro, Ilie Wacs) 
Toy, Amy (critic: Chester Weinberg, Donald Brooks) 
Wolpert, Amy (critic: Donna Karan, Gloria Sachs) 
Title Box Folder
1984  39 1-4
40 1
Alberti, Lillian 
Bailey, Skye (critic: Chester Weinberg, Ilie Wacs) 
Batiste, Fernadetrea (Fern) (critic: Kasper) 
Bowler, Kerry (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Adri) 
Bowley, Beth (critic: Donald Brooks, Michaele Vollbracht) 
Chambers, Michelle (critic: Kasper, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Chang-Lima, Charles (critic: Donna Karan, Donald Brooks) 
Cheng, Shirley (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Kasper, Donald Brooks) 
Choi, Myunghaw (critic: Perry Ellis, Adri) 
Churchill, Debra (critic: Donald Brooks, Perry Ellis, Michaele Vollbracht) 
Cornelius, Andre (critic: Albert Capraro, Donald Brooks) 
Creech, Ruth (critic: Donna Karan) 
Deming, Lori (critic: Adri) 
Fisch, Judith (critic: Donald Brooks, Chester Weinberg) 
Hansen, Eric (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Hor, Margaret (critic: Gloria Sachs, Chester Weinberg) 
Isles, Christina (critic: Donna Karan) 
Jacobs, Marc (critic: Perry Ellis, Chester Weinberg) 
Kim, Anne (critic: Kasper) 
Kim, Hang Ja (critic: Adri) 
Kroszkewicz, Cheryl (critic: Donald Brooks, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Albert Capraro) 
Lamela, Viviana (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Larson, Esther (critic: Kasper, Ilie Wacs, Donald Brooks) 
Latorre, Dora (critic: Albert Capraro, Donald Brooks) 
Lazic, Olivera (critic: Albert Capraro, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Donald Brooks) 
Lee, Hye (critic: Gloria Sachs) 
Lee, Leena (critic: Chester Weinberg) 
Lee, Milim Michelle (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Lee, Ryoung (critic: Albert Capraro, Donald Brooks) 
Louie, Susan (critic: Perry Ellis, Donna Karan, Michaele Vollbracht, Kasper) 
Mancuso, Mary (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Martin, Susan (critic: Perry Ellis, Donald Brooks) 
Michales, Kevin (critic: Gloria Sachs, Michaele Vollbracht, Chester Weinberg) 
Misoul, Helen (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Reese, Tracy (critic: Gloria Sachs, Michaele Vollbracht) 
Roytberg, Alina (critic: Ilie Wacs, Donald Brooks) 
Ruch, Elizabeth (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Gloria Sachs) 
Smith, Cynthia (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Gloria Sachs) 
Sorce, Rita (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Talcott, Amy (critic: Donna Karan, Adri) 
Toi, See Zang (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Donald Brooks) 
Van Zuiden, Marybeth (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Witkewicz, David (critic: Perry Ellis, Donald Brooks) 
Yoo, Mi-Ryung (critic: Donna Karan, Ilie Wacs, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Yuen, Susan (critic: Adri) 
Zurcher, Ariane (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Adri) 
Title Box Folder
1985  40 2-4
41 1
Adams, Delana (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Alexander, Paul (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Alexander, Paul and Elizabeth Kohler (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Badgley, Mark (critic: Calvin Klein, Donald Brooks) 
Badgley, Mark and Lauren Davidson (critic: Calvin Klein, Donald Brooks) 
Bowers, Katharine (critic: Calvin Klein, Adri) 
Carranza, Ramses (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Culpepper, Cheryl (critic: Robert Tonner, Adri) 
Davidson, Ebony (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Davidson, Lauren (critic: Robert Tonner, Donald Brooks) 
Deluca, Anna (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Gloria Sachs) 
Diaz, Pablo (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Feng, Lien (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Foteh, Diana (critic: Adri) 
Garcia, Kathleen (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Gertz, Geoffrey (critic: Calvin Klein, Michaele Vollbracht, Adri) 
Gorfinkle, Anne (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Gray, Jeffrey (critic: Calvin Klein, Willi Smith, Adri) 
Gross, Lynelle (critic: Donald Brooks, Ilie Wacs, Jeffrey Banks) 
Hayes, James (critic: Donald Brooks, Willi Smith, Adri) 
Isard, Anni (critic: Adri) 
Ishida, Annette (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Jennings, Levi (critic: Willi Smith, Robert Tonner) 
Kawakami, Hiroko (critic: Ilie Wacs, Gloria Sachs) 
Kledal, Nina (critic: Adri) 
Kohler, Elizabeth (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Donald Brooks) 
Krebs, Vivien (critic: Gloria Sachs, Michaele Vollbracht, Calvin Klein) 
Kwiatkowski, Jerry (critic: Willi Smith, Calvin Klein) 
Liu, Helen (critic: Willi Smith) 
Lopez, Mercedes (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Mac, John (critic: Willi Smith, Ilie Wacs) 
Macdonald, Victoria (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Maher, Clark (critic: Robert Tonner, Donald Brooks) 
Masi, Victoria (critic: Calvin Klein, Robert Tonner, Jeffrey Banks) 
Mischka, James (critic: Willi Smith, Donald Brooks) 
Moyer, Susanna (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Ilie Wacs, Donald Brooks) 
Newlander, Chris (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Donald Brooks) 
Raynus, Helen (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Gloria Sachs) 
Rodorigo, Danielle (critic: Adri) 
Ryavec-Sevoian, Karen (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Silver, Janine (critic: Robert Tonner, Donald Brooks) 
Smith, Kyle (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Donald Brooks) 
Sternbach, Adam (critic: Willi Smith, Michaele Vollbracht) 
Storgion, Joni (critic: Ilie Wacs, Jeffrey Banks) 
Turtu, Anthony (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Donald Brooks) 
Vincent, Elaine (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, Gloria Sachs, Donald Brooks) 
Winston, Mary Quincy (critic: Robert Tonner, Jeffrey Banks) 
Yusim, Galina (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Title Box Folder
1986  41 2-4
42 1-2
Unidentified (critic: Donna Karan) 
Acton, Tana Marie (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Acton, Tana Marie and Marie-Danielle Cote (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Beck, Catrin (critic: Calvin Klein, Donald Brooks) 
Beck, Catrin and Caroline Elimanco (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Benton, Kimberly Je'Neane (critic: Adri) 
Berkowitz, Michael Henry (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Ilie Wacs) 
Bernays, Anne Harris (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Bunts, Zsa Zsa 
Canter, Nina Marya (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Catalina, Mary (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Chen, Esther (critic: Louis Dell'Ollio, Donna Karan, Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Chiu, Shui-Lin (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Chiu, Shui-Lin and Ana Lemus (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Chung, Aehee (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Chung, Aehee and Maryellen Mullarkey (critic: Adri) 
Concepcion, Teresita (critic: Donald Brooks, Louis Dell'Ollio) 
Copeland, Erin (critic: Louis Dell'Ollio) 
Cote, Marie-Danielle (critic: Louis Dell'Ollio) 
DeArmas, Leonardo A. (critic: Donald Brooks) 
DeArmas, Leonardo A. and Pei-Jyun Tsai (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Eduardo, Alejandrina (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Eduardo, Alejandrina and Leisa Raimer (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Elimanco, Carolyn (critic: Willi Smith) 
Escalera, Robert (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Freeman, Janet Lynn (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Gibson, Suzanna Jane (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Goldstein, Elena (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Green, Margaret Ruth (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Greengus, Judith Leah (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Frank Rizzo) 
Hakamaki, Junichi 
Hakamaki, Junichi and Joyce Michel (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Harada, Miki (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Jenkins, Amy C. (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Adri) 
Jessup, Jerome Maron (critic: Donna Karan, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Johnson, Meryl A (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Kaminker, Sofia (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Kaminker, Sofia and Jalyme Ossorio (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Lemus, Ana (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Lill, Barbara Marie (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Lill, Barbara Marie and Steinunn Sigurdardottir (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Lim, Alice H. (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Lopez, Rosa Delia (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Lucas, Faith Ann (critic: Adri) 
McDowell, Katherine Carol (critic: Donna Karan, Albert Capraro) 
Michel, Joyce Marie (critic: Calvin Klein, Willi Smith) 
Mullarkey, Maryellen (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Murray, Cecilia Ann (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Negron, Beth A. (critic: Willi Smith, Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Newman, Shawna G (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Donald Brooks) 
Ocello, Elise (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Calvin Klein) 
Ossorio, Jalyme (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Perez Rodriquez, Margarita (critic: Willi Smith, Ilie Wacs) 
Raimer, Leisa A (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Reyes, Toma (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Rodriguez, Mario J. (critic: Calvin Klein, Summer Karan) 
Senar, Allyson (critic: Louis Dell'Ollio) 
Shields, Kelley P (critic: Adri) 
Sigurdardottir, Steinunn (critic: Calvin Klein, Albert Capraro) 
Smith, Saundra (critic: Willi Smith) 
Sun, John (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Tan, Choo-Tiang (critic: Donald Brooks, Adri) 
Tang, Lily (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Teng, Terence T.C. (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Timlin, Dawn Rachel (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Toro, Amelia (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Truitt, Sarah Robinson (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Tsai, Pei-Jyun (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Tung, Juliana (critic: Donna Karan, Willi Smith) 
Van Eaton, Deborah Suzanne (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Votta, Marlene Joan (critic: Albert Capraro, Michaele Vollbracht) 
Wilding, Kelli (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Yoo, Jackie (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Zuppani, Ann Marie (critic: Sabrina) 
Title Box Folder
1987  42 3-4
43 1-4
44 1
Unidentified (critic: Donna Karan) 
Adelman, Ghari (critic: Patricia Pastor) 
Andersson, Annica (critic: Willi Smith, Patricia Pastor) 
Apostolides, Pauline (critic: Donna Karan) 
Bayne, Betsy (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Bayne, Betsy and Stephanie Von Watzdorf (critic: Adri) 
Belkin, Irina (critic: Cindy Steffe, Donald Brooks) 
Belkin, Irina and Gigi Bueno (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Berman, Alla (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Patricia Pastor) 
Berman, JoAnn (critic: Adri) 
Bober, Margarita (critic: Carole Little) 
Bosman, Jane (critic: Donna Karan) 
Brewer, Felecia L. (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Adri) 
Brown, Patricia Anne (critic: Elaine Pedlar, Cynthia Steffe, Calvin Klein) 
Bueno, Ligia Gigi Anne (critic: Carole Little, Albert Capraro) 
Caskey, Kristin (critic: Patricia Pastor, Donald Brooks) 
Caskey, Kristin and Barb Schwaitzer (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Catinchi, Kathryn (critic: Donna Karan, Carmelo Pomodoro, Jeffrey Banks) 
Chang, Dong-Rim (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Chang, Sandy Sun Hye (critic: Adri) 
Chang, Stephanie H.S. (critic: Ilie Wacs, Carole Little) 
Chavan, Sangita Renay (critic: Ilie Wacs, Calvin Klein) 
Cohen, Sherry Renay (critic: Willi Smith, Albert Capraro) 
Cooper, Martin Douglass (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Davis, Adrianne and Cara Verne Enteles (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Davis, Adrianne (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
DeHaan, Inga (critic: Donna Karan) 
DeLuca, Denise (critic: Carol Little, Willi Smith) 
Enteles, Cara Verne (critic: Willi Smith) 
Franco, Isaac (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Fung, Alex (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Adri) 
Fung, Alex and Alan Tang (critic: Adri) 
Gertner, Joy Lenore (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Gerzon, Marina Victoria (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Donald Brooks) 
Gill, Patricia T. (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Donald Brooks) 
Goldberg, Bruce (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Green, Margaret and Carolyn Meyer (critic: Adri) 
Haendler, Marcela (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Willi Smith) 
Hazlett, Valerie (critic: Cindy Steffe) 
Howell, Donald (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Johnson, Carol (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Donald Brooks) 
Kennedy, Andrea Kelley (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Cynthia Steffe, Albert Capraro) 
Kim, Patty (critic: Ilie Wacs, Albert Capraro) 
Kim, Zeehwa (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Kornbluh, Laura Lyn (critic: Carole Little, Calvin Klein) 
Kornbluh, Laura Lyn and Susan Mosey (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Kuipers, Judith (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Albert Capraro) 
Kwak, Sun Sook (critic: Carole Little) 
Lee, Linda (critic: Ilie Wacs) 
Lee, Me Dong (critic: Adri) 
Lee, Sukkoo (critic: Donna Karan, Albert Capraro) 
Lee, Sylvia (critic: Cindy Steffe, Donald Brooks) 
Lee, Sylvia and Jean Young (critic: Carole Little) 
Leon, Sonia Ivette (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Lewon, Christian Wilhelm (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Lipscomb, Curtis (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Mahshie, Jeffrey Todd (critic: Donna Karan, Carole Little) 
McKay, Andrea Martez (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Meisels, Bonnie G. (critic: Willi Smith, Donald Brooks) 
Mettler, Maurice Matthew (critic: Donna Karan, Michaele Vollbracht) 
Metzinger, Stephen Mark (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Meyer, Carolyn (critic: Carol Little) 
Middendorf, Mark (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Mosey, Susan Barnes (critic: Patricia Pastor) 
Pedlar, Elaine (critic: Adri) 
Raff, Jill R. (critic: Calvin Klein, Albert Capraro) 
Rathkopf, Ann Elizabeth 
Rosas, Linda (critic: Patricia Pastor) 
Rosas Linda, and Diane Wendt (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Schwaitzer, Barb (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Steinsen, Vera 'Osk (critic: Ilie Wacs, Jeffrey Banks) 
Tang, Alan (critic: Willi Smith, Patricia Pastor) 
Thulin, Barbara (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Van Houtven, Romana 
Vega, Lorenzo Arboleda (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Willi Smith) 
Viglucci, Lisa A. (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Von Watzdorf, Stephanie Marie Louise 
Waldrop, Stephen Mark (critic: Adri, Donald Brooks, Patricia Pastor, Michaele Vollbracht) 
Wallrabe, Jorg (critic: Ilie Wacs, Cindy Steffe) 
Wendt, Diane Lorraine (critic: Patricia Pastor) 
Williams, Susan Erick (critic: Patricia Pastor, Jeffrey Banks) 
Young, Jean Chinwah (critic: Adri) 
Zazzi, Theresa (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Donald Brooks) 
Title Box Folder
1988  44 2-4
45 1-2
Adames, Douglas (critic: Donna Karan) 
Aguilar, Cristina and George Michalakis (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Babieradzki, Eva (critic: Carole Little, Patricia Pastor) 
Bjurstrom, Laura (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Donald Brooks) 
Bjurstrom, Laura and Angie Hernandez (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Buser, Sabina (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Buser, Sabina and Debbie Sands (critic: Carole Little) 
Cappalli, Lisa (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Cappalli, Lisa and Michelle Freedman (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Chennault, Barbara J. 
Chung, Jane (critic: Donna Karan) 
Coffindaffer, Michael (critic: Patricia Pastor) 
Di Napoli, Lisa (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Dyer, Ruth (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Erickson, Bradley (critic: Patricia Pastor, Bill Robinson, Albert Capraro) 
Estarellas, Ivonne (critic: Carolyne Roehm) 
Farah, Timothy 
Francer, Istvan (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Freedman, Michelle (critic: Patricia Pastor) 
Ginsberg, Iris (critic: Carole Little) 
Griffin, Scott (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Griffin, Scott and Gary Markle (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Grigorian, Lalique (critic: Carolyn Roehm, Adrienne Vittadini) 
Grinberg, Jeannette 
Grossman, Kim and Karen Lam (critic: Donna Karan) 
Gunnerson, Linda (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Donald Brooks) 
Hahn, Bettina (critic: Carolyn Roehm, Michaele Vollbracht) 
Haller, Kim (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Hernandez, Angie (critic: Donna Karan) 
Hillman, Julie (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Albert Capraro) 
Hurley, Pam (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Hurley, Pam and Kathy Smith (critic: Adri) 
Karhunen, Pirkko (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Karhunen, Pirkko and Michael O'Donnell (critic: Carolyne Roehm) 
Lam, Karen (critic: Bill Robinson) 
Lee, Mikyung (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Lee, Mikyung and Chieko Otani (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Luna, Evelyn (critic: Carole Little) 
Mageski, Kathy (critic: Adri) 
Markle, Gary (critic: Donna Karan, Adri) 
Matsui, Meg 
Michalakis, George (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Mundy, Jane (critic: Patricia Pastor, Adri) 
Negut, Catrinel (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Noh, Miyong (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Jeffrey Banks) 
Otani, Chieko (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Park, Yoonjung (critic: Donna Karan) 
Plasai, Chutchai (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Albert Capraro) 
Ponti, Carlo (critic: Donna Karan) 
Raftopoulos, Elizabeth 
Rankins, Syd (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Rosner, Kim 
Roth, Liz (critic: Carole Little) 
Rowe, Devin (critic: Carole Little) 
Sanchez, Rosa (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Sands, Debbie (critic: Adrienne Vittadini) 
Seeley, Kate 
Simonelli, Caggie (critic: Adri) 
Smith, Kathleen 
Son, Pearl H. (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Svidal, Kevin (critic: Bill Robinson) 
Tanovitz, Erica (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Tsypina, Tsetsilia (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Urrutia, Carlos (critic: Donald Brooks, Albert Capraro, Patricia Pastor) 
Walker, Merrill J. (critic: Donna Karan) 
Walko, Tom (critic: Bill Robinson, Jeffrey Banks) 
Wang, Nancy (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Title Box Folder
1989  45 3-5
46 1-4
Aguilar, Christina (critic: Frank Rizzo, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Aronian, Peri (critic: Donna Karan, Donald Brooks) 
Aronian, Peri and Mimi Merkin (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Barnowske, Robert (critic: Isaac Mizrahi, Adri) 
Becker, Klaudia (critic: Carole Little) 
Benedetto, Dorene (critic: Isaac Mizrahi, Donald Brooks) 
Benedetto, Dorene and Tammy Dorman (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Boulerice, Lisa (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Brinkman, Laurel (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Brunialti, Alessandra (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Brunialti, Alessandra, Beth Gregory and Nathan Laffin (critic: Marc Jacobs) 
Cabrera, Sylma (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Capati, Anne Marie (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Carbone, Franco (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Chiang, Ser-Yun (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Chloe, Sung Ah (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Chloe, Sung Ah and Naomi Sasaki (critic: Rozann Marsi) 
Choi, Shin-Kyung (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Choi, Shin-Kyung and Curie Park (critic: Isaac Mizrahi) 
Coleman, Michelle (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Coleman, Michelle and Gina De Domenico (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Cruz, Sherla (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Daugherty, Leigh (critic: Frank Rizzo, Jeffrey Banks) 
Daugherty, Leigh and Daniele Worth (critic: Marc Jacobs) 
De Domenico, Gina (critic: Bob Mackie, Jeffrey Banks) 
Dillon, Bevin (critic: Frank Rizzo, Marc Jacobs) 
Dorman, Tammy (critic: Bob Mackie, Frank Rizzo) 
Dundas, Peter (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Escobar, Juan Carlos (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Farah, Timothy (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Farmer, Charles,Ciano (critic: Marc Jacobs) 
Faye, Alan (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Fernandez, Ruth (critic: Carole Little) 
Fillmore, Elizabeth (critic: Bob Mackie, Charlotte Neuville) 
Frontin, Gillian Nichole (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Frontin, Gillian, Regina Jung, Glenda Munoz and J.J. Shin (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Gregory, Beth (critic: Donna Karan, Cynthia Steffe) 
Highly, David (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Holilokk, Einar (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Huang, Katherine (critic: Frank Rizzo, Rozann Marsi) 
Jauner, Andre (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Jung, Regina (critic: Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Kim, Ji Hi (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Kim, So Yon (critic: Frank Rizzo, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
King, Catherine (critic: Marc Jacobs, Donald Brooks) 
King, Catherine, Andrea Russell and Patricia Townsend (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Kolidas, Katherine (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Laffin, Nathan (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Lam, Julia (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Lam, Julia, Christine Radcliffe and Joanie Schlafer (critic: Marc Jacobs) 
Lefcourt, Nancy (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Letson, Kathryn (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Lew, Madeline (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Lew, Madeline and George Michalakis (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Marcano, Julio (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Marrese, Maureen, Atsushi Takekushi, Miyuki Takahasi and Kaoru Toriami (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Mercado, Claudia (critic: Frank Rizzo, Marc Jacobs) 
Merkin, Mimi (critic: Donna Karan) 
Michalakis, George (critic: Bob Mackie) 
Molin, Eva (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Donald Brooks) 
Morgan, Lael (critic: Donna Karan, Isaac Mizrahi, Charlotte Neuville) 
Munoz, Glenda (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Nishi, Monica (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Nishikawa, Eiji (critic: Bob Mackie) 
Olivero, Jose (critic: Bob Mackie) 
Park, Curie (critic: Bill Robinson) 
Payne, Andrew (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Peters, Melissa (critic: Bill Robinson, Carole Little) 
Pour-Azar, Michan (critic: Frank Rizzo, Donald Brooks) 
Pour-Azar, Michan and Wendra Raley (critic: Carole Little) 
Radcliffe, Christine (critic: Isaac Mizrahi, Frank Rizzo) 
Raley, Wendra (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Robinson, Patrick (critic: Frank Rizzo, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo) 
Rockel, Tammy (critic: Rozann Marsi) 
Rogat, Tanya (critic: Frank Rizzo, Carole Little) 
Russell, Andrea (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Sammaritano, Francesca (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Sammaritano, Francesca and Hai Kyung Yoon (critic: Carole Little) 
Sasaki, Naomi (critic: Charlotte Neuville, Adri) 
Schlafer, Joanie (critic: Bob Mackie) 
Schwartz, Martin (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Donna Karan) 
Shin, Jeong-Ju (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Suh, You-You (critic: Donna Karan) 
Takahashi, Miyuki (critic: Isaac Mizrahi, Rozann Marsi) 
Takekoshi, Atsushi (critic: Bill Robinson, Adri) 
Tanabe, Miki (critic: Carole Little, Donna Karan) 
Tanbara, Merilee (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Tehranchi, Hila (critic: Adri) 
Toriumi, Kaoru (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Adri) 
Townsend, Patricia (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Marc Jacobs) 
Vidinha, Sandra 
Vizoso, Bridget (critic: Adri) 
Wang, Helen (critic: Donna Karan, Frank Rizzo) 
Worth, Danielle (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Yang, Ya-Sue (critic: Donna Karan) 
Yoon, Hai Kyung (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Title Box Folder
1990  46 5
47 1-5
48 1
Acevedo, Magnolia (critic: Gordon Henderson, Donald Brooks) 
Acevedo, Magnolia and Sophia Gergatsoulis (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Albuquerque, Lucia (critic: Adri) 
Albuquerque, Lucia and Eunice Kim (critic: Marc Jacobs) 
Alleman, Elisabeth (critic: Donald Brooks, Frank Rizzo, Michael Kors) 
Arze, Anita (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Adri) 
Ayer, Debra S. (critic: Gordon Henderson) 
Bassett, Samuel (critic: Bill Robinson, Charlotte Neuville) 
Biribin, Elaine (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Bohlin, Eve (critic: Adri) 
Bohlin, Eve and Ellen Enders (critic: Isaac Mizrahi) 
Brady, Marsha (critic: Albert Capraro, Michael Kors) 
Brucker, Astrid (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Checo, Ana Z. (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Cho, Nam (critic: Adri) 
Cho, Nam and Mary Mosmann (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Choi, Sook Young (critic: Frank Rizzo, Donald Brooks) 
Chong, Stacy (critic: Frank Rizzo, Donna Karan) 
Christensen, Kimberly (critic: Adri) 
Chung, Jane (critic: Donna Karan, Donald Brooks) 
Cole, Sandee (critic: Michael Kors) 
Cole, Sandee and Jean-Ralph Thurin (critic: Michael Kors) 
Colorado, Ana Maria (critic: Rebecca Moses, Frank Rizzo) 
Cornelius, Cabeth (critic: Adri) 
Cotton, Suzanne (critic: Albert Capraro, Frank Rizzo) 
Cox, Christopher (critic: Bill Robinson) 
Doss, Lawry (critic: Frank Rizzo, Marc Jacobs) 
Enders, Ellen (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Fang, Hui-Chih (critic: Bill Robinson, Charlotte Neuville) 
Flanagan, Suzanne (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Garcia, Carmen (critic: Donna Karan) 
Gee, Danny (critic: Marc Jacobs) 
Gergatsoulis, Sophia (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Illers, Doreen (critic: Bill Robinson) 
Jonckheer, Jules (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Kim, Eunice (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Donna Karan) 
Kim, Sun-Hee (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Krauss, Michael (critic: Michael Kors) 
Kuperstein, Marina (critic: Gordon Henderson) 
Kwong, Susanna (critic: Rebecca Moses, Isaac Mizrahi) 
Lam, Derrick (critic: Charlotte Neuville, Rebecca Moses) 
Ledden, Adrienne (critic: Marc Jacobs) 
Lengyel, Amy (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Luft, Kirsten (critic: Frank Rizzo, Donna Karan) 
Lyons, Jenna (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Marrese, Lisa and Haruki Tamura (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Marrese, Lisa (critic: Michael Kors) 
McCabe, Kelli (critic: Gordon Henderson) 
McCann, Jennifer R. (critic: Donna Karan, Gordon Henderson) 
Mendez, Robert (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Mintz, Jodi (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Donald Brooks) 
Mora, Tom (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Mora, Tom and Michael Ward (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Mosmann, Mary (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Niceforo, Kathy (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Donald Brooks) 
Nock, Meredith and Melissa Zamarripa (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Nock, Meredith (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Oh, Youngmee (critic: Gordon Henderson) 
Patrick, Adrienne (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Paulino, Ramona (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Pena, Freddy J. (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Pergament, Michelle (critic: Bill Robinson, Michael Kors) 
Rado, Stephanie (critic: Rebecca Moses, Frank Rizzo) 
Rankins, Odell Sydney (critic: Rebecca Moses) 
Ravelo, Giovanni (critic: Marc Jacobs) 
Regan, Isadora (critic: Adri) 
Rodriguez, Lester (critic: Albert Capraro, Donald Brooks) 
Russell, Tom and Fan Wu (critic: Louis Dell'Olio, Adri) 
Sigmarsdottir, Hanna (critic: Rebecca Moses) 
Sigridarson, Kristinn (critic: Gordon Henderson) 
Son, Pearl H. (critic: Isaac Mizrahi, Frank Rizzo) 
Spence, Michelle (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Su, Ying (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Su, Ying and Michelle Varian (critic: Donna Karan) 
Suen, Karen W. (critic: Albert Capraro, Donald Brooks) 
Surdal, Elizabeth (critic: Louis Dell'Olio, Frank Rizzo) 
Tadros, Leila (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Tamura, Haruki (critic: Bill Robinson) 
Taylor, Courtney (critic: Adri) 
Thurin, Jean-Ralph (critic: Albert Capraro, Michael Kors) 
Timberlake, John (critic: Bill Robinson, Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Tsai, Terry Yu (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Isaac Mizrahi) 
Varain, Michele (critic: Rebecca Moses) 
Vega, Atilano (critic: Frank Rizzo, Jeffrey Banks) 
Ward, Michael (critic: Donna Karan, Frank Rizzo) 
Wolfe, Brooke (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Wu, Fan (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Yeh, Barbara (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Adri) 
Zamarripa, Melissa (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Badgley Mischka) 
Title Box Folder
1991  48 2-6
49 1-2
Barnowitz, Michelle (critic: Calvin Klein) 
Best, Robert (critic: Charlotte Neuville, Donald Brooks) 
Boan, Jorge and Aimee Lewis (critic: Louis Dell'Olio, Charlotte Neuville, Donald Brooks) 
Britt, Dedra (critic: Frank Rizzo, Jeffrey Banks) 
Bunin, Jason M. (critic: Adrienne Vittadini) 
Chi, Krista (critic: Adri) 
Chow, Nini (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Chow, Nini and Jen-Yu Hs (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Coleman, Leighton H. (critic: Bill Robinson, Donald Brooks) 
Coleman, Leighton and Grace Fooden (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Cuenca, Tito (critic: Bill Robinson, Donald Brooks) 
Cuenca, Tito and Jayasree Srinivasan (critic: Isaac Mizrahi) 
Cutting, Amy (critic: Badgley Mischka) 
Dunn, John (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
El-Azm-Sealey, Iben (critic: Donna Karan, Calvin Klein) 
Ferreiro-Diaz, Manuel (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Flores, Milco (critic: Bill Robinson, Donald Brooks) 
Flores, Milco and Stephanie Kim (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Fooden, Grace (critic: Isaac Mizrahi) 
Fooden, Grace and Sun Kim (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Forman, Regina (critic: Bill Robinson, Donald Brooks) 
Forman, Regina and Erin Robinson (critic: Marc Jacobs) 
Goldberg-Santaigo, Elisabeth, Elise (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Heaton, Tony (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Hicks, Kim and Solange Jimenez 
Hicks, Kim (critic: Albert Capraro, Louis Dell'Olio) 
Hicks, Kim (critic: Adri) 
Hsu, Jen-Yu (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro, Albert Capraro) 
Jimenez, Solange (critic: Donna Karan) 
Jimenez, Solange and Ragnhild Ustaheim (critic: Marc Jacobs) 
Johnstone, Bartley I. (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Donald Brooks) 
Kang, Julie (critic: Frank Rizzo, Bill Robinson) 
Kim, Stephanie (critic: Michael Kors) 
Kim, Sun (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Kim, Wha Young (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Kojima, Akihiko (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Kroeker, Mark (critic: Isaac Mizrahi, Cynthia Steffe) 
Kwak, Jung Ho (critic: Gordon Henderson) 
Lamboy, Sue Ann (critic: Marc Jacobs, Donald Brooks) 
Lambton, Karen E. (critic: Frank Rizzo, Charlotte Neuville) 
Lambton, Karen and Morris Schinofsky (critic: Louis Dell'Olio, Anne Klein) 
Lee, Bo-Kyung (critic: Michael Kors) 
Lee, Eugenia (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Lee, Jeffrey Marion (critic: Marc Jacobs, Frank Rizzo) 
Lee, Linda 
Lee, Linda and Kim Williams (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Lee, Shirley (critic: Donald Brooks, Frank Rizzo) 
Lee, Youngra 
Lefkowitz, Brett (critic: Frank Rizzo, Adrienne Vittadini) 
Lewis, Aimee (critic: Adrienne Vittadini, Badgley Mischka) 
Lieberman, Andrea (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
McEwen, James W. (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Mulholland, Phyllis (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Nybakken, Aud and Ragnhild Ustaheim (critic: Badgley Mischka) 
Nybakken, Aud (critic: Donald Brooks) 
O'Reilly, Tracey and Dominic Sabella (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
O'Reilly, Tracey (critic: Isaac Mizrahi) 
Padro, Robert (critic: Charlotte Neuville, Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Pan, Annabel (critic: Frank Rizzo, Badgley Mischka) 
Ramos, Lysandra (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Ramos, Lysandra and Lisa Thon (critic: Donna Karan) 
Robinson, Erin (critic: Gordon Henderson) 
Sabella, Dominic (critic: Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan) 
Santaniello, Elise (critic: Michael Kors, Isaac Mizrahi) 
Sarmento, Daniela (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Michael Kors) 
Schinofsky, Morris (critic: Adri) 
Sheets, Andrea (critic: Calvin Klein, Donald Brooks) 
Somogyi, Ilona (critic: Gordon Henderson, Albert Capraro) 
Srinivasan, Jayashree (critic: Marc Jacobs, Cynthia Steffe) 
Suhardy, Mary (critic: Adrienne Vittadini, Bill Robinson) 
Thon, Lisa (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Tsang, Sarah (critic: Frank Rizzo, Adri) 
Ustaheim, Ragnhild (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Vernali, Enza (critic: Frank Rizzo, Adri) 
Wexlin, Hillary (critic: Donna Karan, Jeffrey Banks) 
Williams, Kim (critic: Calvin Klein, Frank Rizzo) 
Wong, Suk Ting (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Yang, Veronica 
Yun, Ae Kyung (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Louis Dell'Olio) 
Title Box Folder
1992  49 3-5
50 1-3
Agee, John (critic: Michael Kors, Charlotte Neuville) 
Allner, Bernhard (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Amin, Viloki 
Amin, Viloki and Christine Brandt (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Amurao, Grace (critic: Alberto Capraro) 
Argiro, Kathlin (critic: Gordon Henderson) 
Arora, Deepti (critic: Carole Little) 
Arora, Deepti and Seema Sudan (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Auspitz, Florence Jessica (critic: Michael Kors) 
Baker, Todd Jason (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Bauernfeind, John (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Bengston, Mark S. (critic: Adri) 
Bjornrud, Bente (critic: Charlotte Neuville, Gordon Henderson) 
Boynton, Megan (critic: Bill Robinson) 
Brandt, Christine (critic: Adri) 
Cabrera, Alfredo (critic: Donna Karan, Rebecca Moses) 
Carlson, Christine (critic: Marc Jacobs) 
Cartagena, Diana (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Castro, Sonia (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Castro, Sonia and Peter Lee (critic: Gordon Henderson) 
Cera, Miryam R. (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Chadwick, Sean (critic: Frank Rizzo, Michael Kors) 
Chiriani, Carla Francesca (critic: Donna Karan) 
Chiu, Steve (critic: Michael Kors, Charlotte Neuville) 
Chung, Sandi (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Rebecca Moses) 
Chung, Yang Hee (critic: Frank Rizzo, Donna Karan) 
Cianciolo, Susan (critic: Adri) 
Costa, Michele (critic: Mary Ann Restivo) 
Cypress, Lori (critic: Mary Ann Restivo) 
Dent, Allison (critic: Rebecca Moses) 
Di Staulo, Susan (critic: Badgley Mischka) 
Dibos, Denise (critic: Louis Dell'Olio, Adri) 
Dooley, Sarah A. (critic: Donna Karan, Louis Dell'Olio) 
Feazeu, Gary D. (critic: Anna Sui) 
Fidaly, Shamma 
Frappier, Manon (critic: Carole Little, Anna Sui, Jeffrey Banks) 
Fridkina, Svetlana (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Fry, Monica (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Garabedian, Dina (critic: Alberto Capraro) 
Green, Derek (critic: Gordon Henderson, Adri) 
Hoang, Linh (critic: Rebecca Moses, Jeffrey Banks) 
Hu, Ya Chuan (critic: Frank Rizzo, Badgley Mischka) 
Huber, Konrad (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Ingthórsdóttir, Halldóra (critic: Anna Sui) 
Kang, Aena (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Kang, Eun Ja (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Khoe, Jeanne (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Khoury, Ramsey (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Kim, Hye Sun (critic: Alberto Capraro) 
Kim, Soo Jin (critic: Gordon Henderson, Bill Robinson) 
King, Nicole (critic: Donald Brooks) 
King, Nicole and Matthew Sprague (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Kravic, Lina (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Kryszpin, Joanne (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Kwong, Anita 
Kwong, Anita and Mimie Wong 
Kyle, Monti (critic: Donald Brooks, Frank Rizzo, Marc Jacobs) 
Lane, Danielle (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Le Pere, Lance (critic: Michael Kors, Isaac Mizrahi, Alberto Capraro) 
Lee, Jee Y. (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Lee, Peter (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Lee, Young Son (critic: Bill Robinson, Badgley Mischka) 
Leuci, Dominick (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Leuci, Dominick and Khristene Son (critic: Rebecca Moses) 
Longo, Victor (critic: Donna Karan) 
Lovoy, Melissa (critic: Isaac Mizrahi) 
Martin, Regina (critic: Gloria Sachs, Donald Brooks) 
Martin, Regina and David Wingate 
Mitchell, Courtney (critic: Carole Little) 
Neupel, Stephanie (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Oh, Jane (critic: Isaac Mizrahi, Jeffrey Banks) 
Padmore, Mairi Ann (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Pak, Maya 
Parson, Asale Gisele (critic: Frank Rizzo, Cynthia Steffe) 
Pershes, Cliff (critic: Isaac Mizrahi) 
Porter, Elizabeth (critic: Mary Ann Restivo, Jeffrey Banks) 
Rathore, Raghavendra (critic: Gloria Sachs) 
Sarafpour, Behnaz (critic: Donna Karan) 
Scruggs, Nicole 
Seki, Marilyn and Mary Wang (critic: Alberto Capraro) 
Seki, Marilyn (critic: Badgley Mischka) 
Simon, Suzanne (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Simon, Suzanne and Cathy Virgil (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
So, Sheryl (critic: Anna Sui) 
Soghanyemezian, Madeleine (critic: Donna Karan) 
Son, Khristene (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Donald Brooks) 
Spiroff, Deborah (critic: Frank Rizzo, Jeffrey Banks) 
Sprague, Matthew A. (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Strotz, Christine (critic: Adri) 
Sudan, Seema (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Tambo, Ichiko (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Urena, Arelis (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Vafaie, Marjan (critic: Alberto Capraro) 
Virgil, Cathy L. (critic: Gloria Sachs) 
Wang, Mary H. 
Warren, Rebecca (critic: Gloria Sachs, Jeffrey Banks) 
Williamson, Jacqueline (critic: Donald Brooks, Frank Rizzo, Alberto Capraro) 
Wingate, David (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Adri) 
Wong, Mimie Y. (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Marc Jacobs) 
Yamamoto, Takatomo (critic: Carmelo Pomodoro) 
Yi, Karol Yeonkyong (critic: Frank Rizzo, Cynthia Steffe) 
Yim, Hilda (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Yoo, JooYun (critic: Bill Robinson, Rebecca Moses) 
Yoon, Yoonkyung (critic: Mary Ann Restivo, Marc Jacobs) 
Yung, Vonni (critic: Michael Kors) 
Zaroven, Jazmon (critic: Badgley Mischka) 
Title Box Folder
1994  50 4
51 1-4
52 1-4
Atasu, Dilek (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Gordon Henderson) 
Axelson, Lisa (critic: Michael Kors, Frank Rizzo, Badgley Mischka) 
Caballero, Alexandro (critic: Gloria Sachs) 
Caballero, Alexandro (critic: Badgley Mischka) 
Castillo, Ana (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Frank Rizzo, Michael Kors) 
Chan, JC (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Chan, JC and Meta Wong (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Chang, Jee Young (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Chen, Jeannie (critic: Jennifer George, Mary Ann Restivo) 
Chen, Jeannie, and Carla Westcott (critic: Joseph Abboud) 
Ching, Emily (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Cho, Hyongin (critic: Isaac Mizrahi) 
Cho, Hyongin and Emily Ming-Wai Fan (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Choe, Sun-Young (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Choi, Michael (critic: Jennifer George, Badgley Mischka) 
Denison, John (critic: Frank Rizzo, Louis Dell'Olio) 
Dillenberg, Anna (critic: Stanley Herman, Robin Howe) 
Dunne, John (critic: Isaac Mizrahi, Frank Rizzo) 
Durando, Alisa M., and Julian Kim (critic: Michael Kors) 
Durando, Alisa M. (critic: Gloria Sachs, Badgley Mischka) 
Elliot, Anne Marie (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Elliot, Anne Marie and Somer Phend (critic: Michael Kors) 
Faerm, Steven (critic: Gloria Sachs, Adri) 
Fan, Emily (critic: Badgley Mischka, Jennifer George) 
Figueroa, Maritza (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Fong, Chu-Tai (critic: Mary Ann Restivo, Frank Rizzo, Louis Dell'Olio) 
Goddard, Angella (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Grosz, Susan (critic: Mary Ann Restivo, Isaac Mizrahi) 
Hahn, Susan (critic: Gloria Sachs, Donald Brooks) 
Hahn, Susan and Song Min Pak (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Hernandez, Kathleen (critic: Frank Rizzo, Joseph Abboud) 
Hinds, Kuta A. (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Charlotte Neuville) 
Kaiserman, Amanda (critic: Frank Rizzo) 
Kastrinakis, Maria (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Donald Brooks) 
Kastrinakis, Maria and Spy Kontarinis (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Katakura, Reiko (critic: Frank Rizzo, Cynthia Steffe, Stanley Herman) 
Kim, Julian (critic: Louis Dell'Olio, Kathleen Maggio, Donna Karan) 
Kontarinis, Spy (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Kopicki, Judd (critic: Louis Dell' Olio) 
Kunkle, Kimberly (critic: Gloria Sachs, Donald Brooks) 
Kunkle, Kimberly and Cassandra Rovitti (critic: Donald Brooks) 
Kutsi, Tara (critic: Jennifer George, Robin Howe) 
LaPorte, Karen (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Lee, Demy (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Donald Brooks) 
Lee, Demy and Arini Subianto (critic: Joseph Abboud) 
Lee, Eunice (critic: Gordon Henderson, Michael Kors) 
Lee, Jaehee (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Albert Capraro) 
Lee, Michael Ta (critic: Gordon Henderson) 
Lee, Susan (critic: Michael Kors) 
Levine, Julie (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Donald Brooks, Frank Rizzo, Adri) 
Lim, Sunny (critic: Donna Karan) 
Lim, Vivienne 
Lim, Young Ju (critic: Jennifer George) 
Lim, Young Ju and Young Jae Shin (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Lin, Charles (critic: Stanley Herman, Louis Dell'Olio) 
Lin, Chia-jung (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Lin, Lucy (Hya-Min) (critic: Donna Karen, Frank Rizzo, Louis Dell'Olio) 
Lloyd, Suzanne (critic: Joseph Abboud) 
Lou, Kerin (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Donna Karan) 
Macca, Melissa (critic: Frank Rizzo, Gloria Sachs, Adri) 
Mao, Yuchin (critic: Donna Karan, Isaac Mizrahi) 
McPherson, Jennifer (critic: Frank Rizzo, Stanley Herman) 
Miller, Elisa (critic: Badgley Mishka) 
Muffolett, Nicole (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Na, So Young (critic: Gordon Henderson) 
Napolitano, Gina (critic: Donna Karan, Frank Rizzo, Joseph Abboud) 
Ng, Cynthia (critic: Robin Howe, Frank Rizzo, Donald Brooks) 
Ng, Cynthia and Noel Palomo (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Noselli, Nicole (critic: Charlotte Neuville, Isaac Mizrahi) 
Pak, Songmin (critic: Richard Pescatore, Mary Ann Restivo, Jennifer George) 
Palomo, Noel (critic: Badgley Mishka) 
Park, Ill Chung (critic: Albert Capraro, Robin Howe) 
Park, Lydia, Seo-ok (critic: Michael Kors, Joseph Abboud) 
Pauwels, Pilar (critic: Frank Rizzo, Cynthia Steffe, Michael Kors) 
Phend, Somer (critic: Frank Rizzo, Albert Capraro) 
Potts, Aaron (critic: Donna Karan, Frank Rizzo, Robin Howe) 
Rivera-Ruiz, Patricia (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Rollock, Debbie (critic: Donna Karan, Frank Rizzo, Adri) 
Rovitti, Cassandra (critic: Frank Rizzo, Robin Howe) 
Shin, Young Jae (critic: Adri) 
Siegel, Alex (critic: Isaac Mizrahi, Michael Kors) 
Solomonson, Ingrid (critic: Donna Karan) 
Storbeck, Darryl 
Subianto, Arini (critic: Michael Kors, Gordon Henderson) 
Teheranchi, Alice Roxanne (critic: Jennifer George) 
Westcott, Carla (critic: Mary Ann Restivo, Joseph Abboud) 
Widjaja, Paquita (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Albert Capraro) 
Wonboy, Marla (critic: Louis Dell'Olio, Joseph Abboud) 
Wong, Meta (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Albert Capraro) 
Yablonski, Pauline (critic: Donna Karan, Cynthia Steffe) 
Yi, Jeannie 
1997  52 5
Aronov, Igor (critic: Martin Cooper) 
Chen, Niki (critic: Mary Ann Restivo) 
Chen, Patricia (critic: Donna Karan) 
Chen, Thomas (critic: Cynthia Rowley) 
Chu, Lili (critic: Robin Howe) 
Ha, Kenina (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Kang, Ji Eon (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Kim, Jae Yoon (critic: Kathleen Maggio, Cynthia Steffe) 
Kim, Youngran (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Lapuschin, Fernando (critic: Gloria Sachs) 
Lemieux, Christiane 
Lutter, Park 
Matheson-Ingle, Jana (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Mayfield, Johnathan (critic: Badgley Mischka) 
Natal, Eduardo (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Perez, Betsy (critic: Isaac Mizrahi) 
Som, Peter (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Sousa, Yvette (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Albert Capraro) 
Staven, Budi (critic: Istvan Francer) 
Tadikonda, Mohini (critic: Michael Kors) 
Wu, Alain (critic: Donna Karan) 
1999  53 1
Han, Chris (critic: Patrick Robinson, Donna Karan) 
Havens, Marie (critic: Gloria Sachs, Yeohlee Teng, June Beckstead) 
Huh, Ines (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Kim, In Seon (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Kim, Jackie, Sung Hyon (critic: Donna Karan) 
Lee, Yunhi 
Title Box Folder
2001  53 2-3
54 1-4
55 1-3
Bosteen, Christina (critic: Charlotte Neuville, June Beckstead) 
Campbell, Brooke (critic: Adri) 
Cebrian-Sagarriga, Alexia (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Chen, Gilbert Tai-Tsong (critic: June Beckstead) 
Choi, Nicole (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Badgley Mischka) 
Choi, Samson Q. (critic: Mark Waldrop, Louis Dell'Olio) 
Choi, Yoosin (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Chung, Seung (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Felton, Lauren Belote (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Ferraro, Susan T. (critic: Louis Dell'Olio) 
Freeman, Terri V. (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Jerry Kowlatkoski) 
Guthrie, Julian 
Ha, Youngmi (critic: Peter Speliopoulos) 
Henriquez, Ena De La Paz (critic: Mark Waldrop, Jeffrey Banks) 
Hong, Heechung, Jenny (critic: Jerry Kowlatkoski, Dominick Leuci, Martin Cooper) 
Hwang, Ha Soum (critic: Jerry Kowlatkoski) 
Jang, Jin-A (critic: Badgley Mischka) 
Kang, Soo Yoon (critic: Albert Capraro, Louis Dell'Olio) 
Kim, Borami (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Kim, Hyo Joo (critic: Martin Cooper, Cynthia Steffe, Jeffrey Banks) 
Kim, Kyoung Lim, Limmy (critic: Jerry Kowlatkoski) 
Kim, Michelle H. (critic: Dominick Leuci, Badgley Mischka) 
Kim, Sarah Shin-Hyo (critic: June Beckstead, Stanley Herman) 
Kim, Tae Hoon (critic: Peter Speliopoulos, Albert Capraro) 
Kober, Francesca Santos (critic: Steven Slowik, Adri) 
Kwok, Chau (critic: Jeffrey Banks, Peter Speliopoulos) 
Lagos, Chrisitina (critic: Badgley Mischka) 
Lee, Bo-Kyoung (critic: Jerry Kowlatkoski, June Beckstead) 
Lee, Joo Young (critic: Louis Dell'Olio, Charlotte Neuville) 
Lee, Jung-A (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Lee, Jung Hee (critic: Jeffrey Banks) 
Ma, Chou Ha (critic: Charlotte Neuville, Adri) 
Mallon, Tracy (critic: Mary Ann Restivo, Michaele Vollbracht) 
McKinney, Afua (critic: Adri) 
Molinero, Belen (critic: Louis Dell'Olio, Mary Ann Restivo) 
Moncho Lobo, Veronica Maria (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Louis Dell'Olio) 
Nguyen Alcalay, Christine (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, June Beckstead) 
Orlando, Christie A. (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Albert Capraro) 
Panayotarou, Esmeralda (critic: Steven Slowik) 
Park, Namyoung (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Park, Un Yang (critic: Peter Speliopoulos, June Beckstead) 
Pavon, Alexa (critic: Peter Speliopoulos, Albert Capraro) 
Persik, Maria (critic: Badgley Mischka) 
Pesina, Etel (critic: Charlotte Neuville, Martin Cooper) 
Polo, Germania A. Reyes (critic: Albert Capraro) 
Poulsen, Summer Swan (critic: Jerry Kowlatkoski) 
Robbins, Summer Courtney (critic: Dominick Leuci, Badgley Mischka) 
Rupani, Nahid (critic: Mark Waldrop) 
Saldan_a, Hilda Maria (critic: Badgley Mischka) 
Salkiewicz, Diane Marie (critic: Albert Capraro, Mark Waldrop) 
Scheinfeld, Karuna N. 
Shikama, Chie (critic: Adri) 
Sloan, Marguerite L. (critic: Michaele Vollbracht) 
Smith, Abby Taylor (critic: Stanley Herman) 
Song, Soo (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Toboroff, Jacqueline (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Stanley Herman) 
Verdavainne, Cyril (critic:,? Steven, Martin Cooper) 
Williams, Nadia Raquel (critic: Mary Ann Restivo, Louis Dell'Olio) 
Wong, Andrew (critic: Charlotte Neuville) 
Woo, Ji Young (critic: Cynthia Steffe, Adri) 
Yamamoto, Makiko (critic: Dominick Leuci, Louis Dell'Olio) 
Yang, Wen-Chih Vincent (critic: Michaele Vollbracht, Albert Capraro) 
Younkers, Richard Robert (critic: Louis Dell'Olio, June Beckstead) 
Yu, Tan Hung (critic: Cynthia Steffe) 
Zahabian, Daliah (critic: Peter Speliopoulos) 
Posters 1957-1984 
Title Box Folder
1957-1958  OSxxx-3 1
Ciulla, Philip, 1957  OSxxx-3 1
Therrien, Peter: Annual fashion show poster artwork (Adele Simpson Senior Award)  OSxxx-3 1
Simonelli, Don (Mona Roset Junior Award), 1958  OSxxx-3 1
Tsukamoto, Irene (Ferdinando Sarmi Senior Award), 1958  OSxxx-3 1
1959-1960  OSxxx-3 2
Byers, Emile, 1959  OSxxx-3 2
Cohen, Deanna (Jeanne Campbell Junior Award), 1959  OSxxx-3 2
Smith, William (Norman Norell Senior Award), 1959  OSxxx-3 2
Worden, Nancy (Bernard Newman Senior Award), 1959  OSxxx-3 2
Byers, Emile (Parsons 1960): Annual fashion show poster artwork  OSxxx-3 2
1961-1963  OSxxx-3 3
Unidentified student, 1961  OSxxx-3 3
Sala, Ilona, 1961  OSxxx-3 3
Brandt, Elaine, 1963  OSxxx-3 3
Warden, John, 1963  OSxxx-3 3
1964-1965  OSxxx-3 4
Unidentified student, 1964  OSxxx-3 4
Anderson, Lois (Rudi Gernreich Senior Award), 1964  OSxxx-3 4
Schumacher, Joel (Chester Weinberg Junior Award), 1964  OSxxx-3 4
Consigliere, Tina, 1965  OSxxx-3 4
Fuller, Jack, 1965  OSxxx-3 4
1966-1967  OSxxx-3 5
Story, Jennifer, 1966  OSxxx-3 5
Greaves, Christine: Annual fashion show  OSxxx-3 5
Kolodzie, Ronald: Annual fashion show  OSxxx-3 5
Babbit, Bob, 1967  OSxxx-3 5
1970  OSxxx-3 6
Johnson, Bosha: Summer session, 1970  OSxxx-3 6
1971  OSxxx-3 7
Sidsel, Taubo: JC Penney Designer of the Year Senior Award), 1971  OSxxx-3 6
Unidentified student: Annual fashion show  OSxxx-3 7
Healy, Timothy: Annual fashion show  OSxxx-3 7
Schluger, Janet: Annual fashion show  OSxxx-3 7
1973-1976  OSxxx-3 8
Rancitelli, Bill, 1973  OSxxx-3 8
Myers, Carolyn, 1974  OSxxx-3 8
Jones, Eric, 1976  OSxxx-3 8
Jacobs, Marc: Mood board (Designer of the Year Award), 1984  OSxxx-3 8

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